Quick PSA On GrimmGirl

Hey Grimms.

I just wanted to do a quick check in because I realize these past two weeks have been super hectic as far as my posting schedule goes. I’m really sorry about that! I usually try to be a lot more consistent.

Just some fun background information on me one of my jobs is to direct the high school and middle school plays at one of the schools in my area. This past Friday and Saturday were our performance dates! We did amazing and performed The Tragicomedy of Julius Caesar. It was incredible funny but a lot of hard work.

I also sewed some costumes for the performance but had to cut the making of them till the last minute. We have about zero drama budget so I couldn’t buy costumes! I just had to wait for fabric to go on super sale. These past two weeks have been super hectic for me as I got everything prepared for our big performance. Completely worth it but as you can tell my blogging took a big hit.

This is why I wanted to take a moment to reconnect and let you all know what the future plans are as far as the schedule of this blog is concerned.


Monday’s are OTOME MONDAYS! I will be continuing with this so every Monday expect an otome related post.


Tuesdays are BEAUTY DAYS so expect something related to the style side of GrimmGirl, usually a product review of some sort.


ANIME WEDNESDAY ❤ There will always be some sort of anime related post to look forward too on Wednesdays. Expect mostly anime reviews on this day but who knows every once in awhile I might switch it up. Lately I’ve been doing a lot of sports anime reviews on Wednesdays and I can tell you there are more where that came from.


Consider this another BEAUTY DAY! This day will usually be focused on things outside of the product review spectrum. Things like beauty news (which companies have been bought by cruelty parent companies stuff like that) or posts about clothing/accessories. Things like that.


Fridays will continue to be FLASHBACK FRIDAYS! This is where I check out other people’s posts and creep through all their old posts ❤ Then I reblog one for you all to see and check out just incase you missed it when it originally aired. For the record I do have a system for choosing what blogs I feature for Flashback Fridays. So if you are part of the GrimmGirl community don’t be surprised if you get a message from me asking if it is cool if I reblog your content.


These days are both free days for me! These are the days that I use to post things like Blogger in the Spotlight, Youtube MUA, Personal Grimmoire posts, First Impression posts, and Behind the Voice posts. You can expect a hodgepodge of things posted during the weekend.


Now that we have discussed the schedule I would like to take the time to say….


That’s right. A huge THANK YOU because I don’t know if you noticed but GrimmGirl hit over 200 followers ❤ and I did say after my last giveaway I would do another at 200! I have to admit that I did not expect it to happen so quickly! I can only conclude that the sudden growth is due to you awesome people for spreading the word about GrimmGirl through social media and continuing to show your love through commenting.

So cool 😀

A promise is a promise so I will be announcing details for the giveaway next week (Sunday). I will be posting details her on GrimmGirl and also on Twitter so look forward to that.


Don’t forget to vote for your favorite Cowboy Bebop character. You have until the end of the day today to vote because on November 7th I will be changing the voting question.

You can also expect a Cowboy Bebop related post on whoever wins favorite character to appear this Saturday.

See you doods later.

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