30 Day Lipstick Challenge (Day 11): Too Faced Bachelorette

*Since the original publication of this post I have learned that Too Faced is owned by Estee Lauder. Estee Lauder is a company that test their beauty products on animals. To learn more about what this means for Too Faced Cosmetics and why I will no longer review their products on GrimmGirl please read Is Too Faced Cruelty Free? Turns Out… Not Exactly 


Lipstick Challenge BOOM

It’s Day 11 and I am not messing around people. Two lipstick challenge posts in a row? I’m on fire. No challenge can touch this fire. In honor of being productive I’m bringing you something a little new today.

You will notice from the title that I’m not discussing a Jeffree Star product today. I know gasp in anticipation. While I do own a lot of his lipstick products their not the only lipsticks I have at my disposal. Exhibit A; my fabulous coral pink Bachelorette matte lipstick by Too Faced.

Some of the Grimms reading this may recognize this from my review Too Faced Bachelorette? Take My Money. If you’re not familiar with it you should check it out because I am a pretty big fan of their matte lipsticks. They are my second favorite non-liquid matte lipsticks to date. Sadly for Too Faced Winky Lux maintains the top spot in my heart.

There may be a few people in the audience looking at this shade and thinking Isn’t this just another pink like Sweet Pea on Day 6? And to that kind sir or lady I say bite your tongue with thou blasphemy!

Off to work looking professional because that’s how I roll

Bachelorette is CLEARLY a coral pink in comparison to Sweet Pea’s baby pink. Let’s all remember that I’m a complete and total makeup addict so to me there is a clear and definite difference. One of these days I should swatch them just to prove my point but I digress…

So what do I love about this coral pink?

It’s fun and it makes me think of summer! I wear it and I want to go to the beach and hang out in the sun. It’s a far cry from the changing leaves and comfy sweaters my area is beginning to experience as fall rolls in.

This isn’t a color I normally wear out and about on the town but I do enjoy it for my daytime looks. I like this lipstick when I’m doing family things like having lunch with my madre. Or when I have to meet with other professionals for work. The coral of this pink makes it fun but also keeps me looking professional.

I’m a fan!

Are you a fan as well? Click below for the link to this coral pink lipstick.

Too Faced Bachelorette

What’s been your favorite lipstick so far?

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