Star Crossed Myth: Teorus

Star Crossed Myth Fans!

At the end of my Leon post I told you I would be playing through Teorus’ route right away and I was not messing around. I really like how Star Crossed Myth is set up and I’m finding it super engaging. I hope you don’t mind if I’m hooked on this game for a while. My pursuit of True Love, Sweet Lies has been put on hold for a bit because I am just obsessed with this game right now.


Quick Recap

Star Crossed Myth focuses on the MC who is in love with the stars. One night while stargazing she sees a bright light and bam comes face to face with a room full of beautiful men. It turns out that she is a reincarnated goddess and all the men are gods. They each represent a constellation from the zodiac.

Sadly for the gods the King of the Heavens has kicked them out of heaven due to one sin or another, but before he exiled them to Earth he gave them a bit of advice. Find the goddess with stars in her eyes and she will help absolve your sin. Cue our MC.

You choose which god you would like to help towards gaining entrance back to heaven. Each god not only represents one of the zodiac but they are also apart of either The Department of Wishes (their job is to create human wishes) or The Department of Punishments (their job is to punish humans for bad deeds).

Careful though because gods and humans are not allowed to fall in love so be sure not to get to star struck (wink).

If you want to see more details about pricing and available characters please check out my original post Star Crossed Myth: Leon.


Teorus Main Story


Teorus works in The Department of Wishes and represents Taurus. He is also 100% adorable. He was so cute that I could not help myself and already went through his Epilogue. I of course wont mention any Epilogue spoilers her but I can promise you I will have a post about it up soon!

Like I mentioned above Teorus is adorable and I had a lot of fun playing through his character. I enjoyed the chemistry between him and the MC as well. The progression towards them falling in love with each other was spot on as well. It didn’t feel forced or rushed like it did with Leon.

In the beginning Teorus seems like a total flirt… To be fair he is a total flirt but as the story continues you see there is a lot more to him than that. Since Teorus is such a flirt you get some pretty humorous moments between him and the MC though so look forward to that!

Teorus’ sin is that fact that he gives love to freely without actually knowing what love means. While he claims to love everyone in reality he doesn’t love anyone. He grew up with an absent father who was a total womanizer. His father never had time for him and Teorus grew up really lonely.

This has led Teorus to try to fill the void of loneliness with women. However he can’t bring himself to truly be close with anyone. Deep down he really wants one person who loves him as well as loving them in return but he’s in a lot of denial about this.

Watching how Teorus begins to react to the idea of falling in love with someone and being vulnerable was really captivating to watch. If you play this route I bet you’ll agree that it is hard not to want to see how the rest of his story plays out.

 I’ll say it over and over, Teo’s route brings the drama

His storyline also did a really good job of playing up the dramatics towards the end. I was very wrapped up in the story waiting to see how everything would unfold. I don’t want to give too much away with the storyline because it really was so good I want everyone to be able to play it for themselves!

I was quite happy with both the Forbidden Ending and the Blessed Ending. So this is a great character to play without a walkthrough the first time just to see where you end up. If I had to choose between which one I liked better it would be really hard. Both of them have good points. The Forbidden Ending was a little more dramatic in some ways and I like how that ending played out. The Blessed Ending was really adorable though too!


Final Thoughts

I really enjoyed Teorus! He’s a total flirt but he’s really very adorable. I liked his storyline a lot and I will be playing all of his side routes ASAP. I have to know how everything happens with him! There are some really funny moments to look forward too not to mention his story brings the drama. All in all I am a Teo fan ❤

Wish someone would walk me through the fucking stars. Damn you Teo for not being real! 😛


Anyone else a Teorus fan?

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