30 Day Lipstick Challenge (Day Three): Nine Three Beauty Summer Nights

Grimms ❤

Lipstick Challenge Day 3! As you all hopefully know by now for everyday of October I will be wearing a different type of lipstick. My hope is that all of you will enjoy seeing all the different shades and find something you might want to try yourself.

I also like to do a little PSA where I discuss what I like about a particular color and when I would wear it. So let’s enjoy the ride and continue on with this challenge!!!

Today’s lipstick is Summer Nights by Nine Three Beauty. I got this lipstick sometime ago and reviewed it for GrimmGirl and it’s been a big hit with a lot of my followers. My post Have You Heard of Nine Three Beauty is consistently one of my most view posts.

Seeing it on here again you might think it looks a little different then in my original post but that’s because in this picture I am wearing it by itself. In my original post I paired it with a pink lipstick to create an ombre effect, which I talked about in the post.

While I do like this color (super fun in the summer) I have to admit that with my skintone I have to be very careful with this shade or it can wash me out. I enjoy how this shade is almost a nude on me but slightly brighter nude which feels unique and fun. That being said I do prefer to pair it with another lipstick than to wear it solo. Again that is due to my skintone and fear of this shade causing me to look washed out.

Hot pink eyes and orange lips XD that’s how I do things.

The fun thing about this color though is that since it is more muted on me (even though it is orange) I am able to play with my eyes more without looking over baring. Case in point check out my hot pink eyeliner with black wing tip! Even though that is a pretty in your face sort of eye it doesn’t seem as strong paired with the muted lip.

With shades like this I like the freedom of trying new things with my eyes while not looking to overdone. This was my first time pairing this lip color with this hot pink eyeliner and I really do dig the results! What do you Grimms think?


Want to snag this orange lip color for yourself?  Sadly it is no longer available! However here’s a shade that Nine Three Beauty still provides one that looks similar. Click the link below!

Hung Up

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