Kuroko’s Basketball Season Two: Now I’m PUMPED!

Kuroko Fandom?

Allow me to join you! I have to admit I enjoyed season 2 a lot more than season one of Kuroko’s Basketball and that is saying something since I really did enjoy season one. You can read all of my thoughts on season one or Kuroko’s Basketball by clicking on my post Kuroko’s Basketball Season One: Not Bad. Not Bad At All.

In fact if you have yet to watch Kuroko’s Basketball I highly suggest you stop reading this review and begin with my first one. While this review will not give any spoilers for season two it will have spoilers for season one. I’m writing this with the belief that everyone reading this has already seen the first season.

If you haven’t seen Kuroko’s Basketball but still want to continue reading more power to you, just don’t say I didn’t warn you!

Season Two Kuroko’s Basketball

Do you all remember when Aomine crushed Seirin like little blades of grass under his feet? I do and it was harsh.

I really did adore this season! We ended season 1 with a devastating lose for our Seirin boys at the hands of Touou. The boys played hard but at the end of the day they were no match for Daiki Aomine (one of the Generation of Miracles) or the rest of his team for that matter. It was a pretty crushing defeat. If I recall they basically doubled Seirin’s score… ouch.

Season two has them basically trying to pick up the pieces of their shattered dreams in order to win the Winter Cup which will put them back in the game for Nationals. I think what I really enjoyed about this season was a felt the pacing was a bit nicer.

In season one things felt a little rushed in the way. It was just like BOOM we’re winning everything and then CRASH we lost in a horrible soul crushing way. It just didn’t give me enough time to process. I wasn’t a huge fan of the build up. I get really emotional when I’m watching anime so the fact that their lose didn’t make me cry should me I hadn’t quite connected to everyone.

Season two was a lot better in that respect in my opinion. There were some moments that I felt were really drawn out to the point I was getting a little frustrated but on the whole I was pleased. On top of the improvement with pacing I really feel like I got to know the characters more in this season.

Go Team GO!

Kuroko’s Basketball introduces many new characters this season so I was impressed with the writers’ ability to get me to connect with all the new people as well as the old ones. This season offers much more backstory with the characters then we experienced in season one.

We not only learn more about Kuroko’s time in middle school with the Generation of Miracles but we also learn about the creation of the Seirin basketball team. In between these discovers we also learn more about many of the characters and what has driven them to be the people that they are now. I have to give a hand to the writers for weaving all of these stories together so expertly.

I think it was because of the improvement with story telling that I was able to start attaching myself more to the characters. I went through all sorts of feels with this season. I cried, laughed, yelled, cried, giggled, and yelled some more! I’m not too proud to say I was cheering and jeering right along with the characters throughout the entire series.

If by the end of season two you didn’t recognize this character as the Anti-Christ we were not watching the same show…

The women of Kuroko’s Basketball continue to hold down the fort spreading their wisdom and being all around badasses. Momoi and Riko are joined this season by Masako Araki (Yosen’s coach) and Alexandra Garcia (Kamigi’s old coach/mentor). I know I said this in my season one review but I really am pumped about seeing all these women contribute to the sports side of the show, not just in a moral support sort of way.


Final Thoughts

I am SO ready for season three!!!!

Seriously you guys I feel like I need to put this in perspective for you but reminder I do schedule posts. So while it may appear that these posts are a week apart in reality I wrote my review of season one and season two within a few days of each other. That’s right…

I watched both seasons in a little under a week.

If that doesn’t convince you to watch Kuroko’s Basketball at your earliest free moment I don’t know what will. That being said don’t be surprised if you become completely hooked!

Is anyone else a fan of Kuroko’s Basketball? Who was your MVP of season two? I’m giving mine to Teppei Kiyoshi. Comment below!

Until next time… ❤


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4 thoughts on “Kuroko’s Basketball Season Two: Now I’m PUMPED!

  1. I love, love season 2, definitely the strongest to me. It went in depth and made me love all of them ❤
    Teppei was amazing, let our iron heart stay strong T_T

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