Love Stage OVA… I’m OBSESSED

Deep Breathe….

Deep Breathe…….


AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! I can’t contain it anymore! Love Stage OVA is EVERYTHING!!!!!


I am so sorry you all had to see me like that. I’m also sorry for any eardrums that are permanently shattered do to my fangirling. Love Stage OVA has me shook though people. I can’t control it; it was that fucking good.

All the problems I had with Love Stage (the anime series) are completely gone with the OVA. It’s beautiful. If you didn’t get a chance to see my post on the anime series please check out I Really Do Adore Love Stage But You Have To Admit Its Rape Culture Is Showing.

The above post goes over my reaction to Love Stage and a few issues that I had to point out. If you haven’t watched Love Stage please check out that post instead. THIS post is written with the idea that everyone who reads it has seen the anime. The OVA picks up where the anime leaves off so this post will contain spoilers for the first season of Love Stage.

You have been warned!

Okay for everyone else let’s get cracking!

Can we all just give Rei a moment of applause for constantly listening to Izumi’s relationship problems? We all need a Rei in our lives.

The OVA for Love Stage takes place after Izumi realizes that he loves Ryoma and tells Ryoma he would like to have sex. Yay for verbal consent and assertion towards the end of the anime! Afterwards though Izumi is shocked at how much having sex actually hurt! This is where the OVA picks up.

The summary of the OVA is basically Izumi any Ryoma figuring things out to make sure they are both comfortable having sex. It is for this reason everyone that I absolutely love this OVA. Seriously everyone I would like you all to take a moment and think…

When is the last time you watched ANY sort of entertainment media where the couple discussed sex and how to make it more comfortable for both people? WHEN?

I bet it is extremely rare for you to think of anything beyond the common well the first time always hurts nonsense they usually project. What horrible advice! I love that Love Stage doesn’t take that route.

Instead Ryoma listens to Izumi’s concerns and tries his best to adapt. He recognizes that sex is not just for his pleasure but for both of them. Amazing! Hats off to Love Stage for coming through with this moral lesson.

This OVA was well done and played true to the characters personalities. We even get to see more Shougo and Rei all though not the romantic side of the two. I’ve heard talk that in the manga they are together so I know I’m not just making up the sexual tension those two give off between each other in my head.

Oh and let’s not forget that through everything Ryoma still has to put up with Shougo’s constant interference…



Go watch Love Stage OVA right now! It is totally worth it and I give it a 10/10 ❤ I am so obsessed with this show after the OVA getting the manga has become a top priority.




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15 thoughts on “Love Stage OVA… I’m OBSESSED

  1. This is one of my favourite parts in the manga and I love, love that they actually research how to have sex and talk about it. Though in the manga Izumi gets some bad advice Rei… On the other hand Shougo and Rei both totally have an Izumi complex and it’s funny and cute. xD

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  2. YES! Another Love Stage fan!! Thank you for addressing the rape culture undertones of this series; I think that yaoi as a genre tends to dance the line between rape and consensual sex and, within that dance, tends to justify rape as a part of the “falling in love process.” I love Ryoma and Izumi’s journey addressing sex, without getting spoilery this arc of the manga was one of my favorites because Ryoma’s dedication to have good/not hurtful sex with Ryoma is great (and humorous because he goes all out – definitely pick up the manga for this one!). Also, God bless Rei for being the saint he is and helping Izumi through his relationship troubles ❤

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    1. I have noticed that tendency in yaoi as well but I was so surprised when the addressed having sex in the OVA. I was not expecting that and I wish we saw more of that in this genre! I think Rei is hilarious. I can’t wait to start the manga XD

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  3. Yes, I loved the OVA and this part in the manga exactly for this! I adored how they approached it, and it’s only beat by Elektel’s Delusion actually being realistic and exploring more of it. I’m so so glad it got animated, and so well too.
    We need more positive series to be animated, PLEASE GODDESS OF ANIMATION ADAPTATIONS, BLESS US T.T

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