Blue Hair Don’t Care: These Characters Will Make You Want To See Their Shows

Come on Otaku!

Brace yourselves, today on GrimmGirl we’re talking all about Blue Haired Beauties. That’s right I have three natural blue haired anime characters that are sure to make you want to check out their shows. Each character is in no particular order so please enjoy!


Kamina: Gurren Lagann


As you all know I am in love with Gurren Lagann. Kamina is the perfect ambassador of the show. He’s the leader of his band of misfits and loyal to a fault. Kamina is a natural leader with the ability to bring people together. His confidence is contagious to the point that no matter how ridiculous his plan sounds you can’t help but to want to go a long with it. With Kamina on your side you really do feel like nothing is impossible.

As his character tries to break humanity from their lives led in fear underground you will be rooting for his break for the surface. The mech in this anime will also pump you up. On top of that after watching this show anytime you hear the phrase, “Who the hell do you think I am?” you will become irresistible pumped. For more info on Gurren Lagann be sure to check out my review post Gurren Lagann… So This is Mech Anime? I’ll Have Another.


Ami: Sailor Moon Crystal


Ami is the proud Sailor Scout Sailor Mercury! She is the total package I tell you. She’s smart, talented, and has the ability to kick an enemy’s ass. The thing I love about Ami is not so much that she is miraculously smart. It’s that she works really hard at being at the top of her game.

She doesn’t study for her parents or to look good. She does it because she truly has a passion for learning and she has a goal that she wants to reach. Ami wants to grow up to be a doctor and even though she spends a lot of her free time helping Sailor Moon to save the planet and in some cases the universe she never loses sight of that goal.

Ami is the pinnacle of the perfect multi-tasker. Between her studies, her friends, and her duty to protect the home and people she loves she balances it flawlessly. A lot of times anime shows portray the smart kids as just natural geniuses. I like that with Ami we get to see that she really does work hard for her achievements. She goes to cram school, studies for tests, and enjoys learning new things in between. She’s a total role model!

How could you not look up to an awesome character like her? It seems to me everyone could use some more Sailor Moon Crystal in their lives.


Levy: Fairy Tail


Levy is part of the Fairy Tail Guild and there is no other way around it… She is ADORABLE! Like every member of Fairy Tail she will defend her guild and her friends with her life but I also think she brings something else, stability.

The Fairy Tail Guild is a pretty rambunctious lot and Levy navigates them all with skill. She always seems to be around for each member whenever he or she most needs a helpful word of advice. Her cute smile works wonders on all of them. No wonder Droy and Jet are the biggest Levy fangirls. Who wouldn’t be if they were around that much awesome 24/7.

I also love Levy’s magic abilities and genuine intelligence. Her write magic in my opinion is a reflection of her intelligence. If you really think about it write magic is some of the most difficult magic to be able to accurately use in battle because you are constantly having to be level headed in order to react to each situation you’re in. She can’t simply fly off the handle and shoot flames everywhere like some people (wink) she has to be able to come up with the correct word to lead her to victory. Talk about grace under pressure.

If Levy doesn’t make you want to watch Fairy Tail I have concerns about you.


What are some of your favorite blue haired character? Comment below!


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