Seven Deadly Sins Beauty Tag

Beauty Tag Time!

This beauty tag comes from SparkleandMineBlog and looked really fun to do. I hope you all enjoy it, how could I resist a seven deadly sins tag?


Greed: Most Expensive Beauty Item You Own

My most expensive item is probably my Too Faced Peach Palette coming in at $49…. I regret nothing. It smells delicious and has pigment for days. No lie, if they restock I will probably buy two more. Just to be sure that its’ peachy goodness can last for years.


Wrath: Beauty Products You Have A Love/Hate Relationship With

Flash lashes. I have gotten much better than when I first started using them but the struggle is still real. I love how my eyes look with them on so I can never stop using them. That being said when I can’t get the damn things on right it makes me want to punch someone in the face. Don’t even get me started on the anger I feel when half way through the day the corner of my lash starts to unglue. Why cruel makeup gods? Why?


Glutton: Most Delicious Beauty Products

Obviously my Too Faced Peach Palette, Peanut Butter & Jelly Palette, and Chocolate Bronzer smell divine but I can’t forget about my Jeffree Star Lip Scrubs in Mojito and Strawberry. I mean you can technically actually eat the lip scrubs… I’m just saying!


Sloth: Beauty Product You Neglect Due To Laziness

Ugh… Washing my makeup brushes. I mean I’m pretty good about it but some days I just don’t want to. Well all days I just don’t want to but on some days I actually act on that feeling and just don’t! I’ll also admit that I put it off until the last possible moment as well.


Pride: Beauty Product That Gives You The Most Self-Confidence


A great shade of lipstick can really brighten my day. It also magically makes me feel put together. When I don’t feel like going all glam but I want to make a good impression pairing my minimal makeup with a bold lipstick always gets the job done. I also own an insane amount of lipsticks. I honest like I could get them insured… I probably have hundreds of dollars worth of lipsticks no exaggeration.


Lust: Attribute You Find Most Attractive

Lips. Maybe that’s why I’m so obsessed with lipstick myself? Honestly I’m all about the lips and an attractive smile. Gets me every single time.


Envy: Item You Would Most Like To Receive As A Gift

Sugar Pill Custom Pro Palette please come into my life!!! I want one so badly with all my favorite eyeshadows I dream about it. I constantly am looking at pictures of it on line and considering what colors I would get. I will have my complete set. Even if I have to buy it shadow by painstaking shadow… I’ll do it!



I hope you all enjoyed this tag ❤ Let me know some of your beauty sins down below!


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