After School Affairs: Hidetaka

Good news Grimms!

I’m starting another otome game. I decided that since I only have one more character left to play in True Love, Sweet Lies I might as well get started on another game. I decided for my next obsession I would try my hand at After School Affairs another Voltage Inc game.

I downloaded this game for free for my tablet on the Google Play Store. The prologue is free as well as the first episode of each character. There are five characters and each characters main story comes with 13 episodes along with the possibility of two endings. The Climatic Ending and the Amorous Ending are your ending possibilities. If you choose to play through the route twice and unlock both endings you unlock a mini movie.

Buying all of the main story episodes will cost you $3.99 which is pretty standard for Voltage. All in all not a bad set up purchase wise at all. Also right now you can read the first five episodes for Rikiya, Shinichi, and Kiyonori for free! I don’t know if this is just a limited time thing so if I were you I would get on it.

The set up of the story is interesting. Basically the MC is a teacher at a local all boys school known for turning out great athletes but not so stellar academics. Next-door is an all girls’ school where the students consistently test above the 90%. Basically their cranking out geniuses like nobody’s business.

Sadly the MC’s school falls unto hard times and it is decided to merge both schools into one. For her school it solves their financial troubles and for the brainier school they will soon be able to boast that they turn out the best students in both academics and athleticism. To make that happen though the new headmistress is determined to bring the boys’ grades up to scratch.

In order to accomplish this she tests all the teachers currently working at the boys’ schools. Those that pass are allowed to keep their jobs, those that fail are sent packing. She also decides to pair the remaining teachers with staff members from the all girls’ school so that they can learn their techniques for reaching students.

That sly headmistress has one more trick up her sleeve though. After a group of boys is caught trying to peep in on the girls’ locker room she forbids dating until further notice. She also bans the teachers from dating as well in order for them to lead by example. This all seems fine and dandy to the MC until she learns that she will be paired with one of the incredible handsome teachers.

So whom will she be working with? You decide! Will it be…

Rikiya Mononobe the pompous physics teacher?

Shinichi Kagari the cool and collected math teacher?

Kiyonori Taishi the introverted Japanese history teacher?

Hidetaka Sera the naughty English teacher?

Or maybe…

Kenzo Yasukawa the lazy school nurse?

With these men running around I think sticking to the school rules are going to be a bit of a challenge (cue seductive wink).


Hidetaka Sera Main Story


The first character I decided to play was Hidetaka Sera and I honestly choose him because I was 90% sure I really wasn’t going to like his route and I wanted to just get it over with. It was a toss up between him and Kiyonori Taishi because they both seem like characters that might not be my thing.

Hidetaka is described as the perfect gentlemen. You see it throughout the prologue and the sugary sweetness of his actions are enough to make me gag. I’m sorry Grimms I am not one for the whole princely character. I personally find them to be just… fake feeling! I think I might be a cynic because I just can’t take them serious. Nobody is that nice.

That being said I recognize that there are fans out there of the prince type and it is my duty to play through this characters so that you all can decide if you want to.

Now if you are a fan of the prince character than I’ll be honest with you, Hidetaka might not be the man for you. As I began to play is character at first I was putting my eye roll on repeat and trying to push my way through the route as fast as possible. That was until one glorious scene…

The scene I learned that Hidetaka’s princely demeanor was all just an act! YES!!! Praise the otome gods because dark Hidetaka is where it’s at!

You officially have my attention

You see it all begins when the MC overhears Hidetaka’s plans to overthrow the headmistress. Now before this she was totally on the Hidetaka train. She just thought he was so sweet with his damn English tea and engaging lessons. So when she overhears this she convinces herself that there must be a reason for everything and decides to bring up the conversation with Hidetaka directly.

To the MC’s surprise Hidetaka confesses that what she overheard is exactly what he plans to do. Furthermore he has already taken steps to blackmail her into helping him get rid of the headmistress. The truth is the MC’s perfect gentleman is actually a demon in disguise.

Sighhhh…. I was living!

I loved Hidetaka’s character and how the storyline went about. While Hidetaka is a devil he’s not a total abusive dick to the MC. He basically uses his blackmail to get her to do all the teacher stuff that nobody really wants to do. Like correcting mountains of assignments and creating tests.

He also doesn’t use the MC to do anything illegal to help him take down the headmistress either. He basically just uses her presence in situations to manipulate things to his benefit. Which he is only to happy to point out that she would have done anyway when she was fawning over him as her perfect prince.

The MC is actually interesting to watch as she goes from fangirling over him, to loathing his guts, and finally respecting and loving him for who he is. I actually enjoyed how their relationship progressed. It felt a lot more realistic. In the beginning she was just in love with the idea of him.

“OMG! He drinks tea and hold open doors and is a translator ❤ How dreeeeeaaaammmmy.”

Stop it Hidetaka. I can’t take you seriously like this!

That’s basically her in the beginning. You can’t have a real relationship built on that. As the story progresses the MC is able to see Hidetaka’s true talents as a teacher. As manipulative as Hidetaka can be he truly cares for his students and wants to do what is best for them no matter what. When the MC learns the reason behind Hidetaka’s grudge against the headmistress she is actually moved by how far he is willing to go for his students.

By the end of the story you can’t help but to love Hidetaka! He may not be a prince but he does care. I liked how the love between Hidetaka and the MC started from their mutual respect of each other. The MC respects his abilities as an educator and realizes that there is a lot she can learn from him when it comes to reaching her students. Hidetaka respects the MC’s ability to believe the best in people. He knows that it is this ability that is going to make her an amazing teacher.

See? Isn’t that sweet?

Both endings are fine but I personally liked the Climatic Ending better. For me it was more true to Hidetaka’s devilish character. So if you’re not interested in getting both endings the Climatic Ending is the one I would aim for.

I’d also at that the CG was interesting with this game. They kind of do this panning up thing for a lot of the cutaways. I thought this was interesting but it could also be a little glitchy so watch out for that. I also really liked Hidetaka’s mini movie, his voice is certainly not bad!


Final Thoughts

I am a fan of Hidetaka. His character was a lot of fun and I enjoyed the storyline. I like it when a storyline isn’t just centered on the MC and the character’s relationship. This had bit of drama going on with Hidetaka aiming to overthrow the headmistress and the MC trying to find out why. Then once the mystery of why is solved the question of whether or not Hidetaka is justified in his actions comes into play.

Trust me there is quite enough to be going on with in this storyline to keep you interested. Not to mention the switch between Angel Hidetaka and Demon Hidetaka is worth the play through.

Climatic Ending!!!


Anyone else ever play Hidetaka? Add your thoughts in the comments below.


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