Sailor Moon Revisited: Volume 3

Sailor Scouts ❤

I hope you are caught up on volumes 1 and 2 of Sailor Moon. If not please take a moment to check out my previous posts Sailor Moon Revisited: Volume 1 and Sailor Moon Revisited: 2. While I will not reveal any spoilers for volume 3 I will be discuss spoilers from volume 1 and 2 in this post.


Let’s discuss Sailor Moon’s past adventures quick!

Sailor Moon is Usagi Tsukino a young woman living the school life as your average third year middle schooler. She claims to be a bit of a cry baby and in the beginning seems like she will be unreliable but through her adventures in volumes 1 and 2 we see her raise to her duties as a pretty Guardian in a sailor suit!

Her missions so far were to find the rest of the sailor scouts (check), find the moon princess (check), find the Legendary Silver Crystal (checkish), and finally protect the Legendary Silver Crystal will defeating the Dark Kingdom (working on it).

Usagi was able to find the rest of her Guardian friends in Ami (Sailor Mercury), Rei (Sailor Mars), Makoto (Sailor Jupiter), and Minako (Sailor Venus) and together they are working to fight the Dark Kingdom. Through her fights against evil with her friends she is able to recover her memory and remember that she is actually the moon princess!

Sailor Moon is also able to remember the full details of her relationship to Tuxedo Mask. While she has always maintained there was a connection between herself and Tuxedo Mask she finally is able to remember their full past.

She now understands that Endymion (Tuxedo Mask/Mamoru) was killed while fighting against the Dark Kingdom in their first bid to take over the Earth and steal the Legendary Crystal. In her despair she killed herself with the faith that someday they would be reincarnated in order to be together.

Her mother the former Queen Serenity was so distraught at the loss of her daughter she was unable to fully seal away the powers of the Dark Kingdom. She was able to send Luna to her daughter’s reincarnation along with Artimis to Sailor Venus’s new persona. The rest of the Sailor Scouts were also able to reincarnate as well.

During battle against the Dark Kingdom when Sailor Moon fears that Tuxedo Mask will die the Legendary Silver Crystal appears in Sailor Moon. The light however is sucked into Tuxedo Mask who is then kidnapped by the Dark Kingdom! Queen Beryl uses her powers of darkness to resurrect Tuxedo Mask in the image of the Dark Kingdom.


Volume 3

Queen Beryl… GRRRRRRR

Can I just start out by saying what a great volume! This volume has everything! Not only does it bring the drama as the fight between the Sailor Scouts and the Dark Kingdom rages on but we also continue to learn more about how their lives were intertwined in the past in order to set the stage for the present.

It turns out there is more to the relationship between Queen Beryl and Endymion than we may have previously considered, will the love between Mamoru and Usagi be enough to break her mind control?

I’m also a huge romantic so I have no shame in saying that I misted up during this volume. The love between Usagi and Mamoru is so strong and it is absolutely heartbreaking to watch their present state. The confusion Usagi feels as Sailor Moon is wrenching.

She wants to protect the Earth, restore her kingdom, be there for her friends, and save the only man she has ever loved but is all of that possible? Is it even realistic now that Queen Beryl has ensnared Mamoru in her pit of darkness? In the end will she be forced to fight Mamoru in order to protect everyone? Is history destined to repeat itself?

While Endymion and Princess Serenity loved each other deeply in their past lives, their love was forbidden. They were from different worlds after all. Even now having been born on the same planet will Usagi be forced to fight him causing her to once again to face a life devoid of him?

Talk about INTENSE.

Gah! All the emotional feels! Say strong Sailor Moon ❤

This volume is just another example of why I get so ticked off at the 90’s version of Sailor Moon. They paint her as this total ditz when in reality she was making decisions grown adults would run away from. She wasn’t prancing around cracking jokes and finding stupid “weight-loss” monsters trying to steal energy.

The fact of the matter is the original manga has a much more serious tone to it that the 90’s anime didn’t even attempt to portray. It was never meant to be a comedy anime. I mean yes every once in awhile a character will say something to make me chuckle or smile but that was never the main vibe of the series!

This volume is a perfect example of the difference between 90’s Sailor Moon and the original manga version. In this volume we get to see Usagi fully come into her own as both the Princess of her kingdom but as warrior for truth and justice. Say what you will about the drawing style of Sailor Moon Crystal I will always take that over the 90’s version for it’s ability to showcase the true strength Sailor Moon and the Sailor Scouts portrayed through the manga.

Volume 3 also introduces some new characters that are sure to keep everyone on their toes in the future. On top of the Sailor Scouts quickly realize that the Dark Kingdom isn’t the only evil force in the galaxy in fact a growing evil is already beginning to make itself known!

I hope you all are enjoying Sailor Moon as much as I am. Let me know in the comments some of your favorite Sailor Moon characters. I have to say that Usagi, Rei, and Mamoru are my top three!

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4 thoughts on “Sailor Moon Revisited: Volume 3

    1. I’ve noticed that a lot of pple who grew up with 90’s Sailor Moon really can’t let that version of her go which totally sucks to me bc Sailor Moon was really the first Erza of anime. I mean in her original form she’s this crime fighting warrior and in 90’s she was turned into this campy funny girl. I really wish people could accept her as the strong fighter she is ❤ it really drives me crazy bc for me she's so fantastic. Her strength and the strength of the rest of the girls gives me life! It's my favorite manga so when she's not accepted in this form it drives me crazy lol.

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