30 Day Lipstick Challenge (Day 10): Jeffree Star Cosmetics Posh Spice


I know I haven’t stayed 100% true to posting everyday with this challenge but I think we can all admit I’m doing much better with it than I ever did with my 30 Day Anime Challenge. Can we all just take a moment to appreciate how much I’ve improved with this challenge?

Thank you, thank you 😀 You are all much to kind.

Day 10 brings us more Jeffree Star, I’m not going to apologize for the insane amount of Jeffree Star lip products I have in my collection. Basically you should all just have it in your minds that this 30 Day Lipstick challenge will feature these liquid lipsticks at least 80% of the time. I love them.

So say hello to Posh Spice, swoon. How could a lipstick named after they most fashionable Spice Girl not being amazing? It couldn’t be. Do you all remember my review on NXY Cosmetics Lingerie Liquid Lipstick Corset? If you need a refresher please check out my post NYX Lingerie Lipstick Review but one of the things I hated about that lipstick was the color on me.

Don’t mind me I’m just doing AMAZING grown up things. No big deal.

Posh Spice is what I hoped Corset would’ve looked on me. Unlike NYX though Jeffree Star totally nailed. I love this color on me. I think it might be my absolute favorite nude in my collection. I wear it a lot and I must say that for a nude I find it to be pretty edgy. I mean come on. Check me out in my little faux leather jacket! I feel like I look so cool!

Hey. Sometimes we all just need to wear something that makes us feel like a badass adult. Posh Spice helps me to achieve that dream… Even if we all know I just watched anime and obsessed over Haikyu after this picture was taken. The illusion is there that after this picture I went and did totally cool adult things. Like saving babies and puppies… Isn’t that what badass adults do?

Are you a fan of Posh Spice (who isn’t?) check out the link below. May the odds be forever in your favor that it is in stock.

Jeffree Star Posh Spice

❤ GrimmGirl Out

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