YouTube MUA: Manny MUA

Beautiful people ❤

Thanks for stopping by for more rants and raves by yours truly here at GrimmGirl. New month means it’s time to shine a spotlight on a new MUA on YouTube. I love doing this little series because there are so many amazing makeup artists on YouTube these days! It’s hard to catch everyone but hopefully through these posts you’ll discover new ones or see some of your favorites.

The YouTube MUA of October is none other than Manny MUA! Manny has a pretty huge following (we’re talking over 1 million!) so many of you may be aware of him. Than again many of you may have no idea who I am talking about! Like I mentioned before there are a lot of MUA YouTubers out there. If you have no idea who Manny is than you are in for a treat today. If you do know who Manny is then comment below and let me know if you agree with my reasons for loving him.

Before I get into my top three reasons for giving him a look I would like to start with a small disclaimer. Manny does NOT use strictly cruelty-free products. I only mention this because while his makeup is flawless if you see a product he uses and fall in love with it please, please, please remember to check that company’s animal cruelty policy. Some of the products he uses are cruelty-free while some are not. It’s really a mixed bag on his channel so please be sure to double check before purchasing.

Now it is time to begin!


Reason One: Skills that Kill

The number one reason is that he is very talented! Even though he is talented I feel like his directions are easy to understand for people who are just starting out with makeup. Manny does do a lot of eye tutorials which I adore but along with that he makes sure to upload seasonal looks and holiday looks. They’re really fun to watch and also gives you a good idea for what shades will look best during each season. Very cool!


Reason Two: Not Just a Makeup Channel

Manny’s bread and butter is of course discussing makeup. From different tutorials to videos on favorite makeup products of the month he’s got you covered. What I really enjoy about his channel is that he also branches out from makeup and discusses different topics.

I feel like his ability to do this really helps to make his channel more diverse. I’m never bored checking out his channel because there is always something new to look at. Manny is open about his struggles with anxiety and has addressed his issues with it on his channel. He also discusses this a lot on his SnapChat.

With his huge platform I think it is great that he is able to raise awareness about this health issue because I do not feel like it is talked about a lot in society. Many people struggle with this issue so that fact that he can reassure others that their not alone is amazing to me.

On top of discussing his issues with anxiety he has been open about his coming out story, he does multiple Q & A videos where he answers fan questions, does different challenges and collaborations with other YouTubers, and just little stories he thinks people will enjoy.


Reason Three: Dude’s Hilarious

I get this biggest kick out of his videos and SnapChats because he is honestly hilarious. I really enjoy Manny’s sense of humor and I think it comes through in his videos, which makes them a lot of fun. Even when I’m learning something from one of his tutorials I’m laughing along with the things he says. I’m serious if you’re every having a rough day and just need a laugh check out his YouTube videos or SnapChats. He’ll cheer you up!

Well those are my top three reasons to go check out Manny MUA during the month of October ❤ Just to give you a taste of his video style I’m including one of his tutorials so enjoy.




Did I mention he’s also an anime fan? Because he is!!!!

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