30 Day Lipstick Challenge (Day 7): Jeffree Star’s Celebrity Skin

Back again!

We are on Day 7 of this fabulous 30 Day Lipstick Challenge. How exciting, am I right? I hope you have all been enjoying the different colors I’ve been posting for this challenge and I hope you are finding a few you would like to try yourself. Lipstick is always fun to do in my opinion.

For today’s color we’re going to delve into the nude side of my ever-expanding lipstick collection. I’m going to be going with another fun one from Jeffree Star Cosmetics and his delicious line of matte liquid lipsticks.

This is his coveted shade Celebrity Skin and fun fact on my life this was the first Jeffree Star lipstick I ever purchased. I’m so glad I did! I had never really worn a nude like this before so it was a different look for me at the time. Now I have a plethora of nudes I like to choose from but this was my first one.

Fun fact this is the makeup I had during my livestream. The more you know *cue Rainbow* 

This shade is unique to me because I really do feel like it works for every skin tone. I know it can be difficult to choose a nude that works for your skin tone but I think Celebrity Skin is a pretty safe bet. It’s not to light or to dark so it adapts well to all skin tones.

I use this color all of the time. In fact I will probably have to order a new one in the very near future (if it’s in stock of course) since I use it so often. I swear this color works well for all occasions. I wear it to work, family events, nights on the town, and just walking around. Celebrity Skin is just one of those lipstick shades that just works.

I’m in love with it and I thought you would all like it as well. If you are curious in purchasing it for yourself I have provided the link below. Remember Jeffree Star Cosmetics is only sold online through their website and a few online distributors. Be wary of distributors that are not officially with the business because they are usually people who are waaaaaayyyy over charging on products in order to make money.


Jeffree Star’s Celebrity Skin

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