Blogger in the Spotlight: Ka-Chan


It’s time for one of my favorite posts to do. It’s Blogger in the Spotlight time! I am happy to introduce for your viewing pleasure Ka-Chan from KaChanAnimeReview as our Blogger in the Spotlight for the month of October.

As always I will be giving you three reasons to go check out this blog at your earliest convenience. I am sure that by the end of my post you will be compelled to check out Ka-Chan’s if you haven’t stopped by her site already. Curiosity will surely get the best of you my dears.


Reason One: Links & Such


I thought this was a really cool feature on Ka-Chan’s site. Basically she gives direct links for places where you can stream anime and read manga legally. As consumers if we want the anime community to continue to grow and thrive we need to make sure we’re being ethical about it! That can actually be very hard because there are so many places on the web where you can read manga and stream anime where it is not sanctioned. We need to avoid those places like the plague.

Props to Ka-Chan for creating space on her website to help people support the community the right way ❤

She also provides a direct link to Anime News Network a lovely place to keep up with all of the news we need to keep up with our favorite shows and what not.

You know it really is the little things that count in life and to me this ups up the convenience factor. It also shows that Ka-Chan takes the time to consider what would be helpful to her followers, while paying attention to the tiny details. Brava girl! I see you.


Reason Two: Currently Watching List

This picture alone makes me want to watch this…

First off can we just applaud the dedication to this feature? Honesty, think in your head on how often you would have to update this list if you had one! I think this idea is so cool but I know I wouldn’t stay on top of it. I can’t even keep my anime planet list up to date…. Seriously I haven’t been on there for months.

Another reason I like this is again its convenience as a follower. If I’m not sure what to watch next I can just click on Ka-Chan’s currently watching list for inspiration. For example I just clicked on it and I see Cheer Boys and You’re Lie in April these shows are both currently on my to watch list and now that I know that Ka-Chan is watching them I can’t help but think Hmmmmm…. Maybe I should start them too?

I am also likely like to stumble across an anime that I have yet to hear about and that makes me curious. I mean I see that she is watching ReLIFE and I’ve never heard of that. So I decided to Google it and lo-and-behold it’s a science fantasy drama. That’s right up my alley people! Consider it added to my list of anime to watch, BOOM. Thanks Ka-Chan.


Reason Three: What is That?

Glad Celty’s human head looks normal tbh

I have only ever seen this on Ka-Chan’s site and I freaking love it. Basically it is a series of posts where she choses things we see in anime and explain the history of it and how it’s used in the anime. Currently she has written two posts in this series. One on Ghouls for Tokyo Ghoul and one on Dullahans from Durarara.

Honestly I was so stoked to see these posts and I can’t wait for more. It is such a good idea! I love learning about myths and lore and things like that so I’m really hooked on this blog series idea. For example did you know that in the original version of the Dullahan the head is described as being like moldy cheese, it has to black holes for eyes, and a totally creepy grin? You would if you checked out Ka-Chan’s site!


Final Thoughts

If you are an anime fan you’re going to want to check this site out if you haven’t already. You’ll find anime reviews and top 20 anime list as well but you will also find some other cool things that are unique to Ka-Chan’s site and that’s fantastic in my opinion.

You’ve listened to me ramble on enough by this point so go check it out for yourself and let her know GrimmGirl sent you ❤



6 thoughts on “Blogger in the Spotlight: Ka-Chan

  1. Congrats to Ka-chan for being chosen, and you for choosing a great blogger! ❤
    Definitely agree that her blog is amazing, it takes so much work to do what she does, and she does it flawlessly! ヽ(^Д^)ノ

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