After School Affairs: Rikiya Mononobe

Ah, what a great way to start out the week.

Happy Otome Monday everyone, today we’ll learn all about Rikiya Mononobe from After Schools Affairs. This is the second character I’ve played from this game so if you are curious you can check out my Hidetaka Sera review. This is a Voltage Inc. game and if you want more information on pricing and whatnot please check out my original Hidetaka review above.

The premise of this game is that the MC is a high school English teacher when her school is suddenly overcome with financial difficulties. She teaches at an All Boys school and the solution to the financial woes is to merge with they nearby All Girls school.

The MC’s school is known for turning out stellar athletes but below average academics. Meanwhile the All Girls school crushes it when it comes to grades but doesn’t have an athlete in the bunch. The merger is beneficial to the All Girls School because if they can get the boys’ grades up they can boast that they turn out students with the top grades and athletics.

The thing is though the new headmistress has zero confidence in the teaching ability of the teachers from the old school. So she decides to pair them up with her teachers to up their teaching game. She also decides that the students need to focus more so she forbids dating. In order to practice what they preach she extends the rules to the staff as well. That’s right they are all no longer allowed to date until the school grade average picks up.


Rikiya Mononobe

Have to admit, not dating the teachers would be a tough challenge in itself.

First off I have to say that I think the whole “no dating” premise is completely ridiculous and unrealistic. When I first read about this game I assumed they meant no dating between staff member (realistic) but really they meant no dating at all! There would be no way to enforce that crazy rule. So it is totally silly.

So I basically like to pretend that doesn’t exist while I’m playing. I just think that their not allowed to date fellow staff. Much more believable that way in my opinion.

That aside I did enjoy this route. I liked the storyline more than I liked the Hidetaka Sera route. Rikiya Mononobe looks like a stereotypical bad boy with his leather jacket (I pretend it’s vegan leather… hey he’s an animal lover!) and motorcycle but he is known amongst the teachers as being a genius at reaching students and turning grades around.

Good point to make because Rikiya does go out of his way to hang out with his students. If you’re an American like me this is not common… In fact it’s frowned upon! See this game is educational ❤ We’re learning cultural differences.

While he seems very brash after awhile you’re able to see that he really takes teaching very seriously and is passionate about bringing the kids up to par. Rikiya and the MC are put in charge of the remedial class with the task of bring all the students up to scratch with the rest of the school. The MC at first feels like the task is impossible but after watching Rikiya she realizes that maybe she’s the one who needs to change her attitude.

While working with the student we also slowly get to see parts of Rikiya’s past and how he became the teacher that he is. Some of the questions that will need to be answered are why does he seem to know a member of the yakuza? Why has he promised to never date a girl? Who is the mysterious girl Kohana from his past?

A lot going on with this one!

Downside is I have to admit I found the MC very annoying in the beginning. Brightside is that by the end of the route she was a lot better. She grew on me by the end.


Final Thoughts

Rikiya can be a brawler when he needs to be 😉 look forward to that as well.

Swell storyline and Rykiya was a lot of fun. He’s got a lot of bite when he speaks but mostly that is because he’s very straightforward when he talks. He’s not verbally abusive. I think that is important to know because some of the characters you can play in these Voltage Inc. games (or any otome game) are real dicks. So it’s nice to play a play a straightforward character that isn’t just calling the MC a moron every two minutes.

I have to admit that the teacher in me (that’s right remember guys that is my day job) finds his passion to be pretty hot lol. I feel like other people would be impressed with his ability to reach out to his students equally compelling though. There’s just something attractive about someone who is so confident in their abilities.

Still not convinced? Did I mention that animals love him? Animals are great judges of character don’t you know.

If anyone else has played Rykiya make sure to comment below. As for me I really dig him ❤

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