Is NYX Cosmetics Cruelty Free? Turns Out… Not Exactly

Animal Lovers, terrible news!

I did not realize this until recently but NYX Cosmetics is not as cruelty free as I once believed. NYX is one of my staple suppliers for my makeup products so trust me I did not want to think that there was any chance my money was going to support animal testing. Thank heavens I read fellow blogger Simply Stella’s Cruel to be Kind post.

To sum it all up what I did not realize is that NYX Cosmetics is actually owned by L’Oreal a company that does test their products on animals. I realize that on L’Oreal’s website animal testing policies it may seem like they don’t test on animals but you have to read the fine print. The fact of the matter is they do test on animals.

You said it Norman ❤

For a full breakdown of why L’Oreal tests on animals I have provided a link to an article by Logical Harmony, which outlines everything. Make sure you check out Is L’Oreal Cruelty-Free? the next chance you get. It is very informative!

So why am I so upset that L’Oreal owns NYX Cosmetics? Because even though none of the products sold have been tested on animals when buying from NYX the money still all goes to L’Oreal and they still use that money to run their animal testing for their L’Oreal products. Even while I’m over here trying to do the right thing for animals they’re using my money to continue their animal cruelty.

I’m livid. 

Now deciding whether or not to hold a company responsible for the faults of their parent company is up for great debate amongst animal lovers. Some people feel that by showing parent companies that their cruelty free lines are out performing their cruelty lines companies will be more compelled to switch everything to cruelty free.

Other people feel that they can send a stronger message by not supporting these cruelty companies in anyway and sending all of their money to completely cruelty free companies. The hope being that companies like L’Oreal will see that simply having a branch of cruelty free products isn’t enough to when consumers over. They need to be completely cruelty free.

I personally fall into the latter category. Once I find out a company is owned by a parent company that is conducting animal testing I’m out. I just can’t stomach the idea that in the end my money is being used to keep scared animals locked up and abused.

That being said I understand the viewpoint of people who use the cruelty free lines. In the end we are all trying to do what is best for the animals of our planet. Hopefully someday this will not be a necessary debate at all because animal testing on beauty products will be abolished.

I wanted to let everyone at GrimmGirl know about this situation because I will no longer be purchasing and reviewing NYX Cosmetics products. For the posts that I have done for NYX I will be going in and adding a disclaimer at the bottom explain that their parent company does test on animals and that I was unaware of the situation at the time of posting.

I will really miss using NYX Cosmetics but I have to do what is best for my conscious and I hope all of my followers can understand.

Where do you all sit on the debate of cruelty free lines vs. their parent companies? Let me know in the comments below.


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25 thoughts on “Is NYX Cosmetics Cruelty Free? Turns Out… Not Exactly

  1. Thank you for linking me! I’m still totally bummed about it too. I like the idea of changing past NYX posts to reflect this information, I think that it is important information that companies choose to omit. Awesome idea. Appreciate you getting the word out, great post 😘

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    1. Def had to link back 🙂 I was so greatly up that I read your post so I wanted to make sure others did. I’ll def be changing posts to reflect this but it will take some time…. I have a lot of NYX stuff on here.

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  2. I prefer to support the cruelty free line. I feel that avoiding a parent company all together sends a signal that they might as well not bother improving. Overhauling all your products is a big step, so if they don’t get encouragement from trying it with a small section, they might abandon the idea altogether.

    That said, I think that being vocal about WHY you’re avoiding them, as you’ve been, is essential. Otherwise they’ll just assume it was the marketing or colours or some other factor.

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    1. Excellent point on the vocalizing portion! I didn’t even think about that as I was writing but that is so true. I also think the cruelty free line is a good option to go with if you can’t afford the strictly cruelty free company. For example NYX was an awesome brand for the price, you know what I mean? So now I’ll have to find another line like that but in the meantime if I was in need I would go with NYX. E.L.F is another drugstore brand but I’ve tried some of their products and their just not as good as NYX in my opinion.

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      1. Awesome question! It is actually (as crazy as this sounds) alternatives to animal testing include cell cultures, human tissue (which has been donated to science!), computer models, and human volunteers! This alternatives are actually safer because animals do not always react the same way to products the same way that humans do. There’s really no scientific reason to test beauty products on animals at this point. It’s mostly just done because it’s cheaper and people don’t want to learn how to conduct studies in a new way. I hope that answered your question 😀 This would actually make for a great post!


  3. I’ve been trying to find out more on Nyx and their policies regarding testing on animals and your post helped, thank you. I found something puzzling about Nyx packaging on some recent items though. On the FAQ page at Nyx’s website they’re still claiming to be cruelty-free and in the past they’ve used the bunny with heart ears and the words ‘cruelty-free’ on their packaging. But all the items I bought last week from the Nyx website no longer have the bunny symbol or the words ‘cruelty-free’ on them. I’ve tried contacting Nyx at their site but they haven’t replied. The absence of any mentions of ‘cruelty-free’ from their packaging makes me wonder if Nyx isn’t taking a step towards reversing its policy on animal testing.

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    1. Good heads up! Their parent company sells in China which requires animal testing… I wonder if they’re deciding to move NYX into that sector as well? I’ll def keep my ears open for mire news on this!


  4. Like you, if the parent company condones animal testing, I refuse to buy! Other previously cruelty free companies bought by huge cosmetic companies that DO TEST;
    This is why it is important to check before buying ANYTHING!!!!

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    1. I know! I was so mad when I bought some Bare Minerals and Burts stuff only to find out they’d just been bought up 😦 it’s like you constantly have to be checking. I really wish there was more transparency when it came to cruelty free products


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