True Love, Sweet Lies: Romantic Interlude Sakuya

Sakuya Fan Girls UNITE!

Nobody should be surprised that today’s Otome Monday is all about Sakuya from True Love, Sweet Lies a Voltage Inc. otome game. I told you all last week that after playing through Kiyoharu’s main story (finally) I would be compelled to continue on with Sakuya’s side routes. What can I say? He’s my bias.

If you are unfamiliar with Sakuya or True Love, Sweet Lies please go check out my first post True Love, Sweet Lies: Sakuya.

The rest of us will continue on to discuss Sakuya’s Epilogue Story Romantic Interlude. This is really more like a mini route with 3 chapters and 1 ending and it’s going to run you $1.99. It’s important to really view this as a mini route because it is not going to give you the gameplay the main story did.

Honestly what it feels like to me is the prologue to the next route Trouble in Paradise. You’re basically paying for the prologue to that route in my opinion. Which isn’t a bad thing, I just feel like everyone should be up front with what they’re getting into. Since there is only one possible route ending you’re not making choices that will influence the ending you are basically just reading along for the ride.

Well worth reading along though!

Sakuya continues to be 100% ADORABLE in this route. His transition into boyfriend status is very cute I must say. It suits him well guys, it really does. In this route Sakuya and the MC head to the hot springs on what was supposed to be romantic getaway for just the two of them.

Oho! What’s this?

Unfortunately for Sakuya his friends at the agency continue to be the ultimate cockblocks (there’s really no other way to say it) through a series of unfortunate events mostly staged by Nozomu and flamed by Kiyoharu everyone ends up joining them at the hot springs. Sakuya’s main goal in life becomes simple; BREAK AWAY FROM THESE CRAZY PEOPLE AND GET SOME WELL DESERVED ALONE TIME With HIS LOVELY MC.

Of course Nozomu and company are going to do everything in their power to cling to Sakuya and the MC like there’s no tomorrow. Watching Sakuya navigate through them is pretty funny.

As an added bonus this route ends on a major cliffhanger. Like I said I really consider this the prologue for the next route!


Final Thoughts

Sakuya doesn’t disappoint for a minute. However this is so short! In hindsight I should’ve just bought this route and the next route together right away so that I could just play through without stopping. Three chapters of Sakuya are just not enough, especially when they leave you on a cliffhanger!

I will be playing Trouble in Paradise very, very soon.

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