Lipstick Challenge (Day 8): Winky Lux Dirty Love

Day EIGHT of the Lipstick Challenge!

I’ve decided to pull out another red today. I can’t help it people I have so many reds in my collection that it is a bit alarming. Here’s the thing though… I swear they are all different shades.

Hahaha I’m totally that person who is like, “I have to get this red it’s just a hair lighter then my other red… This is going to change my entire look!” I also totally believe that it will. I don’t care what anyone says they are completely different.

This red comes from Winky Lux and it is a matte red lipstick. Another lipstick and not a liquid lipstick, I think that this is actually my only other non-liquid lipstick in my collection. Wow, revelation but I just realized that I currently only own two traditional lipsticks.

Hmmmmm… This may be a reason to go makeup shopping soon….


❤ That RED ❤

 The cool think I love about this Winky Lux red called Dirty Love is that it is such a traditional red. There are no rosy pink undertones or brown undertones instead it has just a hint of orange in order to make that red pop even more. It gives off such a classy vibe. I love it so much!

If you are looking for something that is classic than look no further. Dirty Love by Winky Lux has you covered. If you’re interested in checking it out yourself I provided the link below. Winky Lux is sold exclusively online. You will not find their products in stores.

Wink Lux’s Dirty Love

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