Star Crossed Myth Epilogue: Teorus

Back again my wonderful fiends?

I’m so happy you are! I do not know if you guys have noticed but I’ve been putting out an otome-geared post every Monday these last few weeks. If you follow me on Twitter than you might have seen that I set a goal for myself to put out one otome post a week.

I unofficially (now officially) declared Monday Otome Day for all of my otome fans! So you can always expect an otome themed post here on GrimmGirl every Monday. Isn’t that wonderful? I did it on purpose because I thought to myself how does one make Mondays less terrible and I answered myself with hot anime guys. BOOM. The rest as they say, is history.

Today’s otome post will bring you all back to Teorus from Star Crossed Myth. I have already played his main route so if you are unfamiliar with that post please check it out. This post will contain spoilers from the main story route and I would hate to ruin that for you. You can reach my first post about Teorus by clicking on the handy dandy link below. Please enjoy!

Star Crossed Myth: Teorus

For everyone else let’s venture forward! I will try to avoid spoilers beyond the basic plot line for Teorus’ Epilogue but again I will delve into some spoilers from his main story. So if you have yet to play his main story and do not want to hear any spoilers I must again insist you don’t read further J for your own sanity.

You’ve been warned! Now it’s…


Recap Time


Teorus is one of the gods from the Department of Wishes and he was thrown to Earth when he sinned in Heaven. His sin was loving to freely without actually loving at all. As you should all know while Teorus claimed to love everybody what he actually did was sleep around a lot with other goddesses, granted a lot of female human wishes, and ignored men in general.

While he may have slept with a lot of women he didn’t love a single one. Proven by the fact that he could rarely remember a single name and known of them would be able to recall anything substantial about Teorus other than he’s hot. For Teorus recognizing that this type of behavior was not exhibiting signs of love was a challenge.

He not only had to admit that he didn’t love these women but also that they didn’t love him. He also had to face the fact that he was actually really lonely and that while he was a god didn’t really feel worthy of love. Needless to say he had a lot of feels to work through and he didn’t always handle that with grace. In the end though he was able to admit his feelings for the MC and come to terms with them.

So what’s Teorus up to in the epilogue?


Teorus’ Epilogue


So Teorus’ epilogue is three episodes long with one ending for $1.99. You’re not making choices to decide an ending you’re basically just along for the ride to learn a bit more about Teorus’ story.

Basically in this story Teorus and the MC deal with issues of jealousy. Teorus recognizes his love for the MC but old thinking patterns die-hard. Teorus has never experienced jealousy so when the goddesses around him continue to ask him to spend time with him he sees nothing wrong with it.

While he has no intentions of sleeping with them or anything like that they certainly still want to sleep with him. You can see how that might cause some tension between the happy couple. Obviously it is completely fine for a significant other to spend time with friends that are the opposite gender but it gets more complicated if you know that “friend” really just wants to sleep with them. Needless to say I can understand the MC’s feelings of irritation.

Teorus on the other hand cannot so when a human guy shows up with interest in the MC Teorus thinks it’s the perfect opportunity for the MC to see his point of view. When this new guy wishes for a date with the MC Teorus is only too happy to grant it…

However (and this may just be crazy talk) will Teorus really be okay with this situation or maybe just maybe does the MC have a point about the feelings of jealousy that can crop up.


Final Thoughts

This route was worth my $1.99 for sure. I liked that you could see that Teorus is still working on some issues. Look things like this don’t just go away once you love someone. Love isn’t a miracle cure; you still have to work through a lot of your shit. Which is what Teorus is doing.

I also liked the MC during this route. Sometimes MC’s can really annoy the crap out of me but I think she handled herself pretty damn well. She wasn’t crying or throwing a fit she was pretty chill actually, it was kind of funny actually. She basically just let Teorus dig his own grave and waited for him to have his own revelation.

His, “Oh shit… This is what she was talking about?” was pretty good in my opinion and I’ll admit I had a small chuckle at his expense.

So if you have a few bucks to spare I recommend you check out his epilogue. Anyone play Teorus since my main story post? Comment below on your thoughts of Teorus ❤


Star Crossed Myth Is A Voltage Inc Game. You Can Download It Through Google Play.


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  1. Gurl, why you gotta do this to me?! I literally just posted two Star Crossed Myth reviews and Teorus is one of the only routes I don’t have yet! I thought I was the temptress, but it seems the student has surpassed the master a bit lol

    Awesome review as always and I definitely look forward to more Otome Monday posts!!!

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