30 Day Lipstick Challenge (Day 6): Winky Lux Sweet Pea


Day SIX of my Lipstick Challenge, huzzah. Today we take a look at a lipstick for a change. You heard me right. This is a straight up lipstick, no liquids involved! Normally I pretty much live in liquid lipsticks but I have to admit Sweet Pea by Winky Lux is pretty fun. Helps that it is still a beautiful matte.

It’s a soft pink and I have to say I kind of dig it. I as you have seen through these posts I have a lot of bold colors in my arsenal but sometimes you just gotta be pretty in pink. That being said this isn’t a usual fall color for me. I tend to use my pinks a lot in the spring.

Nostalgic Siiiiiggghhhh…..

God I love this shade.

There is just something about spring and pink for me. Pink just reminds me of flowers springing up I suppose, whatever it is I do tend to favor this color in the spring and early summer. This pink happens to be pretty perfect.

It’s soft and sweet like a sweet pea wouldn’t you say? I guess we could all agree that it is aptly named. I like how much lighter this pink makes me look. I personally feel there is something classic about a pink lipstick. I tend to pair this shade of lipstick with a muted eye. I like the pink to be the star, no need to overshadow it with anything else. This shade of pink is beautiful on its own.

Like this shade of pink too? Go snag it for yourself at Winky Lux, remember they are an online only store. You won’t find this brand of lipstick in stores!

Sweet Pea by Winky Lux


Where are my pink lipstick fans? Chime in below!

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