30 Day Lipstick Challenge (Day 2): NYX Cherry Skies

*Since the original publication of this post I have learned that NYX is owned by L’Oreal. L’Oreal is a company that test their beauty products. To learn more about what this means for NYX Costmetics and why I will no longer review their products on GrimmGirl please read IS NYX Cosmetics Cruelty Free? Turns Out… Not Exactly.

It’s nice to see everyone back for Day 2 of my Lipstick Challenge!

If this is your first time visiting GrimmGirl and want to start at the beginning of this challenge please check out my original post Lipstick Challenge Day 1: Too Faced Unicorn. The point of this challenge is to wear a different color lipstick each day for 30 Days.

Today’s lipstick color is another fairly bold one. Not as unusual as a beautiful purple but still a fun color. NYX Cosmetics Liquid Suede Lipstick in Cherry Skies is gorgeous. I previously did a review on my thoughts on this lipstick in my post NYX Liquid Suede Cherry Skies Review. So if the color looks up your alley you can get a more in depth look at how I feel about this lipstick as a whole.

I love the deep burgundy red of this lipstick. I feel like it draws the eyes straight in and has a way of dressing up your makeup look. As you can see in this photo I have very minimal makeup on. My eyes are muted in eyeshadow color, no highlighter, no contour, no eyeliner, and no lashes but I feel like my look looks very put together and a big part of it is the fact that this lip color really dresses everything up.

Cherry Skies2
Minimal makeup with bold red lips

I think this could be because we associate the color with things like strength, power, determination, romance, love, and courage. Seeing it as a lip color subconsciously gives us that vibe when we look at someone wearing that color. We think to ourselves, “That person seems confident.” It’s just a natural reaction. So the next time you need to appear confident might I suggest rocking a bold red?


What about you? Do you tend to think people wearing red lipstick are more confident?

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