Watamote: When Otaku Go Wild Episode 7

Watamote fans UNITE!

I am back writing about my favorite otaku none other than the great Tomoko. This girl is the wind beneath my wings. Now I know some people can be on the fence with this show. It can hit close to home with her cringe-worthy experiences and lonely moments but that’s what I like about it. It’s relatable.

We all have moments from our past and in our current lives that make us want to simply crawl under a rock and never be seen by the human race again. However just like Tomoko we are able to make it through! I would also like to point out that while Tomoko is awkward she keeps trying. I think that’s something to really look up to. I honestly wish I had more of Tomoko’s spirit when I was in high school.

I was waaaaayyyy too much of a people pleaser growing up to be honest. There is nothing worse then doing everything you can for other people to like you while not liking a damn thing about yourself during the process. Trust me on this one. At least Tomoko likes the things she is doing. This episode is honestly a perfect example of that.

Tomoko is finally on her summer break and as you would expect out of the Queen of the Otaku she is a busy be doing all the things she loves. Playing otome games, surfing the web, and in general enjoying her alone time. Summer quickly passing her by though and she decides she needs to do something to make it memorable.

Her first idea is to start a livestream and she even orders a webcam. Sadly she chickens out though. The thought of having to talk to all of those people is just too much. For Tomoko though this wasn’t a bad idea. Honestly she would make the perfect blogger. Can you imagine the amount of reviews she could do on games? Or the walkthroughs she could put together?! I swear that girl is wasting her talents away.

Tomoko’s (almost) webcam debut. You didn’t expect her to show her face did you?

Her second idea is to go and meet a voice actor. At the meet and greet she can bring a recording device and have the actor say any line she would like! Now seriously why is this the first event like this she has gone to? I mean she should be all over these types of things because she would be able to meet like-minded people! Who cares if nobody at school gets her brand of cool?

She an online savvy girl! She has access to thousands of people right at the very tips of her fingers that would totally get her and think that she was legit! Again, her talents are wasted but I digress.

She head to her first little meet and greet and I have to hand it to her she does pretty good for being out in public! I mean yes the line she has this guy say is a smidge off the way but you know what? She talked to a famous hot guy in front a room full of people. Look how much she’s growing!

I would also like to point out that even though her line is a little crazy the fact is it’s her line and she charges ahead with it. Eeep! She’s becoming so brave! Plus the voice actor just rolls with it (he’s totally a pro) so it really isn’t that awkward.

Yes Tomoko! Flock to your people!!

I’ll tell you what was awkward though. When Tomoko decides to splice up his voice recording with hers and accidently plugged her headphones into the speakers and not the headphone port. Which honestly wouldn’t have been that bad if her mother hadn’t of walked in and heard everything.

To be fair that is totally her mother’s fault. I mean when will her family learn to knock before ever entering Tomoko’s room? Seriously you never know what you will see or hear in that place! They need to start taking her privacy seriously, for their own sakes to be real.

GAH!!! DON’T JUST STAND THERE GET OUT!!! People these days…

The episode ends with Tomoko conning her brother into watching her light a firework outside. Sure he just watches her from the window but the point is Tomoko is happy. She may have suffered through some cringe-worthy experiences but she also had some good ones! In the end she is still doing something she enjoys even if it’s by herself. Plus I truly believe that one day she will find people who recognize her cool ❤



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