Pokeninja90 Is BACK With Her Top Three Moments of Season 2 of Haikyu

Hey Grimms!

Pokeninja90 is back with part two of our collaboration. If you’re a Haikyu fan than you are in for a treat. Pokeninja90 narrows down an impossible list of amazing moments from season 2 of Haikyu in order to give you her TOP THREE MOMENTS! Have fun reading and don’t for get to stop by Pokeninja90’s site for more wonderfully written posts.

Hello, Heroes and Travelers, I’m Pokeninja90 from the gaming blog Nice Job Breaking It, Hero and I’m back!! Did you miss me? Well, Katrina Sade and I are here for part 2 of our Haikyu collaboration post series! Rejoice, we’re back with more Karasuno induced fangirling! If you want to know what my top three picks for season 1 were click… HERE and find out! If you want to know what Kat’s favorite season 1 Haikyu moments were check them out over on my blog by clicking… HERE!

In this post I will to bring you my top 3 favorite moments from season 2 of Haikyu… So, let’s get this thing crackin’!!


Number 3: Kageyama High Five- Episode 1

Okay, so this wouldn’t be a Haikyuu!! top moments list without a little humor…. and for me the funniest moment for me came from episode 1. Now, Kat warned me about this scene when I first started watching Haikyuu!! and it more than lived up to my expectations.

It’s awkward, it’s lighthearted, and it’s hilarious, all the things that make Haikyuu!! an amazing show! Plus this moment shows a lot of growth for the once haughty Kageyama. Before joining the Karasuno team, Kageyama would have never done anything like this and it’s nice to finally see him loosen up a little!

Number 2: “I’m Hinata Shoyo, from the concrete…”– Episode 1

The first episode is supposed to set the pace for the entire season and boy did this episode get me pumped! Still reeling from their defeat at the hands Aoba Johsai, the Karasuno Crows are at a bit of a low point. I can only imagine how they felt to be so close to victory only to have it snatched away at the last minute…. I cried for them. After all of the blood, sweat, and tears they put into rebuilding the Karasuno High Volleyball team, only to lose at the last minute… It hurt. But, if I know anything about Karasuno, defeat is just a small setback on the road to victory.

With their fighting spirit renewed, Karasuno is cracking down and honing their skills so they can come back bigger and better than ever before. While out on a team run, Kageyama and Hinata cross paths with Wakatoshi Ushijima of the Shiratorizawa Academy volleyball team. After a few starstruck moments, the pair are invited to check out the Shiratorizawa team’s training. It’s apparent that our baby Crows are far out classed by the Shiratorizawa team. Then to add insult to injury, Ushijima decides to set the record straight by laying down one of the most brutal verbal beat downs I have ever seen. But, instead of discouraging Hinata and Kageyama, Ushijima’s self righteous speech only reignites their fighting spirit! What follows is one of the most epic mic drops ever, courtesy of one of Hinata’s signature jumps!

This scene is full of so much sass, I just had to put it on this list! Sometimes words alone aren’t enough to prove a point, sometimes you have to show ’em what you’re made of! And when Hinata jumped up and snatched that ball from right under Ushijima’s nose, coupled with the look of shock on his face…priceless! It gives me goosebumps just thinking about it…

Number 1: The Final Set Karasuno vs. Aoba Johsai -Episode 24


Okay, I couldn’t write a top moments list of Haikyuu!! season 2 without mentioning this scene… After their bitter defeat to Aoba Johsai in season 1, Karasuno pulled it together in season 2 culminating in one of the most deserved victories ever! This entire match was a tug of war between Karasuno and Aoba Johsai, with each team struggling for dominance over the other. Each member of the Karasuno team was giving it their all and the tension in this episode was palpable.

I was on the edge of my seat the entire match and when Oikawa moved to intercept Hinata’s spike, I was sure it was the end for Karasuno. But then the ball flew out of bounds… and I wasn’t really sure what had happened, it wasn’t until the entire team started cheering that I realized Karasuno had won. Suddenly all of the tension was gone and I was on my feet pumping my fists and cheering with the rest of the team (I feel bad for the people that live under me)…

As a whole, the Karasuno team has come a long way to get to this point. In season 1 we see the team rebuilding their legacy as a former powerhouse team with the addition of some truly exceptional first years. The victories and the defeats over the course of the season helped them come together as a team, but if their defeat at the hands of Aoba Johsai is indication, Karasuno still has a long way to go before they can fully reclaim their former glory. If season 1 was about rebuilding a legacy, then season 2 was about growth. Over the course of the season we’ve seen the team grow exponentially, both as a collective and as individuals. And it was amazing to finally see all of that hard work pay off in such a spectacular victory!!

Well, that’s it, those are my picks for my top 3 favorite moments from season 2 of Haikyu!! This show is full of memorable moments and characters and it was so hard narrowing it down to just three. I know I said that the part 1 was the hardest post to write, but this season 2 post was on a whole different level. I loved season 2 of Haikyuu!! and I had the hardest time narrowing it down to just three iconic moments… If I’d had my way, I’d have tried to write about the whole season!

I want to say thanks again to Kat for agreeing to do this collaboration with me, this was so much fun and I can’t wait to see what her choices were! If you’re itching to know what her choices were check out her post on my blog, by clicking HERE!

I want to hear from you guys now, what are your favorite moments from Season 2 of Haikyu? Let us know in the comments section!! Also thank you guys for putting up with me over her on GrimmGirl, this is Pokeninja90 signing out!! Thank you for reading!!!

13 thoughts on “Pokeninja90 Is BACK With Her Top Three Moments of Season 2 of Haikyu


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    1. I agree that concrete scene was so good. Lol I was literally watching it and shouted, “BURN!!!!! SAY SOMETHING AGAIN!” Bahahahaha my husband was so confused XD I’m so obsessed with s3 already lol it’s all my brain can focus on.

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      1. YES, BUUURN
        OMG, S3 is going to ruin me so haaaaard.
        I’m focused on Yuri on Ice too, I am smitten *_*

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