Lipstick Challenge Day 13: Jeffree Star’s Masochist

Hello Day 13 ❤

I’m back with more Jeffree Star for today’s fabulous lipstick! As you know Jeffree holds my heart when it comes to his liquid matte lipsticks so it should be no surprise that I own a ton of his lipsticks.

You all also know that I’m a sucker for red so this shade shouldn’t be a huge shocker. However like I maintain every shade I own is different! For example, this lovely shade Masochist by Jeffree Star is such a beautiful pink/red.

There is something so delightful about this shade and I think my skin tone brings out much more of its’ pink undertones. I really feel that on lighter skin tones it almost has this cooler purple undertone to it.

Quick Thanksgiving picture ❤ Looking good!

The fact that it shows up as a pinky/red for me makes my day. I wear this shade a lot for more family geared stuff or fancy smancy stuff. For example this picture was taken at my family’s Thanksgiving. I feel like this shade has a way of dressing up my look while keeping things classy.

I rarely wear this shade when “going out” something about it just doesn’t give me that nighttime feel. I’m not sure if this will make sense but for me this shade is to bright and light to work for my nighttime looks. I personally feel it looks much better when meeting with family and doing other engagements like that where I want to dress up a bit.

What do you think? Would you wear this shade for Daytime, Nighttime, or BOTH?


If you want to get this lipstick yourself click below!

Jeffree Star’s Masochist

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