Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets: Mini Review/5 Things the Movie Won’t Tell You



It’s Harry Potter time! I finished up Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets so it’s time for my mini review and five things the movie wont tell you. Obviously there are way more than five differences between the movie and the book but if I wrote them all this post would probably be 1,000 pages long. If you didn’t catch my post Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone: Mini Review/Five Things the Movie Won’t Tell You post then make sure to check it out.

Fun fact about Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets it was actually the first Harry Potter book I read. It remains the only series that I have ever read out of order. What happened was that everyone was raving about these Harry Potter books so I decided to check them out. Unfortunately the first book was already checked out at my library but the second one was there. I was impatient so I checked out the second one!

After I read Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets I was hooked. I had to find out what happened in the first book. I convinced my mom to buy me the first and second books. I ended up reading the first book second and the second book first! For the record I read everything else in order and ever since I have been a huge stickler about reading books in order. A little bit of the magic was lost on me with the first book because I already knew that Snape wasn’t the bad guy.

With that let’s get to my review of the first Harry Potter book I ever read :p


Mini Review

After Harry’s adventures at Hogwarts you’d think life would be looking up for him. Unfortunately his summer break still needs to be spent with his wizard hating relatives the Drusleys. Harry’s year long absence hasn’t made is Aunt and Uncle any more fond of him and the make this perfectly clear as soon as he comes home.

Basically sums up Harry’s life with the Drusleys

The immediately lock up all of his magical possessions in the cupboard under the stairs and don’t feel slightly bad about looking Hedwig in her cage as well. Their not taking any chances that Harry will communicate with the wizarding world. The only reason they don’t stick Harry back in the cupboard is the fear that Harry will use his magic on them. Thankfully they seem unaware that Harry can’t use his magic outside of school.

Cut of from the wizarding world and hearing nothing from his friends Ron and Hermonine a little piece of Harry begins to wonder if they really are friends… That is until a strange house elf mysteriously shows up in his bedroom and begs him not to go back to Hogwarts because terrible things are about to happen.

Harry brushes the warning a side and after a spectacular rescue from the muggles thanks to Ron and his brothers begins to believe that the house elf’s warning was just a sick prank. That is until terrible things at Hogwarts do begin to happen.

A message declares that the Chamber of Secrets has been opened and while the teachers maintain the Chamber doesn’t exist it becomes harder to ignore once students begin to be attacked. Even worse people begin to suspect that Harry is the Heir to Slytherin and he’s in fact the one that opened the Chamber and is attacking students.

Harry doesn’t want to believe that he is anything like the Slytherins but he can’t help but remember that the sorting hat originally wanted to put him in Slytherin. With the help or Ron and Hermonie can Harry help put a stop to the attacks and clear his name? What will he do if it turns out that the Heir of Slytherin is someone very close to him?

This book was the very first Harry Potter book I read so it will always have a soft spot in my heart. It keeps you hooked the whole way through and I have to admit I never saw the ending coming! Not to mention great writing and character development on J.K. Rowling’s end. If you haven’t read this book you need to.

This book comes through with some wise quotes


Five Things the Movie Won’t Tell You

Warning! If you haven’t watched the movie there could be some spoilers ahead. If you’ve never read the book here are some things you can look forward too!


Lucius and Arthur actually get in to a legitimate fight at Flourish and Bolts. Arthur actually gives Lucius a bloody lip and Lucius gives him a black eye. The fight is only broken up when Hagrid pulls them apart.

I was so mad when this scene didn’t happen in the movie! I thought it was so cool in the book when Arthur totally gets in Lucius’ face! I mean yes I know violence isn’t the answer but after this scene it is clear to see how Arthur’s children were able to grow up with such morals while Malfoy is a little git. It’s obvious that Arthur is very passionate about equality between the magic and nonmagic community and doesn’t care if other wizards look down on him as long as he is doing the right thing.


Ron is the one who explains what a mudblood is not Hermonie. When Malfoy calls Hermonie a mudblood Ron is immediately angry along with the rest of the Gryffindors and tries to curse Malfoy. Sadly, the curse backfires thanks to Ron’s broken wand and they take him to Hagrid’s to recover.

At Hagrid’s Hermonine explains who run was trying to curse and why but admits that while she understands what the word means. It is Ron that explains that Mudblood is a name for someone who is born from muggle parents or can’t trace their family back to all wizards. He also explains how ridiculous the notice of staying a pureblood is explaining that if witches and wizards didn’t marry muggles they would have died out.

He also makes a point of explaining that the prejudice is completely ludicrous because being pureblood or not in no way affects someone’s ability as a wizard. He points out that Neville is a pure blood but that doesn’t mean he’s miraculously the best wizard. Hermonie’s parents are muggles and she is still at the head of her class.

It always bothered me that they didn’t keep this in the movie because I always liked how it showed the difference between Draco and Ron. They are both from pureblood families but because of the way their parents raised them they have completely different outlooks on what being a pureblood means. Ron is able to see that the prejudice against muggle borns is silly, irrational, and based solely on hatred while Draco on the other hand clings to it as proof that he is better then Hermonine.

I also like that it shows the type of friend Ron is. Even if he will get in trouble he still defends Hermonine. It doesn’t matter to him if she doesn’t understand what that word means he understands what it means and won’t stand for it. I think this shows Ron’s strength as a Gryffindor.


Lockhart maybe Hermonie’s first crush but we all know who really has her heart ❤

Hermonie has a huge crush on Lockhart in the book. Ron particularly finds it disturbing. Hermonine decorates her schedule with little hearts by his class, sends him a Valentine, sleeps with a get well card he sent under her pillow, and when he signs a note for her so she can check out a book from the restricted section of the library Ron has to pry it out of her hands to give it to the librarian because she wants to keep the signature.

On top of all that she constantly defends Lockhart when he does foolish things like letting all the pixies out and removing all the bones from Harry’s arm. When Ron voices that he doesn’t believe that Lockhart has done any of the things in his books Hermonie brushes the accusation aside.

I think it is too funny to remember Herminie’s first little crush!


Harry catches the snitch right from under Malfoy’s noise and that’s what is so funny about it. There isn’t an epic chase between the two like in the movie. Malfoy is being an insufferable little trash-talking jerk when Harry spots the snitch right next to him.

While standing stationary for a moment instead of avoiding the rouge bludger he is hit in the arm, breaking it. As Malfoy laughs at him Harry surges forward catching the snitch. I actually prefer this scene to the movies little chase scene.

The Slytherin’s had much better brooms that should have easily given them the advantage. However Gryffindor is able to win because at the end of the day Harry is a better player. While Malfoy is still more concerned with showing off and trying to one up Harry, Harry is able to keep his head in the game and focus on what his job for the team is.

Harry doesn’t need to make himself feel better by engaging with Malfoy. He’s mentally stronger than Malfoy, which is why he is able to focus on his job even with a bludger chasing him and Malfoy taunting him. Harry’s catch of the snitch is incredible embarrassing to Malfoy because even with the fastest broom on the market he was unable to notice the snitch right next to his head.


The polyjuice potion changes you comepletely including YOUR VOICE. This is a scene that will forever annoy the snot out of me in the movie because it just doesn’t make sense to change it from the book! The point of a polyjuice potion is to completely look and sound like the person you change into

So Harry and Ron’s voices sound just like Crabbe and Goyle. Harry also does not need his glasses because Crabbe doesn’t wear glasses. I hate how in the movie they make Crabbe and Goyle have Harry and Ron’s voices because basically that’s just dumb.

Hermonie DID NOT go through all this work for Harry and Ron’s voices NOT to change. Grrrrr.



Hope you all enjoyed this post and I’ll see you for book three! What are some of the things you wish they would’ve added in the second movie?

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7 thoughts on “Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets: Mini Review/5 Things the Movie Won’t Tell You

  1. This is a great review series so far. Keep it up! My teacher used to read us the Harry Potter books in class during down times (yes, she was an awesome teacher.) but we only made it through three books. For some reason, despite liking the books and eventually loving the movies, I never read the rest of series. I plan to read the rest down the line, though.

    Your note about Ron really being the one to explain mudblood’s is really interesting. You’re right that the parallel between Draco and Ron is really apparent there. I think their socioeconomic class is also worth noting there. Draco still looks down on Ron because his family’s rich and Ron’s lower class. While rich people can be humble, poor people bigots and vice versa, it’s possible that their differences in class contributed to these varying views on superiority in bloodline.

    For some reason, I always thought that technically pure bloods were still at an advantage in magical skill over mud bloods and that, despite the fact that they could easily be of equal or greater strength and skill, they maybe needed to do more work to get there. There being no difference between the two actually does make it seem like it’s more of a prejudice problem instead of just people thinking they’re superior because they’re born with advantages (if I worded that in a way that makes sense @_@)

    And, oh my god, yes, the polyjuice potion. So many steps, so much stuff to get, so much to do, so long to wait to make the potion and it’s not even good enough to change voices or match vision quality? The fact that it wears off in such a short amount of time already seems like a big enough weakness. If you come across anyone who’s even the slightest bit suspicious, the use of the potion would be a complete waste of time. “Boy, you sure sound like Potter. And you sound like Weasley. Are you wearing Potter’s glasses? Oh well, here’s a bunch of important information that I shouldn’t be sharing.” 😐

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I know exactly what you mean. It’s def a prejudice thing with nothing to do with actual skill. As Ron points out with Hermonie and Neville. I really loved that scene in the book and wished it would’ve stayed the same in the movie. I do like how they highlight the difference between the social classes of the Weasly’s and the Malfoy’s. Even though Malfoy’s has everything he could possible need he’s so full of hate and prejudice he’s never really happy in the same way Ron is. I also 100% agree about the polyjuice potion. I will never understand why they changed it in the movie. It makes things more confusing when you get to the 4th and 6th books, but I’ll get to that later lol. I’m glad you’re digging this post series 🙂 I can’t wait to write about the 3rd book. It’s my favorite HP book!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I love this series! I am a huge Harry Potter fan and I really look forward to these post!

    This movie had so manyou omissions, some were for time and others made no sense.

    One of the scenes that I’m still a little mad they cut out of the films was Nearly Headless Nick’s Deathday Party! Oh man I am still so salty about this! It sounded like such a cool event in the books and I would have loved to see it on translated to the screen.

    Awesome post Kat! I can’t wait for the next one!!😊

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I was mad when they didn’t have the death party too! I don’t want to throw shade but MAYBE if they hadn’t spent 18 years on Harry and Draco’s little Quidditch scene they would have had time for Nick’s scene! I’ll admit I’m still a little grumps about that as well. I’m glad you’re digging this post series. I can’t wait to do book 3… All though it is going to be really hard to pick just three things that are different with that book.

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