Giveaway Time! Kill La Kill Style <3

Hi guys!

As you can tell a giveaway is underway! I promised after the last one I’d do another giveaway at 200. I didn’t expect to reach that goal so quickly so it actually took me a minute to think of what to do for a giveaway! I finally decided to help support one of my favorite artists and gift to one of you lucky followers this amazing Kill la Kill piece by Tyrine Carver.

I think there are a fair few of you who would enjoy this hanging about the house. This is about 12X17.5 in length ❤

The talent is real and this portrait is amazing. Honestly my crappy IPhone picture does not do this justice as far as how well the colors pop but it’s the best I have. I love Kill la Kill and I love Tyrine Carver’s work so this seemed like a pretty fun giveaway idea. I’m also all about supporting the artists of our community so this makes it even better.

The rules for the giveaway are the same as always. This is my thank you to each of you for all of your support. GrimmGirl is able to grow because each of you continues to share my posts, comment on them, like them, and following GrimmGirl. I can never thank you enough. So if you are a GrimmGirl follower than you can enter this giveaway

I will have this giveaway open until November 26th and you can here once a day to increase your chances. On November 27th a random winner will be chosen. I do not choose the winner it is generated randomly by Rafflecopter.

Hopefully I have some pretty big Kill la Kill fans hanging around her. I will announce the winner on my Twitter on the 27th! Also if you would like to check out more of Tyrine Carvers work please click on the link below. There’s some amazing stuff to be seen, scouts honor.

Tyrine Carver’s Artwork

Enjoy the giveaway everyone! I’ll to my next one at 1,000 followers. I have something pretty cool planned for that one so look forward to it! Thanks again Grimms, you’re the best 😀

Enter Giveaway Below!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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