True Love, Sweet Lies: Kiyoharu

It’s Monday….

And there is only one good thing about Monday as far as I’m concerned and that’s OTOME! That’s right it’s time for another segment of Otome Monday on GrimmGirl. I hope you are all prepared for some more Voltage Inc.

I have finally completed all of the main story character routes for Voltage Inc.’s game True Love, Sweet Lies. It took me awhile because I really dragged my feet on wanting to play Kiyoharu. It wasn’t that he seemed like a bad character is was that I had already played Sakuya and I knew the second lead syndrome would be strong in Kiyoharu’s route.

After much procrastinating I bit the bullet and played Kiyoharu’s route. Three cheers for completing all five character’s main story routes! I have to say I found this game fairly fun. Now that I’ve played Kiyoharu’s route I can let you know if the second lead syndrome was as bad as I thought it would be.


Main Story Route


Gah!!!! The second lead syndrome was worse than I thought it would be! I have a serious bias for Sakuya so playing this route was so hard. I just wanted to be like, “Sorry Kiyoharu… We’re just not meant to be. Sakuya reins number one.”

Kiyoharu was a really good route and I did enjoy his character. He’s kind of snarky but never demeaning. He mostly just likes to tease the MC with his sarcasm and lies. Kiyoharu can be really sweet though as well. He really does love Sakuya and wants to do what’s best for him and his loyalty for family basically runs supreme.

The storyline as far as why they were after the MC’s SD card was… Okay. It made sense but it wasn’t very inventive. There were also some plot holes, which were annoying. Basically the story is that she caught a picture of a Chinese mafia boss who decided to branch out on his own.

He tells his superiors that it wasn’t him in the photo but a look alike and then tries to recover all of the photos on the SD card incase there is a better picture of him in the bunch that will prove it was him. The higher-ups on the other hand want the SD card to see if it was in fact him in the meeting.

Kiyoharu and team are hired by the higher-ups to recover the SD card so that they can prove their underling was stepping out of line. So here’s the plot hole, once the MC learns this why doesn’t she just give the SD card to Kiyoharu and company right away?

Then the higher-ups would know for sure that the dude after her was trying to branch out and they’ll do whatever it is Chinese mafia guys do to members who don’t follow the rules. She wouldn’t have to worry about anyone chasing her and her life wouldn’t be in danger.

Instead they go through this process of trying to see if the underling is in fact the person that is trying to target her even though they know it is! It’s really wasn’t a very well thought out plotline but at least it’s better than Rui’s storyline, am I right?

I think I would have enjoyed his route a lot better with a different version of the MC. At first she seemed okay but as the story continued she began to really irate me. For example at one point she tells Kiyoharu that she doesn’t care if him liking her is a lie or not as long as he’s her boyfriend and that really pissed me off.

Listen up ladies and gentlemen you should not want to be with someone as long as they pretend to like you! That’s not a relationship with substance. You can never be happy that way and they will never be happy that way either. So hearing her say something like that was really frustrating. On the plus side Kiyoharu had the decency to be equally offended as well.

He also has the decency to grace us with a shower scene. Top drawer, top drawer.

The MC is truly the most irritating thing about this route. Everyone else is spot on. Nozomu is the biggest fangirl when it comes to the MC’s and Kiyoharu’s relationship and I found it super hilarious. To make things better by the end of it he’s pulled Naomasa into his fangirl club. Seeing Naomasa as a mini fangirl is just too funny.

As usually I just ignore Rui because as I’ve mentioned before I find him to be super boring and that doesn’t change in this route. In fact the only route that he has held any interest for me was in Sakuya’s route.

Sakuya on the other hand SLAYS in Kiyoharu’s route. Watching him start to fall in love with the MC is so beautiful. I know I’m supposed to be more interested in Kiyoharu falling for the MC but I can’t help it. Sakuya is so adorable in this route! Honestly watching him and Kiyoharu is simply torturous in this route.

Seriously these two are the reason polygamy exists.

Bask in their combined greatness.

That being said I think if you played Kiyoharu first you would think that Sakuya was a selfish brat who didn’t understand what Kiyoharu has went through for him. I played Sakuya first though so I had his backstory and was able to understand his actions. This leads me to believe that the second lead syndrome might be stronger for someone who has played Sakuya first.


Final Thoughts

True Love, Sweet Lies was a pretty fun game and the majority of characters were worth my time.

Characters I Liked





Characters I Didn’t Like


Of the five characters four of them were fun playing. Rui was super boring and wasn’t the route for me but there may be other people out there who enjoyed him. I would also say of the four characters I liked the characters I’m most interested in seeing more of are Sakuya, Naomasa, and Nozoma.

While I enjoyed Kiyoharu the MC was pretty unbearable towards the end so I’m hesitant to have to deal with her in any more routes. This actually reminds me, for endings I would go with the Bitter End any day of the week. The Sweet End was… UGH. That MC… I just can’t even with her in the Sweet End.

I hope you all enjoyed traveling through True Love, Sweet Lies with me. It’s been real.


Expect to see more of a continuation of Sakuya’s route next week! After playing through this route I couldn’t bare not see more of Sakuya ❤


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