Vegan Yogurt… It’s a Thing

Welcome back to another addition of What Vegetarians Eat!

As many of you all know I consider myself a vegetarian with vegan tendencies. For some reason this causes a lot of people to wonder what I eat everyday, which is super hilarious to me because I swear it’s not much different than what a non-vegetarian/vegan would eat. The only difference is I cut out the meat!

With that said here is an example of one of my favorite snacks. Daiya yogurt with granola, Mmmmmmmm… Taste the goodness!


The great thing about Daiya yogurt is that it is dairy and soy free! I try to avoid dairy as much as possible for both ethical and health reasons. Ethical because cows really aren’t meant to be milked for their entire lives (have you ever heard of a human producing milk for 20 years? Nope) on top of that huge factory farms can be extremely inhumane.

It’s not like they put signs on products saying, “Warning this dairy product came from an inhumane farm.” So I generally just try to avoid dairy all together. This can actually be pretty tricky because in my opinion I haven’t come across a lot of good dairy free products in my area. The city I live in isn’t exactly booming with dairy and meat free products so my choices are limited.

As you can imagine than discovering this Daiya yogurt was a godsend!

I also avoid dairy for health reasons. My body is not a dairy fan. My skin hates it and if I eat too much I’m constantly breaking out. Seriously if you have acne issues cut back on your dairy intake. You’re skin will thank you later. Stomach wise dairy is also not my friend. Let’s not get into everything that comes along with that statement. Sufficient to say dairy is a once in awhile thing for my diet not a staple food.

If you are wondering how I maintain strong bones while abstaining from dairy the answer is surprisingly simply. Exercise. Listen your bones are only as strong as the trainings you put them through. My bones are perfectly fine dairy free thank you very much. So please don’t worry about me ❤

Back to this delicious dairy free yogurt from Daiya, I love it. I honestly don’t really care for regular dairy so I was surprised with how much I like the dairy free version. It’s a lot thicker than dairy yogurt and I think that is why I like it.

At my store they currently only sell peach and black cherry flavors. They’re both really good but peach is my personal favorite. Which is really funny because I hate peaches! What can I say? I’m a complex creature.

Apparently at other stores they also have strawberry and blueberry available. Sadly these are mystical beings to me since I’ve never had them but I imagine they are equally delicious.

All that’s left is to add some yummy granola ❤

Finally I sprinkle in some granola and shazam I’ve got myself one tasty snack. I like to pack this a lot in my lunches or have them available for a quick breakfast if I’m running late on time. I’m really hoping that eventually we get the other flavors at my store to! Here’s to hoping.


So what do you think? Would you ever give this vegan yogurt a try?

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