Star Crossed Myth: Leon

I hope I have some Star Crossed Myth fans out there. Even if I don’t by the end of this post I might!

Since I finished all the main stories for the characters of Enchanted in the Moonlight I decided to start a new Voltage Inc game. I downloaded this game for free at the Google Play Store for my tablet. The prologue is free but the main story for each character is $3.99.

This game is going to keep me really busy because there is a surprising amount of content! I’m really impressed by how this game is put together. First off in this game there are actually two prologues. In the beginning you must chose to see prologue one or two and that prologue introduces you two a different storyline and set of characters.

I decided to keep things simple and chose prologue one to begin with. This prologue introduces you to an MC who has a love of stars. One night as she is looking out her window imagining the stars above she see what she thinks is a shooting star. After a bright light she is introduced to a series of super hot guys, all claiming to be gods!

They inform her that she is a reincarnated goddess with the power to absolve them from their sins. As it turns out each of them is on Earth banned from the heavens by the king for committing one sin or another. It is their hope that she will be able to help them erase the mark of their sin.

Each of the gods belongs to either the Department of Wishes or the Department of Punishments. While the gods in the Department of Wishes hear the wishes of humans and grant them the gods in the Department of Punishments dole out justice to humans (and sometimes gods) who commit sins. They also each represent a sign from the zodiac

With this prologue you can play through nine different characters:


Leon: Department of Wishes sign of Leo.

Scorpio: Department of Punishments sign of Sign of Scorpio

Teorus: Department of Wishes sign of Taurus

Dui: Department of Punishments sign of Gemini

Huedhaut: Department of Wishes sign of Aquarius

Ichthys: Department of Punishments sign of Pisces

Karno: Department of Wishes Capricorn

Zyglavis: Department of Punishments sign of Libra

Aigonorus: Department of Wishes sign of Sagittarius


I decided to start my journey with Leon!


Leon Main Storyline

P.S. I just want to let everyone know that when they say “DEFILE” a goddess it is NOT what you think. I saw “defile” and thought rape tbh. It’s faaaar from that though (thank heavens).

Leon is described as the Sadistic Ruler and is the head of the Department of Wishes. The MC learns very quickly that he is one of the strongest gods in the heavens. In fact his power can be very uncontrollable if he isn’t careful and the only person who can check him is the King himself. The other gods are careful not to get on Leon’s bad side fearing his outrage.

While Leon is the head of the Department of Wishes don’t for one-second think that he is romantic or caring. He thinks love is completely idiotic. He has never been in love and doesn’t care to be. With that being said how can he be in charge of granting human wishes if he is incapable of understanding a human heart. Can he really help anyone out when he’s like this?

The story with Leon is… okay. It’s not terrible but it’s not super entertaining either. The moments I most enjoyed were when other gods came onto the scene to be honest. They were really entertaining and gave me an idea for who I’d like to play next. While Leon can be callous through the help of the MC he is able to begin to see that maybe love isn’t as pointless as he thought.

I think the reason I personally had a hard time connecting with his character was because he really doesn’t have much of a backstory. I mean it is never really explained why he feels so strongly about love being stupid. He kind of goes into this explanation of it creating jealous or something like that. I don’t know it just wasn’t super developed.

Another thing about this play through is it is really sugary sweet. That’s just not my style but I think many people reading this might be into that. By the end of this route the MC and Leon are super lovey dovey with their, “All I could think about was you,” and their, “When I thought I couldn’t be with you my heart broke into two…”

I’m afraid you’re not devilish enough my dear.

Gah! That’s just too much sugar for my tastes! I have no idea what that says about me as a person (I swear I’m a romantic) but his route was just too much for me. He’s pretty bossy in the beginning but honestly he’s all bark and no bite. He likes to act disgruntled but that’s the main thing to take away, he likes to act disgruntled.

I think a big part of it is that the feelings of love between the MC and Leon feels rushed so her little love rants feel disingenuous. I mean it’s kind of like he’s a jackass and she thinks he’s a tyrant and then surprise we get towards the end of the story and they suddenly love each other.

As you play through you can get either the Forbidden Ending or the Blessed Ending. I played through them both because if you get both ending you get a little movie, which is a nice touch. That being said each ending was a little meh for me. They were both REALLY sweet. Like diabetic coma sweet so I know there are a lot of people who would be into that but again for me, not my style.

That being said going through this route has made me want to try Teorus and Ichthys’ routes ASAP. Don’t be surprised if see a lot more Star Crossed Myth reviews on here. I’m really very excited to go through these routes so I can see what’s going on in prologue two! I have a feeling I’ll be binging on this game for a bit!


Final Thoughts

I have to admit is god form is pretty hot though.

If you’re into guys who start out abrasive and then get all sugary sweet on than this is the route for you. Leon may be a lion but when it comes to the MC he really is more of a cub in my opinion.

If you go for a more funny or tsundere sort of character than I wouldn’t recommend this route for you. I wouldn’t describe Leon as a tsundere. I mean he’s certainly bossy/hostile but he doesn’t posses that coolsideness about him if you know what I mean. I’m a fan of the tsundere character and Leon just isn’t doing it for me.

If you’ve played Leon before let us know your thoughts below! As for me I’ll be playing Teorus’ route as soon as I quit typing!


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13 thoughts on “Star Crossed Myth: Leon

  1. YESSS! You finally started playing it!! I am not a Leon fan… so I totally agree with a lot of your points. I love Ichthys and Scorpio, they were so good.

    Man I can’t wait to see what you have to say about Scorpio, now that is a temperamental kitty!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ugh. Leon the more I think about him the more I’m just like… Why? Another problem I had playing his route was the amount of eye rolling I did. If it’s possible to sprain your eye by rolling it I totally did that. I am very excited to play both Ichthys and Scorpio 😀

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yes there sure was. They made a point to be all, “but I don’t kiss on the mouth bc I don’t believe in love….” I had to take a huge eye roll on that. Seriously as you literally have sex with like 4 different women “kissing” is the least of my concern. I’m more worried about if a god can pick up an STI.

        Liked by 1 person

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