Kuroko’s Basketball Season Three: WHERE’S MY SEASON FOUR?!

Well Grimms I did it…

I finished all three seasons of Kuroko’s Basketball in roughly a week and like four(ish?) days. All I have to say is WORTH IT what a great show! I’m very glad a started this series and I hope you have all enjoyed my reviews so far.

Yeah! Three season and I crushed them 😀

Just a reminder there will be no spoilers in this post for season three of Kuroko’s Basketball but there will be spoilers for season two and one. If you would like a review of those to seasons (spoiler free) please click on the links below.

Season One

Season Two

For everyone else we are going to push right ahead and discuss season three of Kuroko’s Basketball.


Wow, season three! What an amazing season! I am really pumped for season four so you can imagine my heart wrenching disappointment when I looked to see when the next season would be starting and found out they haven’t confirmed a date. Gah! I need more Kuroko’s Basketball!

Season two brought a lot to the table. We were all introduced Kyoshi who remains one of the loves of my life. Honestly his presence brought exactly what I felt was missing from season one. He really pulls at the heartstrings with his ability to put his team above his own needs not to mention his unwavering love of the game.

There were also some epic basketball battles that needed to happen and really got me pumped. Season two ends with Seirin’s victorious upset over Yosen. I was really hyped to go into season three after all of that. One thing I have come to love about this show is that every season has just gotten better and better. I was not disappointed in the greatness of season three in the least.

Season three brings in more new characters for the show and I am still blown away at how well the writers are able to weave all of these characters together. Even if you are only seeing some of them for a game you already find yourself (for better or worse) affected by what they bring to the story.

This is the face of EVIL

The writers certainly know how to bring out the emotions of their audience. For instance I didn’t think that there was a character I could loath more than Hanamiya, which was of course until season three introduced me to Haizaki. If with in the first two minutes of Haizaki’s character being introduced you don’t want to personally curb stomp him you may in fact be a psychopath.

Season three is also amazing for character growth! For example the changes in Kise, Midorima, and Aomine is so impressive. The best thing about how their characters are written is that while they do grow and change they change in a way that is realistic for their characters. Nothing happens overnight everything is gradual but you start to see small things that make a big difference and really highlight how far they have come.

One of my favorite things about this season is that Kuroko finally explains more about his time with the Generation of Miracles in middle school. We have heard bits and pieces but season three finally gives us the full overview. Finally we are able to see how each of them members of the Generation of Miracles became the people that they are today. You understand them all (especially Aomine) so much more after this season!

Waaaaaahhhhhh!!!!!!! I love you so much more now ❤

I think the big highlight for many people how have started to watch this series will be the introduction of Akashi. For seasons one and two he’s kind of this mythical being that pops in and out but you don’t really get to know him. During season three Akashi comes out swinging and lives up to his name in more ways then one. After two seasons we are finally able to see how Akashi influenced the other members and how they influenced him to be the player he is today. Very Exciting Stuff People!


Final Thoughts

This season was so good I literally whipped through it. I couldn’t get enough of this show and everything was built up really well. Season three kept me on the edge of my seat with everyone of their games. I was so nervous during each episode because by this point I’m so invested in the characters.

Honestly watching this season was hard because when the other teams are playing against each other I have a hard time choosing who I want to win. I feel like they both deserve it! Of course there was heartbreak in this season where teams I really wanted to win didn’t or teams that I wanted to lose did lose but I actually really love them so a part of me wanted the to win. Hahahaha! Just like real sports emotions get really blurred in this season.

If you enjoyed seasons one and two I promise you won’t be disappointed in season three. Oh, and if you are dying to watch this anime you should really check out Cruchyroll for your anime needs. Let’s support our shows legally Grimms!

Ah, the Generation of Miracles back before they began losing faith.

Kuroko’s Basketball on Crunchyroll


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8 thoughts on “Kuroko’s Basketball Season Three: WHERE’S MY SEASON FOUR?!

  1. I did a quick scroll through your post to not read any spoilers, but I’ve been waiting for someone to talk about how good this show is to see of it really is worth my time. Now I just want to drop everything and binge watch this show. xx

    Liked by 1 person

      1. I think I hated him bc I loved Kuroko right away. So I was like stupid Aomine looking down on my Kuroko! Let’s crush him lol. Now I feel completely different. Haha I’m like must protect Aomine, he’s a softy at heart! He reminds me of Gaara ❤️❤️❤️❤️


  2. You’re reminding me I haven’t finished S3, because I started gaming again and bye bye anime watching, but definitely need to cause Akashi is an awesome shota *_*
    I do agree that this show makes us hate the rivals and then humanizes them 9 out of 10 times, which is great!

    Liked by 1 person

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