Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban Mini Review/Five Things The Movie Won’t Tell You

Harry Potter fans rejoice!

You are about to read all about Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. This is my all time favorite book of the series so I couldn’t be more pumped about writing this post. Since it is my favorite book you can imagine that I was pretty critical of the third movie, so you can bet your bottom dollar that I’m going to have a lot to say when it comes to my, “Five Things The Movie Won’t Tell You” portion.

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I will also let you know that my mini review will be spoiler free for any of my dear readers who have yet to read the Harry Potter series, but my “Five Things The Movie Won’t Tell You” portion will reveal some spoilers. Nothing Earth shattering but I have to discuss a few things to point out what the movie missed.


Mini Review


Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban is the third installment of the Harry Potter series and like I’ve mentioned before it is my absolute favorite out of all the books! Which is saying something because this entire series is fricken gold.

Harry has been through a lot during his past two years of schooling at Hogwarts. He’s stopped Voldemort present and past in order to keep himself, his friends, and his school safe. In this installment of Harry Potter though the threat a Voldemort takes a bit of a backseat.

The main threat to Harry this year comes from Sirius Black a man so vile he has been locked in the wizard prison Azkaban for the past 12 years. Ever since he killed thirteen people with a single curse in frustration after Voldemort falls. Who do you think he blames for the defeat of his master? Why Harry Potter of course.

Sirius Black is locked up though and no threat to Harry, that is until he does something that no wizard has ever done before. He escapes Azakban Prison and the only clue as to where he’s heading is the fact the guards heard him mumbling, “He’s at Hogwarts… He’s at Hogwarts…”

Harry will have enough on his plate navigating school as a thirteen-year-old kid let alone trying to avoid being captured and killed by a convicted murder. Things get even more complicated though when it becomes apparent that friendships will be tested and worst of all there may be a traitor very close to Harry who has been biding their time until they could sell Harry out.

The thing I love about this book is that is a big departure from the past two books. The first two books are in a lot of ways a lot more light hearted then the third book. While the first two books do touch upon the themes of prejudice within society there is still a sense that justice will win out. The third book however delves a bit deeper into the Wizarding World and uncovers the shady side of the political system that plagues all governments.

This theme of people who abuse their position of power and how that affects the world around them is something that will continue to play out throughout the rest of the series. Prisoner of Azkaban is the spark that starts this descent into more serious themes and it was the first book of the series to make me flat out cry.

Enjoy reading it Grimms ❤


Five Things The Movie Wont Tell You

I’ll admit right off the bat that I have a few gripes with the third movie. I am sure I’m much harsher on the third movie though because of the love I have for the book so keeping it down to five things was very, very hard for me. Sit back and be amazed at these five things you would only know about if you read the books!


Fred and George Weasly

Minus the Twincest Hikaru and Kaoru are basically Fred and George. THIS is what you’re missing out on by not reading the books.

Unless you have actually read the Harry Potter series you have no clue how amazing these two are. NO CLUE!!!!!! These two are so amazingly epic and one of my biggest problems with the movies in general is that we are not able to see Fred and George in their true amazing glory.

I find it very irritating (and this is really prevalent in the third movie) how often they are viewed as just one person. What I mean by this is you will notice in the third movie they’re always dressed alike, finish each other’s sentences, or in a lot of cases say the same thing at exactly the same time. In the book series you are able to see them more as two distinct people.

You see the boys a lot more in the third book than you see them in the movie. In the movie they basically hand Harry the map and saunter off on their marry way. In the book however Harry actually spends a lot of time with them. They are all on the same Quiddiatch team so they practice together all the time.

They also hang out a lot in the common room and things like that. Fred and George are hilarious throughout the series but even as jokesters they have a defined sense of right and wrong. They also run with their own brand of justice. For example when a Slytherin player purposely injures Fred’s teammate Angelina he has no problem chucking his beater bat at him resulting in a broken nose for the Slytherin. Justice is served.

Fred and George also make it their life’s mission to troll their brother Percy. I personally think that this is good for Percy. He needs to lighten up and not be so full of himself. Percy puts to much stock in the rules where Fred and George realize that on occasion rules need to be broken. This theme plays out a lot later in the book and it is very interesting to see how even though the three boys were raised in the same household they chose to uphold different values.

Honestly these two could have a series all to themselves and I’d read every last page.


The Firebolt

This will eventually lead to my next grip with the third movie but contrary to what everyone believes Harry does not receive his firebolt from Sirius at the end like the movie shows. Harry gets his firebolt from Sirius shortly after his Nimbus Two Thousand crashes into the Womping Willow as a Christmas present.

At the time there is no note saying whom the present is from. This doesn’t bother Harry and Ron who are just thrilled to see such an impressive broom but Hermione isn’t as fooled. She ends up telling Professor McGonagall about it and the broom is confiscated until tests can be run on it to verify its safety.

This causes a huge rift between Harry/Ron and Hermione. They are furious with her for telling the teacher and blame her for Harry not having a broom. This along with other issues throughout the book result in a lot of tension between the three throughout the book.

I really wish this had been showcased well in the movie.

On a sidenote this movie is where Harry’s hair is the most accurate. So at least we have that.


Relationships Between The Three

You do not really see this in the movie but the tension between these three is very high during the third book. Don’t get me wrong it’s not like I like seeing drama between friends but I felt like this tension was more realistic. I mean these three are 13, do you remember life with friends when you were 13? I bet it was filled with some very heated moments.

They’re each growing up and finding value in things people! They’re making mistakes and growing from them. This book shows this and it also shows the difference in maturity between Hermione and Ron/Harry. I didn’t really appreciate this when I was a kid and reading this the first time but as I’ve grown I’ve been able to recognize how outstanding Hermione really is.

Hermione tells a teacher when she realizes that Harry might be in danger after receiving his firebolt. She knows that Harry and Ron are going to be mad at her but she is willing to take that risk as long as it keeps Harry safe.

The movie doesn’t show this but Harry actually goes to Hogsmead twice. The first time is after he gets the map, the second time is after Black breaches Hogwarts and Ron sees him over his bed and believes he’s trying to attack him. When this happens to Ron and Harry still wants to sneak to Hogsmead Hermione is furious. She threatens to tell the teachers if he sneaks out again.

This of course makes both of the boys angry but it again shows how mature Hermione is. Even though she is going through a horrible time (she stressed with school and her friends aren’t talking to her) she is still willing to put her friends safety over everything. Seriously those two are so lucky to have her.

They are also at odds over Crookshanks and Scabbers. Ron is convinced that Crookshanks behavior is what is making his rat so sick. Hermione tries to defend Crookshanks actions as just being the result of natural cat instincts. When it appears that Crookshanks has eaten Scabbers the feud hits full force. Ideally they could have made up sooner by Hermione apologizing and Ron accepting it but it just goes to show we can all be very stubborn when it comes to our pets as Hagrid points out.



I will probably never forgive the third movie for this but in the third book they finally win the Quidditch Cup. I WAITED TWO BOOKS FOR THIS MOMENT AND THEY DIDN’T SHOW IT IN THE MOVIE?!?!! Do you know how many years I waited?


Also the third book is actually when Harry first meets Cho Chang. She is the Seeker for Ravenclaw and Harry has to catch the snitch before her in order to advance to the next stage and win the cup.

The final match between Slytherin and Gryffindor is epic and the fact that we don’t get to see it on film is a damn shame. Also can we take a moment to point out that because quidditch isn’t portrayed in the movies nearly as much as it should be we rarely get to see Lee Jordan? He’s one of my favorite HP characters and we rarely get to see him in the movies.

In fact if you have only watched the movies I bet you don’t even know who Lee Jordan is, and that my friends is tragic. You are missing out and should read the books at your earliest convenience.


Ron Fucking Weasly

Ladies there’s a reason Hermione hugs Ron for comfort. He’s always there when she needs him the most.

You will probably get tired of me pointing out his merits but damnit somebody has to! I bet people who have only watched the movies constantly wonder how a brainy chica like Hermione fell in love with a guy like Ron.

Siggggghhhhhhh…. If you people only read the books you would know of Ron’s greatness. Here’s the thing about Ron, he may have his low points but I’ll be damned if he doesn’t come through for Hermione when she most needs him!

Case in point one of my least favorite Harry Potter movie moments has to be when Snape calls Hermione an insufferable know it all and Ron says, “He’s got a point.”


Let the record show that Ron is one of the few students in Hogwarts history to stand up to Snap in front of the rest of the students and live to see another day.

That’s right. The truth is that when Snape says this to Hermione Ron lays Snape’s shit out. Sure it lands Ron a very harsh and disgusting detention cleaning bedpans in the hospital wing without magic but in Ron’s eyes it was a detention well worth it. Ron may be having his issues with Hermione throughout this book but when he sees Hermione tearing up after Snape’s insult he has no problem sticking up for his friend.

Don’t think for one second Hermione didn’t notice either.

Annnd just because I can’t let this slide WTF was that patronus? Did they run out of budget? Is that why we didn’t get our legit Stag charging down dementors? I swear I’m done…

Well those are just a few of the things you won’t know about if you just rely on the movie. Yes, the movies are fun to watch but I assure you the books are where the magic of Harry Potter really shines brightest. If you haven’t read the third book put it on your to read list ❤


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11 thoughts on “Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban Mini Review/Five Things The Movie Won’t Tell You

      1. Oh really? It’s never actually made me cry hahaha. My favourite characters throughout the series are Lupin and Sirius, so you can understand my love for the third one lol


      2. Lol yep! I was so excited that Harry was finally going to escape the Drusleys and when he doesn’t and the Fudge won’t believe him about Sirius I felt it was a great injustice. I couldn’t believe that Sirius was still being held responsible for James’ death and that Wormtail got away. I was also so angry that Snape wouldn’t listen to them. It seriously makes me cry every time! Sirius is my all time favorite character as well. I like Lupin too but Sirius is my favorite.

        Liked by 1 person

  1. The third and the sixth books frequently run as my favorites in the series. Coincidentally, those are the same two books where Voldemort is not present but more of a background character. (That’s not why I like them so much, though). The fifth book I love second most, if nothing else because there’s so much to sink your teeth into. I was hoping the seventh book was going to be as long.

    My problem with the movies is that they rushed through so much of the plot to the point where a lot of things didn’t make sense to people unfamiliar with the books. I understand that they have to condense things for the screen, but an extra couple lines of dialogue, an extra minute or two here and there, would have gone a long way towards cohesiveness. That’s why it was great that split book 7 into two movies – gave the story a chance to breathe. And one of the best things about the third movie was Alfonso Cuaron. Finally, a director who took the story by the balls and DID something with it. At times I felt like his touch was sorely lacking from some of the later films.

    Anyway, you left me intrigued and I’ll have to check out the rest of your posts now.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. My husband ended up reading all the books because he felt like he wasn’t understanding the movies. I was having to stop and explain a lot. I love the direction Alfonso Cuaron took with the third one but I’m just super critical of what is missing because it’s my favorite one. A lot of people hated that he started showing them in Muggle clothes but I really liked that. The third movies soundtrack is probably my favorite as well and I love the filter they used for it. I always feels it sets the tone of a slightly darker feel in comparison to the first and second movies. I am so glad they made the last book into two parts as well. I kind of wish they would have done that for the 4th one too at the very least. I agree that there are a lot of things that get really rushed through. The books def rein supreme, I think people who have never read them would be really surprised about how much is missing from the movies. I’m glad you liked this post! I should have my one for the 4th book out sometime around Christmas 🙂


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