Scandal in the Spotlight: Nagito Aoshima… Too Cute.

Welcome back to another Otome Monday!

This Monday I have quite the game to get you over your Monday Blues. I started a new game by Voltage Inc. called Scandal in the Spotlight. The premise of this game sounded pretty interesting and I think we’ve all gone through that boy band phase so I couldn’t resist checking this game out.


Basically the story revolves around our MC whose dream is to become a screenplay writer. One day however she loses her notebook with her latest writing project. Luckily this isn’t her notebook for work, just her personal one but she’s still really bummed about it.

When the waiter at her local café hears about her misfortune he takes it upon himself to cheer her up and offers her two tickets to the band Revance. He explains that she’s really doing him a favor by taking them, as he can’t attend anyway, today in fact is his last day of work. The MC takes them even though she really has no interest in the band but decides it could be fun and knows her friend is a huge fan.

The concert is great and at the end the band reveals a brand new song. Something about their lyrics though strikes the MC as familiar and she can’t help to associate them with something she wrote in her lost notebook. She brushes the incident aside and instead enjoys the rest of the show. Afterwards she is spotted by her boss who insists she joins the after party, which her friend is only too happy to compile with.

Sadly the MC’s night turns from tons of fun to Creepville City when her boss starts making unwanted advances toward her. She flatly turns him down but he a douche canoe about it lucky some of the members of Revance are walking by and come to her defense. Her boss is ticked though and storms out. The MC is pretty worried about how this is going to affect her career but before she can think about it too much she’s invited to talk with the members of Revance.

It turns out that the waiter in her café is actually the mysterious sixth member of Reverence and writer of all of their songs! Ryo is also the man who swiped her notebook and which the guys used to create the song she heard at the show. The members explain that he left a note saying that he needed to take some time and told them that she is his replacement for the time being!

The MC quickly explains that writing songs isn’t her thing and turns them down. She expects that to be the last she hears from them but unfortunately her dick boss fires her the next day! This time Revance asks her to be their ghostwriter again but with a deal. If she writes for them until Ryo gets back they’ll use their connections to get her another job as a screenwriter.

With her dream on the line the MC takes their offer. Now the big question is whom will she be working with to help make your songs number one hits?

There are six characters you can choose from and each route has 13 episodes with two different endings, the Dramatic Love Ending or the Romantic Love Ending. The 13 episodes cost $3.99 and after you complete both endings you unlock the ability to buy the special ending set for $2.99.

The characters you can choose from are:

Kyohei Rikudoh the Egotistic Producer

Iori Enjo the Sadistic Prince

Kota Igarashi the Hot & Cold Actor

Nagito Aoshima the Predatory Model

Takashi Ninagawa the Prodigy Composer

Ryo Chibana the Calming Phantom Lyricist

For my first go around I decided to go with Nagito Aoshima. He seemed pretty funny so I thought I’d give him a shot and start this game out with a different type of character than I usually go for.


Main Story for Nagito Aoshima

Great backstory

I have to admit that Voltage Inc. really impressed me with this character and storyline. There were a lot of things about this story I was not expecting and I was surprised in a good way. I’m really glad I played this character!

Nagito is sweet but genuine. I don’t like characters that are to sugary sweet because they ended up feeling false to me but Nagito wasn’t like that. Nagito is just a straight up nice guy. He’s kind of like that boy next-door type of character. Nagito cares about the people around him and wants everyone to be happy.

I won’t go too much into his backstory because I think that you will all enjoy it much more experiencing it for yourself. I will say that you find out early on that he was adopted as a child and his need to feel like he is wanted plays into the story. I thought that was a really interesting backstory to give a character for Voltage.

Another way Voltage managed to surprise me with this route was how the MC is portrayed. This is the first time I’ve played one of their games where the MC is so straightforward with her feelings. Normally the MC seems to just wait around for the guy to confess his feelings for her and than panders about what he “means” by it. This MC is not afraid to make the first move when it comes to figuring out their relationship. Brava.

Gah! People do love you Nagito ❤

I was also impressed by how their love was handled. In many otome games I find that the love is just confessed at towards the end without a relationship having been built. I mean it will be clear that the characters like it each other but liking and loving someone are two different things. There never seems to be a stage where they are dating and then fall in love, do you know what I mean?

In Nagito’s route though things move at a really interesting pace. Nagito actually wants to get to know the MC before making any crazed declarations so we really get to see the love between the characters grow more than most otome games I’ve played have been able to do. Again I most say how pleased I am by this. It really engaged me in the game because if felt new.


Final Thoughts

How many of you are melting just at the sight of those eyes? Thought so.

I don’t know how you couldn’t enjoy this route. Both endings are pretty good so fill free to play through blind the first time. I don’t think you will be disappointed in either. If you play through both you can buy the special ending set. I bought Nagito’s just to see what it was like and it was okay.

Basically you’re purchasing completion videos. The second one is what you really want because you get to hear Nagito singing, which is cool. For me personally though I don’t see myself buying it for the rest of the characters but it’s a cool touch.

Another thing to look forward to are the other characters in this route. There’s no second lead syndrome here but the other characters are just funny. There’s a lot of sass in this group of guys. For example at one point the MC is going on about how, “Isn’t it such a nice day?” and Iori (I believe) says something like, “Yeah I can see it’s a nice day because I have eyes.” Bahaha I laughed at that one quite a bit.

I recommend this route for anyone who doesn’t want to deal with a wishy-washy character or MC. Nagito is funny, nice, and watching the love story with his character was really entertaining. His story brings some drama but not in an overbearing way. I think many of you will really enjoy his route!

Let me know if Nagito sounds like the character for you!


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8 thoughts on “Scandal in the Spotlight: Nagito Aoshima… Too Cute.

    1. I was very surprised by him! I decided to go with him bc there was something about his attitude in the prologue that reminded me of Shinra from Enchanted in the Moonlight ❤️ So glad I played Nagito! A lot of fun!!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Characters like Nagito aren’t really my type but for some reason I made an exception for him and it was so worth it!!!

        Who are you playing next? I love all of the guys from Revance…but, Kota and Takashi are special!!

        Liked by 1 person

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