Flashback Friday with Pokeninja90: Mini Review Scandal in the Spotlight

Happy Flashback Friday!

I know this week I’ve been pretty absent but I promise it has only been because I’m preparing some fun things for the month of October! Now that we are a day away from October I can let you in on what I’ve been working on!

SURPRISE! New Challenge starting tomorrow!

I took a break from challenges after my anime challenge but I’m back now with a new one focused more on the Style side of GrimmGirl. All will be revealed tomorrow so look forward to that! With this challenge I still want to be putting out my regular posts which means you can expect two posts a day from me during the month of October! See why I had to take a few days off? I’m been blogging like crazy.

On top of that I have also decided to do a livestream in honor of season three of Haikyu. As you all know I’m obsessed with that show so the premier of season 3 is a big deal for me. My thoughts are to do a livestream after the show to just chat with all the fans about the episode and Haikyu in general. I will have more details on that later but I think it will be a lot of fun getting to hang out with everyone like this. I was a little nervous but thanks to the encouragement from some friends (I’m looking at you Matt and Pokeninja90) I decided to go for it.


With all those updates out of the way we can get back to the matter at hand our Flashback Friday with none other than the Queen of Otome herself Pokeninja 90! Her post on Voltage Inc’s otome game Scandal in the Spotlight original came out in November of 2015 so if you missed it I’m here to tell you now’s your chance to read it. I stumbled on it myself for the first time this week and I’m glad I did.

Whenever I plan on starting a new otome game I usually check out Pokeninja’s site to see if she has written a post on it herself. I like her posts because their honest and give me a good idea of what I’m getting myself into. If you’re an otome fan and are looking for your next game to play I recommend checking out Pokeninja90’s post on Scandal in the Spotlight because it just might be your next game.

Along with giving a great overview on what you can expect as a whole from this game she also gives you a heads up on buying options. I’m very glad I read this before buying any of the storylines because I was considering whether or not I should buy the special end sets and thankfully Pokeninja90 was able to help solve my problem!

So if you are reading this stop reading and instead click on the link below and read all about Scandal in the Spotlight

Mini Review: Scandal in the Spotlight by Pokeninja

Have a great weekend everyone.

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