PUR Melt Away Review: Do I Love You or Hate You?

Another product, another review…

Today we will be looking at PUR’s makeup removing product Melt Away. If you were unfamiliar with PUR I would add them to your list of companies to check out. I talked about this company previously in my PUR 4 in 1 Liquid Foundation Review and have been dabbling in the products ever since.

I will say that I have mixed feeling when it comes to this Melt Away product so this review will be quite interesting.

“… Contains ingredients such as Salicylic Acid to help unclog pores and treat hidden bacteria… Free of parabens… Aloe Vera helps speed up recovery and soothes irritated skin… PUR products are 100% cruelty-free and we do not test on animals. Bunnies are our friends not our models… This product has been ocular tested to ensure it will not irritate eyes or interfere with contacts… This product and container are free of Bisphenol A (BPA).” –PUR

“A pre-cleanser is going to do all the heavy lifting of removing long-wear and waterproof makeup, such as our Double Ego, without stripping or irritating the skin. Plus, it’s super hydrating and conditions the skin.”- PUR Educator

As you can see the website/company has a lot to say about this product. Which is funny, because so do I. Time for the cons and pros of this product.



We might as well talk about the price right away. It’s $23 for 4 fl. oz. So you get a fair amount but at the end of the day $23 is $23 and not everyone has that amount of cash to just through down on a makeup remover or “pre-cleanser” as they like to call it. This isn’t going to be your drug store makeup remover when it comes to the price.

It has a strong smell…

Now I personally really like the smell but the thing about any product that has a strong smell is that you are either going to hate it or love it. For that reason I highly recommend seeing if you can find a tester in a store near you first to give it a whiff if you are very sensitive to smells. I know a lot of people who will straight up hate a product no matter how well it works just based off the smell.

It does not travel well.

I’d provide a picture of MY Melt Away bottle if it wasn’t half-full thanks to my traveling mishap…

This is something that is very annoying to me as a travel quite a bit. Melt Away is an oil not a lotion or gel. So I was incredible pissed when on my last trip I opened my makeup back to find my products swimming in a pool of oil. Apparently the oil caused the cap to just spin off the bottle dumping half of the bottle out into the bag. Grrrrrrrr.

There’s no getting that back so talk about pouring money down the drain!

On top of that let’s talk about the fact that it is an oil and not a gel or lotion. Oil is not the most user-friendly medium to use let me tell you! It drips right through your fingers no matter how quickly you try to move to your face. Again product is product and I hate seeing it wasted.



It does work. I wear a lot of waterproof makeup on top of setting spray and primer so removing it can be a real pain in the ass. Melt Away does a great job of breaking it all down and making it possible to remove it.

I also love how it makes my skin feel. After using it I never feel like my skin is dried out. I honestly think that has to do with the fact that it is an oil-based product. Talk about a catch 22. I hate having to apply it because it’s oil but I love how it makes my skin feel afterwards because it’s an oil. Curses.

The fact that it doesn’t irritate the eyes is also something I can attest too and thoroughly enjoy. Removing eye makeup can be really tricky because eyes are so sensitive so finding a product that isn’t going to drive my eyes crazy is amazing.

You can find this product in beauty stores like Utla and also online. The US costumers even receive complimentary shipping on all orders! That’s a really good deal when you think about it. Most stores require you to purchase a certain money amount in order to get shipping deals.

If you are an international costumer you’re in luck! They partnered with MyUS.com in order to provided international shipping to more than 255 countries! Nice. So if you’re not in the US and like the sound of this cosmetics company I am sure that you will be able to find away to get your products one way or another.

Another cool thing as that their products (unless otherwise noted) are made in the US. This helps for customers to worry less that their products were made in a sweatshop. Along with making sure our products are cruelty-free when it comes to animals we should also make sure their cruelty-free towards people to. The fewer products that are being produced in sweatshops the better it is for everyone in the world.


Final Thoughts

There are things I love about this product and things I dislike but at the end of the day the product works. The things about Melt Away that I dislike have more to do with personal preference then it does with the products ability to do its job. So as far as if this product will be something you dig it is really going to come down to what are the things you value in a product.

If some of the things I’ve written about are deal breakers for you then you might want to look for something different. If the things I’ve written about aren’t things of big concern this could be the product for you. When in doubt you can always request a sample!

As for me I will be sticking with this product until further notice. If I were to find a product that worked as well as this but was lotion based I would seriously scoop that up. Since lotion based products are really more of my personal preference as far as application goes. However I can honestly say that so far I have not found a product that is lotion based that works as well as this!

So for the sake of my skin I’m putting that aside and sticking with PUR Melt Away. I will obviously have to take more precautions when I travel though. Maybe a different bottle would work better?

If you want to check this product out for yourself please click on the link below. Don’t forget to comment with your thoughts in the comment section below. What makeup remover are you currently using?


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