Makeup News: Jeffree Star Restock Today!

Hey Doods!

I know I have a lot of people who are fans of Jeffree Star Cosmetics so I thought I would remind you that today there is a huge RESTOCK on the site! That’s right if you have been dying for a specific lipstick or highlighter than today might be the day for you to finally order it. Just a reminder that Jeffree Star products are notorious for their quick sellouts so if there is something you have been waiting for make sure to jump on it fast.

Today (November 10, 2016) at 10 AM PST the following products will go back in stock on the Jeffree Star Cosmetics official website:


RedRum: Cool Toned Red Liquid Lipstick (Matte) $18.00

Anna Nicole: Orange/Red Liquid Lipstick (Matte) $18.00

Dominatrix: Chocolate Brown Liquid Lipstick (Matte) $18.00

Scorpio: Grey/Purple Liquid Lipstick (Matte) $18.00

Dark Horse: Topaz Metal Highlight $29.00

Lavender Snow: Frozen Lilac Petals Highlight $29.00

I can personally say I own Anna Nicole, Dominatrix, and Scorpio and I love them. My favorite out of the three is Dominatrix. That chocolate brown is no joke! I also own his Mint Condition highlighter and I have been dying to try out Dark Horse and Lavender Snow. Maybe I’ll finally get the chance?

If you have never used these products I have done reviews for his lipstick and highlighters so I’ll include them below!

Skin Frost Mint Condition: It Will Blind You

That’s When I Realized All Other Lipsticks Were Dead To Me

Finally if you are interested in checking his products out for yourself I’m including that link as well.

Jeffree Star Cosmetics

Happy Shopping Everyone!

I do not own this image

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