Enchanted in the Moonlight: Kiryu’s Epilogue

Whelp, I hope you have all enjoyed your Monday so far!

Today’s Otome Monday is coming to you a bit later in the day. I don’t know if you have all noticed but I tend to post around 11am (my time) but this post is in the evening. Hope that didn’t throw off too many people that usually see something new here earlier in the day.

Mondays can be rough but this Monday we will be talking about Kiryu from Enchanted in the Moonlight a Voltage Inc. game. I can only hope this makes your Monday a little brighter. I know it certainly makes me feel better.

I have already completed Kiryu’s main story route so today I will be discussing his epilogue. If you haven’t read my main story review be sure to check out Enchanted in the Moonlight: Kiryu. If you haven’t played Kiryu before than you are missing out! As my main story review will tell you I really enjoyed his main route. I have been itching to play through the rest of his routes ever since!


Kiryu’s epilogue is three episodes long with one ending for $1.99. Since it is so short and only has one ending your not making any choices or anything like that. You’re basically just reading through and learning more about Kiryu and the MC’s story.

Basically the Epilogue takes you through their first date. Along with the first date you also get to see more interactions between Kiryu and the other ayakashi. Watching Kiryu with the other ayakashi is fun all though the best part is watching his interactions with Miyabi. If you have ever played through Miyabi’s route you will immediately understand why anything with Miyabi would be gold.

Watching Kiryu take the MC on their first little date is entertaining but I wish the epilogue had dealt more with Kiryu’s issues as clans head for the Ryu. SPOILER but in Kiryu’s main story we learn that the Ryu clan hates humans and that while Kiryu is the clan leader his father still holds a lot of power. On top of that Kiryu has been living in the human world for a very long time leading to rumors that he murdered a member of his clan.

After the main story I was really hoping the epilogue would go into more of these issues so I’ll admit that I was a little disappointed that it didn’t. It was still a cute epilogue though! I’m hoping that once I get around to playing the other routes they’ll come back to these issues though.

Final Thoughts

It was cute.

If you’ve played Kiryu’s main story than you will enjoy the epilogue. On top of that it’s only two bucks so it doesn’t cost you a kidney or anything. Keep in mind though that it doesn’t go into any of the details discussed in his main story and really does just focus mainly on their first date.

I would also point out that since it is only three episodes long with one ending it doesn’t take you very long to read through it. If you are looking for something to keep you busy for an hour than this isn’t it. You can burn through these three episodes really quick. It is really fun to read through their first (official) date though!

See you Otome fans next week!


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