True Love, Sweet Lies: Nozomu

Any True Love, Sweet Lies fans out there?

I thought so! I might even be able to bring in some new fans with this next guy. If you have yet to play Nozomu Fuse you are in for a treat. I will be the first to admit, I totally underestimated how awesome he would be.

If you want a full breakdown of the pricing and what not of this game please check out my original post True Love, Sweet Lies: Sakuya. For the rest of you I will just do a brief recap!



Our MC is a photographer who unknowingly took a picture of someone who does not wish to be seen. Our five detectives at first try to trick her in order to obtain her original SD card but when that doesn’t work they settle for honesty and a deal.

There are many people in the underground world who want that SD card as well and they’re not so shy about using force. So the detectives offer a compromise if she helps them with the SD card they’ll protect her until they can get everything sorted out. Seems cut and dry but what happens when love enters the deal?


Nozomu Fuse Main Story


Nozomu Fuse is the leader/founder of the detective agency. While the rest of the guys like to tease him about his age (he’s 35) he’s actually the most mature out of them! I guess with age comes wisdom. His straightforwardness was actually really refreshing in comparison to the rest of the characters. He didn’t have to struggle with how he was feeling about the MC. I attribute this to his age. He’s mature and can handle his feelings.

That being said Nozomu isn’t completely transparent. In the beginning he seems like a fun guy with a confident smile. He takes the MC’s concerns seriously and is always there with helpful advice. Along with that he complete downplays his role in the agency contending that he’s really there for paperwork.

Liar, liar, pants on fire…

As the story goes on we are able to see a different side of Nozomu and it becomes crystal clear that he doesn’t just handle the paperwork side of the agency. His skills and experience go much deeper than that. While the rest of the agency members may tease him here in there it is also apparent that they both respect and care for him.

As the story continues we learn that a long time ago Nozomu had a girlfriend. I won’t get into to much detail (I don’t want to spoil the story for you) but she was murdered and he believes that the picture the MC took could help solve the death of his girlfriend.

This has got to be one of my favorite storylines in True Love, Sweet Lies because it really pulls you in! It was also really fun to see how the love between the MC and Nozomu played out. I will forewarn you the will Nozomu is straightforward the MC is pretty daft when it comes to his feelings.

Not to be dramatic but the man took a BULLET for you. If that doesn’t say, “Hey I love you you more than my LIFE I don’t know what does.”

Seriously I have never met a more straightforward character and she is still like, “How does he feel about me?” It’s absolutely ridiculous and annoying. That’s my only complaint though! Otherwise this was a really fun route to play.

While Naomasa seemed secretive it was actually due to his lack of communication skills. Nozomu on the other hand is actually secretive. It’s hard for him to talk about his past and his life before the agency so you really have to work to get his story. Once you do hear his story though you will want to hug him forever.

Gah! He’s gone through so much but still wants to help the people around him!! I know another Voltage Inc character that could learn a thing or two from Nozomu… Cough, Cough, YUKINOJO.

It is also 100% worth it to go through and get both endings. Not only do you then unlock the video but also his endings are both so cute! I honestly have a heard time picking which ending is my favorite so his route would be really fun to play through blind the first time! I suppose the MC does slightly make up for her obliviousness in the Bitter End but it’s only slightly.


Final Thoughts

Great route! Nozomu is funny, kind, thoughtful, and straightforward. He’s storyline was also really moving! Also if you haven’t played Sakuya’s route I swear you will want to after playing Nozomu. Sakuya’s sweetness shines through and I have to admit there was a part of me that just wanted to run and play more of his character more!

I really can’t see how anyone couldn’t enjoy playing Nozomu’s route! I will have to play all of his storylines at one point because he is seriously so darn cute! I mean did I mention he plays jazz piano and dances?! What more do you need in life?

Tell me in the comments below, are you a Nozomu fan?

Adorable. ❤


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