30 Day Lipstick Challenge (Day Four): Fantasy Allure’s Enchanted Rose

What day is it again?

I kid, I kid! It’s Day FOUR of my lipstick challenge and today I will be sporting my Fantasy Allure Enchanted Rose liquid matte lipstick. Isn’t that a mouthful?! Completely worth it though because I love this color.

Enchanted Rose you are the one for me ❤ This picture doesn’t highlight it’s gold glitter effect but I like how the glitter is subtle and not in your face GOLD.

I have been a fan of red lipstick ever since I was 5 and happen to see a snippet of Gwen Stefani belting “I’m Just A Girl” with No Doubt while sporting her classic red lips. Now it would be years later before I would finally buy my first No Doubt CD and a few years after that before I was brave enough to actually wear red lipstick but once I took the plunge I couldn’t get enough.

Honesty is the best policy and I will freely admit to having a fairly large lipstick collection. I collect them like Pokémon cards and really can’t leave a makeup store with out pick up at least one new one. I have a particular affinity for red lipsticks, as you will notice throughout this challenge. You will see me supporting a lot of different shades of reds.

I think that for me because I was so shy and insecure seeing red lips was really bold and powerful. I would look a people and think, damn I wish I were that confident. Now that I’ve grown into myself a bit I can’t help but look at red as a power shade when it comes to my lipstick. I can’t help to be reminded of the times I would wear around the house just to see what it looked like but was much to scared to actually step out the door.

Now I wear every shade under the sun but red will always be my favorite!

Even though this shade is a recent purchase it has already become my favorite. I love how it has smidge more of a rosy undertone then a normal brick red lipstick. I also love that is matte and to top it all off when I step into the sunlight you can see a shimmer of gold. Perfection!

If you’re interested in trying this color out for yourself click on the link below.

Fantasy Allure Enchanted Rose Liquid Matte Lipstick

Comment below, what was your last lipstick purchase? Did you love it or hate it?

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