Winky Lux’s Matte Lipstick Dirty Love Has All Of My Love


It’s been a minute since my last makeup review so I hope you all enjoy this one. I’ve been meaning to review my matte lipstick from Winky Lux for quite sometime and just never got around to it. The time has finally come though!

As always the first thing I like to do is talk about what the company has to say about their product. Then I follow up with some cons and pros to see if the product lives up to the marketing. In the end I’m just writing about my personal experience with these products, it’s really up to you to decide if their deserving or your hard earned dollars. What is a con to me might be a pro to someone else so I really encourage everyone to share their opinions in the comment section.

“This burnt red invokes images of passion and black tie events. Particularly flattering on olive skin tones, this hue is warm and sassy… Cruelty Free, Paraben Free, Glutten Free, and Made in the USA… Ultra long-wearing matte lipstick delivers intense pigment with delectably lightweight moussy texture. Infused with natural vanilla for the ultimate lip experience, this lipstick is packed with suspended pigments to give lips a cushiony, plush feel.” –Winky Lux 

Well those are all the fabulous things Winky Lux had to say about their Matte Lip Velour lipstick in shade Dirty Love, time to see if it lives up to the hype.



My first “con” is something that really depends on the person. Some people will find it a con some people wont. Here’s the deal though, Winky Lux products can only be bought online. You are not going to see this product in stores. By selling exclusively online they are able to keep prices lower while stile creating a high quality product.

That being said because it is online it may not be available for everyone who reads this. They do ship internationally but I couldn’t find a list of countries where they will ship items. So if you live outside of the USA you’ll have to check when you are checking out. Also I’m not sure how much you will be charged for shipping and handling.

If you are a USA based costumer you can get free shipping and handling at $30 but if you are an International based costumer you have to spend $75 dollars in order to be eligible for free shipping and handling. I personally enjoy shopping for things online because it’s nice getting something other than bills in the mail but I recognize that if you are outside the USA this might be a pain in the butt.

Look how smooth that looks! Zero cracks just a beautiful finish. I’m in love ❤


You know the only other matte lipstick I have tried (that wasn’t liquid obviously) was my Too Faced matte lipstick Bachelorette. Feel free to check out that review Too Faced Bachelorette? Take My Money to see my reaction but you can tell from the title I was a big fan of that lipstick. This makes it even more impressive I think that I honestly love my Winky Lux Dirty Love matte lipstick MORE.

I was not expecting that at all but this lipstick is even creamier in application than my Too Faced matte lipstick. I was also incredibly impressed with its ability to stay soft feeling on my lips. Matte lipsticks do not have to feel dry on your lips and Winky Lux proves that with Dirty Love.

The pigment is great with this shade and I don’t have to worry about streaky spots happening across my lips. Dirty Love does have fairly long lasting abilities for a lipstick. I’m happy about this obviously it isn’t kiss proof or anything like that but it’s not going to melt off your face.

This lipstick is cruelty free, paraben free, glutten free, and made in the USA. Honestly I really don’t care if it’s glutten free but everything else is super important to me. Obviously I don’t want any animals hurt for me to have a simple lipstick and parabens don’t belong on my face. The fact that it is made in the USA makes me happy because I know that their company is following laws in order to make sure their employees are fairly paid and not overworked.


Final Thoughts

I will be getting so many more lipsticks from Winky Lux. I kid you not I want to get every single shade of this beautiful feeling matte lipstick. I wish they had some sort of bulk buying discounts so that I could just buy ten at a time! For $14 dollars for a lipstick I am really pumped about the price point. I think anyone in the makeup scene knows that $14 dollars for a luxury lipstick is a pretty amazing deal.

Winky Lux nailed it with this lipstick! I am in love with it and I think it was money well spent. Their shipping was great and arrived promptly at my door so I had zero issues with buying it online. The color is absolutely gorgeous (you know how much I love a excellent red lipstick) and the pigment was flawless.

If you want to check out this product for yourself I highly recommend it. I’m so glad I discovered this brand!

Winky Lux Dirty Love Matte Lipstick

Is red not your color? You’re in luck they have over 20 different shades to choose from! Have fun looking at all the colors ❤

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