I Really Do Adore Love Stage But You Have To Admit Its Rape Culture Is Showing.

Yaoi Fans? Are you present?

I know I have some yaoi fans in the Grimm community so I’m pretty pumped to bring you this review of Love Stage. I will also be taking this opportunity to pull some examples of rape cultural within the show that we should all be aware of. On top of that I will also be touching base on why I believe some of these themes are so present in the Yaoi genre specifically, not that it doesn’t happen in other genres of anime! Today just happens to be a yaoi day.

I would really like to start out with my review of Love Stage and work our way towards the other stuff from there.

If you are not familiar with the show Love Stage it is a yaoi genre anime with 10 episodes available and (I’m told) an OVA. I have yet to find a legit place to watch the OVA but as soon as I do I will watch and review that as well. I watched the series on Hulu but I’m sure Crunchy Roll has it available as well.


Love Stage centers on Izumi whose family is steeped in show biz. His father is a stage actor with an emphasis on musical theatre, his mother is a model turned actress, and his older brother the singer for a very popular rock band. Each of his family members is extremely successful and there is an expectation that Izumi will follow along in their footsteps.

Izumi on the other hand has absolutely no interest after a traumatic experience when he was little. His mother was acting in a commercial when the little girl who was supposed to play her daughter didn’t show up. Izumi happened to be there so they decided to dress him up as a little girl and push forward with the commercial.

This wasn’t the embarrassing part for Izumi. While he wasn’t particularly thrilled to be dressed up as a girl he didn’t really care because nobody could tell it was him. What he did care about was acting and performing in front of all of those people! He was terrified and when he messed up he lost faith in himself. Luckily there was another little boy there who was able to calm Izumi down and in the end the commercial was a success.

❤ When They First Meet ❤

Still, the thought of acting again still sends Izumi running. Instead he decided that he will be a manga writer and wants to focus his life on that. Fate has other plans though when original wedding commercial wants to create another commercial but with the same cast. After a lot of prodding Izumi finally consents to doing it and finds himself acting once again.

At first it appears that Izumi will chicken out and be unable to go through with things but then Ryoma shows up. He is the little boy actor from ten years ago and he is able to talk Izumi down again. After the commercial is done filming Ryoma finds Izumi and confesses his love for him. Ryoma has spent the past ten years believing that Izumi is actually a girl!

After Ryoma confesses his love Izumi confesses that he is in fact a man and the story takes of from there. Ryoma quickly realizes that man or woman he still loves Izumi so the show is mostly focused on what Izumi’s feelings towards Ryoma will be.

I found this show to be a lot of fun and I really enjoyed it. I didn’t want it to end either. Ten episodes just aren’t enough! I also really loved the characters on this show. In fact there isn’t a single character on Love Stage that I didn’t like. While the show focuses a lot on Ryoma and Izumi I wish there were more episodes so that we could see more of Shougo and Rei.

Rei is the family manager and Shougo is Izumi’s older brother and there are things suggested between the two but the show doesn’t flat out say they are in a relationship. For this reason alone I feel I must read the manga at my next possible chance.


If you are a fan of cute love stories than I think you will enjoy Love Stage as much as I did. There are many adorable moments where you can’t help but say awwwwww but there is also a lot of humor throughout the show that I wasn’t expecting but greatly approve of.

Now that I’ve given you the full review there are three incidents during the show that I noticed and really feel we should have a chat about. These three incidents will contain spoilers but I feel like everyone should be aware of them before starting the show.

If you really don’t want any spoilers before the show than make a mental note to come back here to read the rest of this when you’re done.

The next three things I will be talking about are examples of rape culture. I know, you’re probably thinking but this show sounds adorable. How can there be instances of rape culture? Well I’m sorry to say there is and we need to address them. I will also be discussing why I believe the majority of viewers would not recognize these instances as linked to rape culture, even though (I assure you) they are.


Number One

Not dealing with your shit today Ryoma

In I believe the third episode Ryoma decides to confront Izumi. He still finds that he has feelings for Izumi and he hopes that by seeing Izumi his feelings will go away by reminding himself beyond a shadow of a doubt that Izumi is a man.

When he is finally alone with Izumi he chases Izumi around the living room trying to pull his pants off to confirm his masculine gender. However upon seeing Izumi is in fact 100% male he becomes turned on and begins kissing Izumi. Luckily Izumi’s brother happens to meander by and stops the incident from further escalating.

Later Ryoma feels terrible about what he has done to Izumi. Izumi spends the next day locked in his room in a state of misery until Rei basically tells him he needs to get on with his life. I’m sure in watching this the majority of people found this scene to be comical and then later on sweet when we see how sorry Ryoma is but that isn’t the way we should view it.

First off Ryoma’s treatment is a full on sexual assault. If Izumi were actually a female people would view this encounter a lot differently. However because he is male it is instead suppose to be comical. We as viewers need to get out of this mindset. Rape/sexual assault among males is just as serious as with females. On top of that males who are raped/sexual assaulted are even less likely to report the crime then females (and that is saying something) because there is this mindset that men cannot be raped.

Listen up men can be raped. As a society we need to start discussing this and facing our own biases about the subject. Images that portray a sexual assault like this as comical are not only a representation of rape cultural but they also contribute to the bias that men cannot be raped/sexual assaulted or that their rapes/sexual assaults are not as serious.

As viewers we need to be aware when we are watching images that promote this line of thinking so that we can correct our own way of thinking about the situation.


Number Two

Get out of here Ryoma!

When Izumi is sleeping and Ryoma kisses him without his knowledge repeatedly. Again if this was an unconscious woman and a man was kissing her repeatedly we would have an easier time recognizing that this is not a sweet moment. We need to stop romantizing moments like this because they are not romantic.

Boundaries in a relationship are 100% healthy to have. Want to know what’s romantic and sexy? When you are able to discus your sexual boundaries with your partner openly and you are both able to respect and maintain those boundaries. We need to have more of that in our media!

You know what I would have found more romantic with this scene? If Ryoma would have recognized his feelings of wanting to kiss Izumi but instead of acting on them he walked away. I would have been like Awwwwww what a nice guy! Instead I was left going WTF Ryoma! Control yourself damnit. Izumi has made it clear he is not ready to be physical.

As viewers we have got to stop idealizing men in the media who are not able to control their sexual urges. When we do idealize them it sends a subliminal message that when men do not recognize their partners sexual boundaries it is romantic/sexy. When we are able to point out these instances in our media we are able to combat the biases that can develop from being subjected to these scenarios.


Number Three

Awesome that he got away but let’s remember if he hadn’t it WOULD NOT be his fault. It would be those three scumbags’ vault for being creepers.

At one point in the show Izumi finds himself in a situation where he may be raped or sexually assaulted by three men who approach him. At the last minute Izumi thinks about Ryoma and is able to escape from his attackers. As he flees he says Like I would let myself be taken by anyone but Ryoma or something like that.

This again is contributes to our bias about rape. By Izumi asserting that he was able to escape because he wouldn’t let himself be taken he contributes to the belief that victims of rape let themselves be raped. This is not the case. If you have been raped or sexually assaulted it is because another human being overstepped their boundaries.

The rapist/person who sexually assaulted is the one who is completely at fault. Had Izumi been raped in this scene it would not have been because he wanted it to happen. It would not have meant his feelings for Ryoma were any less strong. This idea that victims of sexual assault or rape can somehow control whether or not they are assaulted is toxic and we need to move away from this.


So Why Do We Romantize?

After reading this you may be wondering to yourself but why do I still find some of these behaviors romantic? To be honest a few years back I could’ve watched this show and not been able to make any of the above connections. I would have seen all of the above scenes as cute, adorable, comical, and romantic. WHY?

I’ve given this a lot of thought and I believe I have come up with an answer.

Growing up I was raised in a society that believes that men cannot control their urges sexually and that it is largely a women’s job to protect herself. What this means is first and foremost I harbored a belief that a man unable to control his urges was normal. Not only was this behavior normal but also it was expected and every man was capable of this.

Because women are raised this way in the back of our minds we are constantly thinking that we may be assaulted. The only way we will avoid this is if we are somehow able to fight our way out of the situation or another person intervenes and helps us. That’s the reality of what we think.

So when we see a scene like Ryoma assaulting Izumi and being stopped by Shougo we see this as a happily ever after. As crazy as it sounds we are in no way surprised that Ryoma is unable to control himself because in the back of our minds we’re taught that no man can. His brother saves Izumi before Ryoma has sex with him so in our minds Izumi got off lightly. I mean it wasn’t as bad as it could be.

Isn’t it more than a little frightening that THIS is how we are brought up to see these situations?

Ryoma kissing an unconscious Izumi is also seen as sweet because we’re all thinking look how much he’s grown! He’s not taking advantage of Izumi nearly as much as he could be. Ryoma must really care.

Again isn’t it frightening how we are brought up to see situations like this?

Finally with Izumi escaping his would be rapists we can’t help but cheer. There is a part of everyone who has never been assaulted that wants to believe that if she/he only fights hard enough they will escape. We also have a bias that if someone is raped it is because they didn’t do something correctly to prevent it.

So seeing someone in a situation where they could potential be raped but are able to fight back just by wanting to keep themselves pure for someone else is our society’s view of a happy ending.


The above thoughts are simply not true and we need to distance ourselves from this way of thinking. Men can 100% control their sexual urges and it isn’t to be expected when they don’t. The only way to stop rape from happening is by people not raping period. There is no other magical formula.



Omg they’re adorable.

Whew! This was a long one but I hope you all learned a lot and appreciated the talking points. If you would ask me if I would recommend this show I would say yes. However if I have to rate it out of ten I’d give it a 7/10. That’s right I’m not letting the instances of rape culture slide.

If you are not being a conscious viewer and thinking about these incidents after viewing them they will lodge themselves in your brain reinforcing horrible ideals that are all to prevalent in our society.

That being said there is some silver lining, the reason I was still able to enjoy this show is because these were the only instances I really caught. I also give this show props for showcasing what consent for sex should look like.

At one point Izumi is pretty depressed and tells Ryoma that he can do whatever he wants to him. Ryoma starts kissing/touching Izumi but stops when he sees that facial Izumi is not into it. It’s important that if you are in a sexual relationship with someone you are always communicating with each other and paying attention to physical as well as verbal cues.

Minus the instances above I also find Ryoma and Izumi to be completely adorable together. Ryoma is really adorable to watch after he fully admits his feelings for Izumi. Not to mention watching Shougo interact with Ryoma. Shougo completely dotes on his little brother so he’s not so thrilled that there’s someone who’s looking at his little brother with romantic interest.

So if you are into a good love story and want a few laughs along the way make sure to check out Love Song! I will be watching the OVA as soon as possible and you can bet I’ll be picking up the manga! Let the obsession begin.

I recognize that we touched on a lot of in depth themes with this post so I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below. That being said GrimmGirl is an inclusive and hate free community. Hateful writing will not be tolerated and will be deleted.

I love that this community is a place where everyone can feel comfortable sharing their ideals, beliefs, and opinions so let’s all do our best to keep it that way ❤

I do not own these images

50 thoughts on “I Really Do Adore Love Stage But You Have To Admit Its Rape Culture Is Showing.

  1. I totally agree with you on the rape culture elements, the sad thing is that Ryouma’s apology is the closest I’ve seen yaoi get to addressing it. So basically yaoi has a looooong way in getting better at this. orz

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Honestly that’s the closest I’ve seen too. Normally they just maintain the victim likes it (horrifying) so as crazy as it sounds Ryoma’s reaction is the Yaoi version of progress…Yaoi def has a way to go as a genre!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Thank you for the review! I have never seen the show, but my older, teen, son has. I know he really liked the show. I’ll have to ask his impressions of this, because your points are very valid and I’d like to hear what he thinks about the subject.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m glad you found this insightful and I’m glad you’re able to talk about this openly with your son. One thing I regret is that I didn’t feel comfortable talking with my parents about stuff like this and I really wish I had. I think it’s awesome you’ve created that relationship:)

      Liked by 1 person

      1. We talked about it this evening in fact. I told him about your post and mentioned the scenes in context of rape culture. He agreed but pointed out that Love Stage is a lot milder in that regards compared to other Yaoi and some Bishonen. I asked him why he thought that was and his theory was that it is kind of a fetish thing for a lot writers (mostly women) and readers.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. It is def milder which is actually saying something to be honest. Yaoi does have this trend to have instances of sexual assault like this show did but instead of the person who did it feeling bad (like Ryoma ends up feeling bad) they just insist that the character they assaulted liked it. So in that regard Love Stage is a bit of improvement. When I was younger I thought of these instances as more of a fetish myself. As I got older I started to think that because both parties weren’t establishing boundaries or anything like that that is was more of a unhealthy view of sex or fetishes. Since there was no communication about what each partner was looking for and what would happen if when person wanted to stop. I think it’s really cool that you two had this talk! I’ll be doing another discussion on Love Stage for their OVA next week. I loved the OVA even more than the series. You will have to ask your son if he felt the same. I do recommend checking out Love Stage when you get the chance though.

        Liked by 1 person

      3. I may do that sometime.
        He acknowledged the behavior as wrong. He thought of the fetish as something that the writers have and are appealing to in the readers, not so much as a character motivation for sexual assault.
        I’ll ask him about the OVA.

        Liked by 1 person

      4. Very interesting take if he’s seen the OVA you’ll have to let me know his thoughts. If you do watch Love Stage you’ll also have to let me know what you think! It’s 10 episodes so it’s an easy way to kill a Friday night.

        Liked by 1 person

      5. I asked him if he had seen the OVA. He said yes, he thought so.
        He said he’s read all of the manga as well. And while there were some consent problems, that by the end those had gone away.
        He said that it is mildly frustrating that a lot of BL material has that problem and he tries to not let it bother him because he wants to enjoy the rest of the stories.


  3. Great post! It’s actually the sort of rape-y elements in Yaoi that puts me off reading/watching it. I tried reading a couple when I first got into anime but just couldn’t take it. I think it’s something that needs to be addressed, and I’m glad there’s bloggers like you out there ready to do so 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes this sort of thing seems to constantly run through the Yaoi genre. I’m hoping that at the very least by writing about it other viewers will notice these moments to and recognize them as unhealthy and not something that should be viewed as romantic. At best writers will start to notice it and start adjusting how they handle these situations in their manga.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Def so but I too did like the series as a whole (minus those three things). I recently watched the OVA and I liked that even more. I’m going to do a post on that next week. I think they handled their relationship and sex a lot better in the OVA

      Liked by 1 person

  4. The rape culture elements prevalent in yaoi is the main factor that makes me wary of the genre. I can usually stomach rape in media if it’s portrayed as exactly what it is – a violent and terrible assault on a person’s mind and body. I’ve come across rape fantasies or non-con for kinky purposes as well, and I can stand that too because fantasies are mostly harmless, especially with an outlet.

    But when they go and romanticize/normalize rape, it frankly makes me sick.

    You bring up some very important points about how society itself conditions us to think that some of this fucked up stuff is normal. That really needs to change, and it kinda is but it seems to be a slow, slow journey.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I agree the problem with a lot of the issues I have with yaoi is that they are not establishing any sort of rules. You can have non-con etc. for kinky purposes but it’s always done safely with both parties agreeing to it. A lot of times yaoi doesn’t provide that in which case it is just supporting rape culture. I’m hoping in the future yaoi (as well as all media) can more away from this. The Love Stage OVA was a lot better at handling sex then the beginning of the Love Stage series. I did like who in the series once they do decided to have sex it is not because Ryoma kept hounding Izumi. It’s because Izumi decides on his own that is what he wants and talks to Ryoma about it.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I must admit, that’s the same issue I have with a lot of yaoi. It’s a trope that just baffles me as to why it’s used. As a side, i’m very happy to see an acknowledgement that a man can be raped. It amazes how often that seems to slip by in people’s thoughts. It’s the same as when people don’t believe that male can be the victim in an abusive relationship.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Totally agree! One of the reasons I loved Yuri On Ice so much was that it was the first anime I had watched where the male relationship has progressed without the usual yaoi pitfalls into rape culture. It was so refreshing to see. I’m hoping that with its success we will start to see more anime shows take that path.

        Liked by 1 person

  5. Thank you for writing this. I’m actually a male victim of sexual assault… these scenes in the anime really upset me. It’s not that I can’t handle a mature, dark scene like sexual assault if it’s a serious, quality element in an engaging story. But that isn’t what this anime did. They really make it feel like Izumi is sexually objectified, and they belittle the sexual assault scenes like it’s a joke… it just about ruined this whole anime for me.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. 100% agree! I felt the same way when I first saw these scenes. I really wish I was warned ahead of time. They really do not add anything to the storyline. You could watch the entire anime without these scenes and still have the same story and in fact a much better story in my opinion. I’ll be doing a post on the OVA later but I think they handled the relationship between Izumi and Ryoma a lot better in the OVA. There seems to be this running thread in Yaoi to treat sexual assault as a joke and I think that can really ruin a show. I hope that in the future the genre can move away from that. Thank you for sharing such a personal take on this post. I know from personal experience how hard it is to share a perspective so thank you so much.


      1. I just watched the OVA. It did make me feel better to see Ryouma taking care of Izumi better and being mindful of his feelings.


      2. I really liked that they pointed out that sex should be comfortable for both people and if it isn’t you should work to make it so. I rarely see any anime point that out so openly, especially yaoi so that was a step in the right direction. If they ever make a season 2 I hope the continue to build of their OVA.


  6. I was actually surprised when that first instance was actually addressed and taken seriously, Ryoma apologizing and knowing it was both wrong and a mistake. I think it’s why it’s one of my favorites right now, alongside other healthy series like Eletkel Delusion, where they’re taking a more realistic approach instead of the rape fantasies abounding.
    You’re very right about the second and third instances!
    I really liked the instances when Ryoma both asked permission and then said he’d study harder so Izumi likes it, instead of the mythical “uke ass” that self-lubes and likes sex at first penetration…but I’m getting off-track xD;
    Really good post, Katrina, as usual you have excellent points and you know how to get them across /thumbs up
    BTW, it is Shougo who is Izumi’s older brother, not Rei. Rei dotes on him, but Shougo is more intense about it :’D

    Liked by 1 person

    1. This first is DEF an improvement on a lot of the yoai scenes I’ve seen in the past. A lot of times they just act like the victim likes it and that always makes me upset. So I was happy that Ryoma at least felt bad but I was unhappy at how lightly Rei took everything when Izumi was upset. I also think that it should be pointed out that just because someone feels bad about what they did doesn’t mean that the victim isn’t still scared for life. These scenes are touchy for me because of that. Two and Three just all around bothered me as well lol so I get you there. I’m going to do a post on their OVA as well because I LOVED how Ryoma and Izumi handled their relationship there. So much growth, I was very impressed.
      Oh no! Do I have Shougo and Rei mixed up somewhere? I’ll have to find it and fix it! Thanks for the heads up 😀


      1. Definitely agree what just because he felt bad doesn’t mean Izumi wasn’t scared :’D
        I’m looking forward to your OVA post then! I do love how much growth they do ;v;
        Yeah, you do have them mixed them somewhere~

        Liked by 1 person

  7. Great review! Oh man I totally didn’t even catch the last point of rape culture when I watched this show. The first two immediately made me really uncomfortable (though…admittedly didn’t stop me from completing and loving the series- you are so right about the reason so many fans of this genre are willing to overlook the sexual abuse), but the last totally went over my head and makes me wonder what else I’ve been letting slide. Totally agree with your post about everything.

    I found Love Stage! to be one of, sadly, few yaoi series that didn’t have me inwardly cringing during most of the romantic scenes or feel weird about having enjoyed the it. World’s Greatest First Love definitely crosses some lines but as my first BL I didn’t fully take in the wrongness of some of those scenes until watching Love Stage (which was my second =D ). Despite the fact that the second sexual assault is actually glossed over, having this show as one of my first BL and seeing how Ryoma and Izumi’s relationship developed (LOVE the OVA!) actually made some others like Junjou Romantic impossible for me to feel remotely okay watching.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. 100% there are a lot of Yaoi shows out there that are really bad. Love Stage has a ways to go but it is leaps and bounds better than a lot of Yaoi that’s out there. I agree we’re all so desensitized to it that it’s really easy to watch it and not even realize what you’ve seen. I loved the OVA so much!!! It’s the first time I’ve actually seen anime characters address sex and how to make it comfortable for everyone. A lot of times they take this, “You’ll get use to it” stance and I’m like what the heck? That’s terrible! So I was really impressed with their OVA and take on that. I also loved how Izumi wasn’t pressured into having sex, he choose when he was ready. On a whole love stage is one of my favorite Yaoi shows that I’ve watched.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Well said! I was shocked and really, really pleased with the amount of detail that went into discussing it, and the fact that Ryoma not only listened to Izumi’s issues but actually respected what he had to say (rather than just forcing him on it anyway). Made me realize that whole “You’ll get you to it” approach you mentioned is something I should be having an issue with. Gave me a bit of hope for the rest of the Yaoi world.

        Liked by 1 person

  8. This has to be the best blog post title I have ever seen. Plus, I agree with you 100%. Rape Culture in yaoi is something i talk about with my friends a lot because it’s so prevalent. Not to mention it is really hard to find yaoi that doesn’t feature some form of rape and that’s really sad.

    On the actual discussion of Love Stage though, the scene in episode 3 didn’t sit well with me for plenty of reasons. As stated what Ryoma did is sexual assault but I think what Rei did is just as bad. Rei essentially ignores Izumi’s feelings and tells him that ‘these things happen’ and that because Ryoma was a famous actor they wouldn’t do anything. Rei basically removes Izumi’s right to press charges against Ryoma. I don’t think Izumi would do that anyway but Rei doesn’t even give him the choice. I also understand that Izumi needed the push to go back outside but I don’t think Rei gavehim enough time to process what happened and was a little cruel in how he handled the situation.

    And finally, you should definitely read the manga! The final volume is going to be released in September of this year and I’m waiting till then to finish it. As is I’ve read the first few volumes and while there is definitely a few bonus chapters of Rei and Shogo, their story is actually in a novel series called Back Stage but I doubt that will ever be legally released outside of Japan.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ugh. Yes Rei’s response to the situation was horrible! It did not sit well with me at all. Honestly there was def a moment after episode 3 that I considered not going on. I’m glad I did but the Yaoi genre def has some work to do when it comes to rape culture. Love Stage particularly made it up to me with their OVA. I was so happy to see a couple discuss sex more openly when it came to making things comfortable on both sides. That being said Rei again came through with some terrible advice! Everything else was solid though with the OVA. I can’t wait to read the manga!!!!!! I do want to see more Rei and Shogo ❤

      Liked by 1 person

  9. Bravo, Kat. Bravo. I was nodding my head reading through this post. Same here. I enjoyed myself watching Love Stage, but those sexual assault scenes just made me uncomfortable. And just like you said, this is evident not only in this series but in other yaoi series as well. My problem with the rape sexual assault element in this series is that they’re portrayed as comical. If you include the cutesy and light-hearted atmosphere of the series, it’s hard to take these assault elements seriously. I would probably appreciate it more if the manga is much darker or, say, more gritty and realistic. There are actually good yaoi manga that feature forced sex but you kind of expect it because they’re unforgivingly realistic, dark and psychological, rather than comical romanticization. As someone who feels strongly against any form of rape of sexual assault like you, there are many times that I feel guilty of letting myself be entertained by BL series like this. That’s why I tend to compartmentalize and watch this kind of shows as different versions of myself. One self would just be a viewer who just wants to be entertained, while the other one is more of the moral critic. I prefer to watch as one person instead of separating myself between these two, but there are just some series that need make you feel really conflicted. If it’s just personal entertainment, I recommend this series. However, Love Stage is a horrible model when it comes to sexual respect, boundaries, and liberty. I also love how you emphasize that it’s the person assaulting who’s at fault and not the victim for letting herself/himself to be assaulted. This is such a huge problem in our society. It’s infuriating. The widespread belief that men can’t control their sexual urges is utter bullshit. It’s justifying their horrible behaviour and saving them from facing the consequences of their own actions. Excellent post, Kat. Keep it up. Cheers!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Arria! I feel like have to do the same thing with this genre. Which is so confusing bc on one hand I recommend this show but on the other hand I’m like buuuut we need to acknowledge some really crappy stuff going on. I hate how “comical” they make these sense as well. It’s really not funny it’s actually terrifying. I enjoyed the OVA much more for how they handled sex. There was some bad advice from Rei but otherwise I was really impressed!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Exactly. It is terrifying. I think we’re okay because we have enough mind to separate this kind of shows between just entertainment vs the normal way of doing in shows. I shudder to think that other people will find this kind of shows as “normal” and apply them to real life. Making sexual assaults lighthearted and comical.

        Liked by 1 person

    1. Well some adults in a consenting sexual relationship do create their own rape fantasies. But those are very clear and defined boundaries. That didn’t happen in this show so I’m going to have to veto it on my part.


  10. hey, u said its rei who dotes on his little brother, well its shougo, not rei also, u said u reccomend “love story”, its love stage, not love story. and also nice job with this anime, if you have any other boy love anime like this, all happy and joyful love stories, i would love the recommendations. though i understand the kissing while sleeping, i really like that part idk i know its kind of bad but idk.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Gah! Thank you so much for the catch! And thanks for commenting in general rereading this post has made me want to watch the series all over! It was such adorable show ❤ Have you seen the OVA yet? I would def watch that next.


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