Ulta Brush Bath


I’ve talked about cleaning makeup brushes before with my Oh Honey, Just Wash That Damn Brush post and I’m about to talk about it again. As you hopefully all know cleaning your makeup brushes is very important. It helps to prevent spreading bacteria, which decreases your chances of having an acne breakout. It also helps for your brushes to last long and for products to apply better on your skin.

With all that being said I think we can all agree that washing our brushes also totally sucks. Yes it is necessary to do but damn. It is just one of those things that nobody ever really wants to do. At least I don’t. It’s time consuming and while I’m washing them I can’t help but to think, I’m just going to use these again and get them dirty tomorrow… All this work for nothing.

Of course that work isn’t for nothing. Like I said before there are huge benefits to washing your makeup brushes but while I’m washing my brushes I tend to forget the benefits and focus on how time consuming it is. This gave me an idea to talk about a product that I have on hand at all times! My makeup brush cleaner.

Ulta Makeup Brush Bath


I love this product! I really do feel like it makes washing my brushes go a lot faster. It’s also not very expensive and seems to last quite some time for me. I wash my brushes at LEAST three times a week and I use this cleanser every time. Even with all that usage I’m not replacing it monthly so it’s great news for my wallet.

Perks of this product include:

Easy to use–>You just spray it on your brush and then wipe it clean on a towel/paper towel.

Smells amazing!

Dries quickly–> When I use to wash my brushes with water and gentle soap there would be times I would wake up in the morning with damp brushes. No thank you. My brushes dry quickly using this product.

Alcohol Free–> Makes it could news for people with sensitive skin.

Safe to use on synthetic brushes and leaves them nice and soft!

Cost–> Best $18 you could spend for a makeup brush cleaner.


If you hate washing your brushes as much as I do than you might want to check this product out for yourself. I’m sure you’ll still hate washing your brushes but at least it will go by a little faster and your brushes will smell amazing. You can get this product at your nearest Ulta store or online by clicking the link below!

Ulta Brush Bath

How do you clean your brushes?


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