Flashback Friday with Anime Girl NYC: ANIME VILLAINS- MY FAVORITE TOP 10

Happy Flashback Friday!

Today we will travel back to March 6, 2016 with Anime Girls NYC and look at some of the villains in anime we just hate to love and love to hate. That’s right, for your Friday enjoyment take a look at Anime Girls NYC’s top 10 favorite anime villains.

Not only will you find some villains that will resonate with you but you might come across some villains you’ve never heard of. All the more reason to spend your weekend watching their show to see if you enjoy them as much as Anime Girls NYC does, am I right? Make sure to check out the rest of her site when you get the chance. A lot of fun posts to work you’re way through on a Friday night.

Anime Girls NYC

My favorite villain off her list has to be Vegeta and Itachi (I can’t choose between them!) what’s your favorite villain off her list?

What’s your favorite villain of all time? Ohhhhhh, decisions decisions ❤

Have a great weekend everyone!


I will be live streaming this Saturday (October 8th) some time around 8 or 9pm. Check out my Twitter for full details and news on the time (people are still voting for what works best). The theme for discussion will be Haikyu in honor of season 3! It’ll be a blast I promise.

3 thoughts on “Flashback Friday with Anime Girl NYC: ANIME VILLAINS- MY FAVORITE TOP 10

  1. Thanks for the flashback, gives me a list to devour this evening ^^ Vegeta has to be one of the best – no matter how hard he tries to antagonise, you just fall for him that much more.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Pretty cool flashback post. I need to check it out, I bet she picked some pretty awesome characters. I can’t believe this goes way back to March. I will try to be there for the live streaming.


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