Flashback Friday With Jeko From UEM! From Dubs to Subs: the Evolution of a Western Otaku

Flashback Friday Time Grimms!

Today Jeko is taking us all the way back to June 6, 2015 with his post on Subs Vs. Dubs. If you haven’t been on Jeko’s blog Unnecessary Exclamation Mark before then you my dear are missing out. You should probably meander about his site right now.

Jeko’s post From Dubs to Subs The Evolution of a Western Otaku is a perfect example of his ability to take a topic and see both sides of a story. In edition to that he his able to give his opinion in a well reasoned way. The debate on this subject in the anime world seems to be never ending and it is refreshing to read a post that can look at this subject and discuss it without being condescending and demeaning.

I think we can all agree that there is nothing more annoying then telling someone you like the dubbed or subbed version of anime and hearing them respond with an 8 minute rant on why your “stupid” and “don’t get anime”.


Jeko is able to bring up some valid points on why we all might be partial towards whatever version we like to watch. He also highlights some backstory and opinions on why he digs the versions he likes. Great post and well worth the read this Friday night!

Personally for me it depends on the voice actors. There are some voice actors I enjoy and some I don’t on both sides. I generally like the Japanese voice acting style but there have been many English voice actors who have blown me away. For example I CANNOT watch the dub of Fairy Tale or Naruto. The majority of voice actors for that show annoy the snot out of me for the dub while the voices of the sub have been casted to perfection. On the other hand I love the English voice actors for Cowboy Bebop and Ouran High School Host Club. The voice actors totally nailed it in my opinion. I have to agree with Jeko a lot goes into this preference. So sit back and read a great post. Don’t forget to comment below with your opinion!

Also if you would like to check out more of Jeko’s work just click on his name or the website above because I have included the links.

Have a great Friday!!

Unnecessary exclamation mark!

As much as I can rely on anime as an ice-breaker, one topic is doomed to freeze over any conversation with most of my anime-watching friends. One of two words will spark it off, and the rest will be a long catalogue of indirect abuse, worn out ideologies and worn out faces as a few of us try to get back to talking about what we love.

We’re talking about ‘subs’ and ‘dubs’.

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4 thoughts on “Flashback Friday With Jeko From UEM! From Dubs to Subs: the Evolution of a Western Otaku

  1. Yeah, it kind of just depends on the show. Some dubs are as good or better than the original, and others are just awful. Most modern dubs are very good, but they have the disadvantage of having a much smaller pool of talent to pull from versus Japan. For me, I usually choose dubs either a) when I’ve seen it already with subs or b) I’m letting it play in the background.

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    1. Yeah voice acting is taken way more seriously in Japan so they have a lot of top notch voice actors who really know their craft. I feel like English voice acting is getting more support but we still have a ways to go. That’s the hard part bc it can’t grow if nobody is watching/supporting. I will usually try to give a dub a chance for that reason. Sometimes it pays off and sometimes I just can’t. But it gets me annoyed when people act like the dubbed version isn’t the real anime lol that always triggers me!

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  2. For me the whole dubs vs subs thing is more about translation vs original text. And this is very much a personal thing to me, as I grew up in The Netherlands as a native English speaker and I am confronted with translation flaws Every. Single. Day. Usually it’s a small mistake, but it’s not exactly uncommon to hit a bit one. I still remember when my favourite cartoons went from the original English dub to a Dutch one and I literally dropped them all, it was that bad. And these were cartoons I loved, I’d seen every episode, several times, but the translation was so poor, they were ruined.

    I know English anime dubs aren’t that level of bad these days, but I just prefer to learn Japanese and ditch all translations. Even with a good translation, things get lost and I’d rather go with my own interpretation even if it does means years of learning. I’m also kind of a massive perfectionist. Does it show? 😛

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    1. Yeah the translation are def an issue. I don’t notice it until I watch both versions though and then I’m like what the crap is this? I bet it would be even worse if I was multilanguage talented lol so the struggle for you must be real.

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