Amnesia Memories: Ukyo’s Joker World

Otome Monday!

I live for Otome Monday ❤ Today in particular is going to be a really good post because I have branched out a bit. You may have noticed that I play a lot of Voltage Inc. games. Well today I’m breaking out of that pattern to play a game by Idea Factory.

Along with this being my first Idea Factory game it is also my first really in depth otome game. Unlike the otome games that I have played before Amnesia Memories has multiple story endings! My normal games come with two endings and as you play you can see what ending your moving towards. With Amnesia Memories however you have multiple endings you can land on and there is no gauge telling you what ending you are going towards instead you have to work with parameters. This gauge basically shows the characters affection, trust, etc. for you.

I found this to be really interesting and fun because your answers and choices become much more relevant. It was a total shock to me when I answered a question flippantly and it resulted in the death of the MC (my bad). As a player you have to be way more aware about what choices and answers you are giving in order to end up with a good ending.

Another thing that is cool about Amnesia Memories is that it comes with so much content. There are the characters and their routes themselves but also mini games you can play! I also love the fact that Amnesia Memories has voice actors for their characters! I was not expecting that and was really pleased. The galleries include pictures and videos you can unlock by getting the various (good and bad) endings.

With all of this content it should come as no surprise to anyone that the cost of this game is going to be more expensive. I feel like this is a 100% justifiable. If we want to have really quality games than people need to be paid for their services. It is as simple as that.

I played this game on my tablet (but you can also play it on your PC and PlayStation Vista) and to purchase it for download was $18.99. This covers the prologue (which is pretty in depth) and mini games you can play. There are also in game purchases for the chapters. For example if you decided to play Ukyo’s route there would be three chapters available at $2.99 each so (rounding) you’re spending about $9 on each character.

So IF you wanted to play all five characters between the download and the character routes you would buy for all five you would spend about $64 dollars. Which is FAIR. Seriously if you buy an Xbox one game right now how much would you pay? About $60 dollars. I’m not sure why people are under the impression that people making otome games do not need to be paid just like people making RPG games (or whatever) but they do.

I would also like to remind everyone that they also go through the time and effort of translating everything in this game so that we can read everything and play it in English. That type of thing is very time consuming and obviously the cost of the translating is going to affect the cost of the game. My point is that yes, this game is more expensive then your average otome game, but this game is not average and there for the cost increase makes sense.



With that out of the way I think it is time to get into the actually game play. In the prologue we find our MC in a strange place with no memories. A spirit named Orion informs her that he accidently collided with her and that forced all of her memories out. Unfortunately the only way to get dislodge Orion is to get her memories back. The more she remembers the more Orion will be able to pull away. She is also the only one who can see and hear Orion.

After you are explained the situation Orion informs you that you are both currently in between worlds and he has no idea what world you actually belong too! He suggests you choose a world that resonates with you. The worlds you can choose from are the Heart World, Diamond World, Spade World, Clover World, and Joker World. The prologue continues after you chose a world but depending on the world you chose how the prologue continues differs.

Since I decided to chose the Joker World first I found myself to be in what we discovered was my studio apartment. After searching the room Orion and I were able to deduce that I was a university student so we decide to go check out the university I suppose ably attend.

While at the university the MC and Orion are approached by a man (who turns out to be Ukyo) who warns us not to go into the university today or on August 25th. It at first appears that he knows the MC but when he realizes that the MC doesn’t know him he acts as if they are just acquaintances.

They are DEF not just acuaintances

Joker World: Ukyo

“…Mysterious and enigmatic… A strange young man who appears unexpectedly. He gives you mysterious warnings, and disappears again without explanation. Whether he wants to protect or harm you is unclear.”- Google Play Store

I really loved Ukyo’s story!! That being said you really need to be on your toes during the entire game. Bad endings are around every turn when it comes to Ukyo’s story. When I say bad endings, I mean bad endings, as you die. Yep, that’s right if you don’t play your cards right while navigating this route you end up dead as a doornail… An expression I have never quite understood but dead nonetheless.

Don’t let the fear of the death scare you away though! This really ends up being a really beautiful story in the end. Ukyo is really a good person but do to circumstances that you will come to understand in game he has developed a bit of a split personality. The reason for this makes a lot of sense once you get into the story.

Ukyo really does try is best to keep the crazy away from you 

Honestly his struggle with sanity are the least of your concerns the one who surprised me the most in the route was Toma! Damn creepy over protective brother figures! You never know when one of them is going to pop up in the land of otome and you know kidnap and murder people for the sake of your “safety”…

It was really fun to play this game and gather bits and pieces of the MC’s memories. I also had phone trying to guess what the story behind Ukyo was. Let me tell you I was very surprised by what the final story on Ukyo was. I had some theories but Amnesia Memories did a great job with coming up with a unique story.

I was able to log in a lot of time with this game due to the various endings you can end up with. This made me happy because at the end of the day I am spending money on this and I do want to be entertained. While playing through Ukyo you can play towards 7 bad endings and two normal endings. So yeah, you have a lot to work with!

In order to collect all of the gallery swag for Ukyo you are going to want to play your bad endings as well as normal endings. Of the two normal endings you will have a favorite between the two. Basically one of the normal endings ends with Ukyo and the MC being able to be together where the second one ends with MC not with Ukyo but alive. When you consider how many death endings you can run into it’s an achievement but not ideal.

Once you get to a point where you can chose between the two normal endings it is very clear which one is going to be the better of the two. I’m not going to say which one though simply because I’m trying to be very spoiler free right now.

As far as Ukyo’s character goes I can honestly say he truly loves the MC. In fact I would say his love goes above and beyond and when he says that he would die for the MC he’s not being metaphorical. He is being very literally. I don’t want to go into any more detail than that because I would hate to spoil all the twists and turns this route has in store for you.

Gahhhhh!!!! I cry.

Final Thoughts

I really enjoyed playing Ukyo and seeing his story. It was really well done and I also enjoyed all of the voice acting! I think many people would also enjoy this story and playing through the entire game to find out why Ukyo is the way he is. Honestly his story is quite tragic but it resolves very nicely.

As far as which character order to play in… meh. As usual I’m just bouncing about playing whichever character seems interesting next. Now that I’ve played Ukyo I’ll probably play Shin next. I’m thinking I’ll play Toma after that because I can sense the crazy in him and I have a feeling I won’t like his route so I want to just get it over with.

I have read other reviews that suggest you play them Shin, Ikki, Kent, Toma, and then Ukyo. I honestly don’t think the order will have too much bearing on the game because each world is it’s own reality. I’m actually hoping that this will help me fair better with Toma… Like maybe he’s just a crazy in the Joker World but in his world he’s cool. We’ll see what he’s like in Shin’s world.

Hope you all enjoyed this review and thanks for reading till the end. I know this one was a long one! I will be playing more routes in this game along with my other otome games. Stay tuned for more Amnesia Memories routes appearing here and there during the next month.


I do not own these images 

9 thoughts on “Amnesia Memories: Ukyo’s Joker World

  1. OOh, nice post Katrina!
    I’m surprised that in the mobile version they let you pick/buy him outright, he’s locked in the Vita and PC version, and you have to do all the other characters good endings first to unlock him. Since he’s considered the canon route, it’s why they did it~
    The game is actually pretty cheap, on PC I’ve seen it at 3$ when sales come, and Vita version goes pretty low too. This game has a lot of content, so it’s definitely worth it!
    I do wonder if Aksys ported Norn9 and Code Realize to mobile if they’d see even more sales, since it’s a booming market.
    You need a Vita if you haven’t gotten one yet, cause next year 4 new otome games are coming woot!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh that is definitely on my Christmas list now!!! That makes sense that Ukyo’a route is considered cannon. I really liked it but I hear the anime makes him way more stalkery…. which makes me so sad!


      1. Woot, christmas and birthday lists are never-ending :’D
        I need to see the anime, I didn’t know it made him more stalker, but then I doubt the anime has enough episodes to actually go in depth with the story :/

        Liked by 1 person

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