Flashback Friday With Arria Cross: “I Got 99 Problems & Sasuke’s All of Them” & Other Naruto Memes o(≧∇≦o)

Happy Flashback Friday,

This has been a VERY CRAZY WEEK. If you haven’t noticed US president elections just happened and let’s just say that there is is a lot of tensions at home and abroad. You know what would ease that tension?


Thank the heavens for Arria’s Fujinsei Blog, because of her we get to travel back to November 28, 2015 and chuckle at a few well chosen Naruto memes. I’m a huge fan of Naruto and I can relate to everyone of these memes I swear. How cool is it that Arria was able to gather so many fun ones into one post?

Not only is this great post to just chill to but fun fact I’m 99% sure this was the first post of Arria’s I ever read! Haha I can honestly say she had me at Naruto ❤

So this Friday take a moment to unwind and laugh. Share some memes with friends and have fun relating to them with each other. Some weekends we just need to kick back and take a breather. This post by Arria lets us do just that.

Before you go meme crazy let me know, which one is your favorite? Is it creepy that the one that made me laugh the most was the Kakashi/comrades one?


What is wrong with me lol.


Hello, folks!  How are you all doing?  It’s been a while since I posted one of these series meme compilations.  Anyway, I’ve been catching up with Naruto a few weeks ago, and my inner fangirl for this ninja series awakened all over again.  There are so many things that I want to discuss about this awesome series, but I’m still organizing and beating my jumbled thoughts into understandable babble.  Naruto memes are some of the funniest anime memes out there, in my opinion.  So here are some that I personally find funny.  Enjoy!

naruto meme - 15

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