Have You Heard of Fantasy Allure?

Hey Grimms,

Ages and ages ago (okay I think it was in April) I pledged to a company on Kickstarter called Fantasy Allure a vegan/cruelty free company with a one lipstick and a dream. Long story short they reached their goal (cheers!) and were able to create their first cruelty free and vegan liquid lipstick.

I finally got the finished product in the mail so I’m thrilled to do a first impressions post for this product. I think it is important that everyone is aware of the new vegan/cruelty free brands popping up.

Also remember you don’t have to be a vegetarian or vegan to support cruelty free products! I think we can all agree that testing products on animals is completely unnecessary. The proof is in the brands! If brands like Too Faced, PUR, and now Fantasy Allure can make awesome products without testing on animals than every brand can.

There are so many companies out there that are cruelty-free that consumers like us can have a big impact on the brands that are still upholding this barbaric practice of animal testing. Since they know it is possible to create quality makeup without testing on animals but test on animals anyway I can only conclude that these companies are cruel and in no way deserve my money.

If they won’t make the right decision on their own dollar than we are all within our rights as consumers to not spend our money on their products. Anytime I can help a brand new company who is cruelty-free you can bet I’m going to do so. I hope you all are ready to kickback and enjoy some first impressions.

“’Enchanted Rose’ our new liquid to matte lipstick! It is a deep red color with gold glitter, dries to an ultra matte finish in one to two minutes, and smells like vanilla. Totally smudge and kiss proof! Vegan and cruelty free.” –Fantasy Allure 

Time to see if the product lives up to the hype. You know the drill, cons first and we end on a good note with the pros.


Enchanted Rose Liquid Lipstick Cons

Rawr and stuff….

I do want to go on record by saying that the tubing of this lipstick is not my favorite. Obviously the package it comes in doesn’t affect the formula but I thought it was my duty to point out for two reasons…

One, this product is $20 and I’m not going to lie but in person this gold crown cap thing is a little gaudy and cheap looking. I love the idea behind this. You know giving the lipstick a fantasy/medieval luxury feel, it’s just not completely executed. The cap is very noticeably plastic. There’s just no getting around it and since it’s trying to look fantasy driven I feel like I have to be honest when I say it doesn’t come all the way through.

Two, depending on how you story your lipsticks this might not fit. It’s not a short as my current liquid lipsticks so I can’t store it in the case I use for them but it also isn’t as thin as my lip glosses so I can’t put it with them either. This is more of a convenience thing that will only affect some people but a review is a review and I have to mention it all.

The only place to purchase this product is through their website. Completely understandable! This is a brand new company so it makes sense that you wouldn’t be able to purchase this in stores or on other sites. Since they are a small company I’m unsure if they ship outside of the United States. I looked around their website and they didn’t have anything for international shipping. Of course if they do well with this product that could change so fingers crossed.

They are a brand new business so it will take time before they are able to come out with any other colors. Right now the only product they have available is their Enchanted Rose liquid lipstick. If you’re looking for a color besides red with gold flecks you’re kind of out of luck until further notice.

Last thing to mention, the vanilla scent, I hate it.


Enchanted Rose Liquid Lipstick Pros

Comparison time. First is Unicorn by Jeffree Star, middle is Fantasy Allure’s Enchanted Rose, and finally Anna Nicole by Jeffree Star. As you can see Enchanted Rose’s is a similar shade to Unicorn Blood but has a bit more of a red undertone. Lovely.

When I pledged my hard earned cash for this lipstick it also can with this super cool compact mirror. Unfortunately the compact mirror is no longer currently available. I know sad faces for everyone BUT I thought it was cool to point out that Ashley and Ray Ormaza (the owners of this fine establishment) offered stuff like this to the people who pledged their Kickstarter.

Depending on what you donated you could get other cool little things with your lipstick. I think on the higher end you could get this ornate fairy crown thing… But I’m poor so that was above my pay grade :p I’m very happy with the compact though, you know how I feel about the little touches, I love them!

You know how in my cons I said I hated the scent? Well guess what? My husband loved it! Which just goes to show that the scent is in the nose of the smeller. So while I personally don’t enjoy the scent there are many people like my husband who will love it!

Speaking of love, I love the color and I love the flecks. I was a little worried that the gold flecks might be a little overbearing but I was happy to see it’s more of a light glimmer. I really enjoy its subtle shimmer. It gives this lipstick just that little extra kick.

It dries down beautifully. You all know I hate when a product doesn’t’ dry down. Especially if it’s suppose to be a matte product, how can it look matte when it still looks wet? Not cute. No worries about that with this lipstick though! I beautiful matte finish I can testify.

It also feels lovely on my lips. After wearing it all day I can say that there were times that I forgot I was wearing lipstick because I couldn’t feel it on my face. It didn’t leave my lips feeling dry or cakey.

Enchanted Rose has pigment to spare! In the directions it makes a point of saying that they recommend you only apply one layer for long and comfortable wear and they were right. One layer is all you need to bring out the pigment. You will have full coverage on your lips without it feeling heavy feeling.

It’s claim to be smudge and kiss proof? Also true. You do not know the struggle I went through to get this product of my lips and my hand for this swatch! I had to pull out all the guns to get this baby off. Water, makeup remover, makeup wipes and to be fair with the makeup wipes I finally just had to scrub at it until it all came down. I am in love with any product that makes me work this hard to remove it ❤


Final Thoughts

If you are a fan of red matte lips than you should check this product out! Enchanted Rose lives up to its description. It is matte and it dries down, it’s smudge proof, kiss proof, looks beautiful and is vegan and cruelty-free. On top of that you get the knowledge that you are supporting a small business. Yeah ethical dollars!

I realize that right now this company doesn’t have a lot of diversity in the products that it offers but if we support Enchanted Rose than Fantasy Allure will have the funds to create more products! We can literally watch this company grow. I also know that for my international readers might not be able to order this product but again if the people who can support this product do support it they would be able to grow and supply other countries!

I think it is awesome that we are seeing more companies try to assert themselves as cruelty-free and vegan and when that company has a fantastic product how can I not gush about it?

Alright Grimms you’ve heard from me, now I want to hear from you. Think you’d be up to trying this deep red accented with gold flecks? Let me know in the comments below.


Want to check out this product yourself? Click below ❤


Enchanted Rose Liquid Lipstick

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