Get Ready Makeup Lovers: Ulta Mini Haul

Makeup fiends!

I hope you will all enjoy this Ulta Beauty Mini Haul post. I think these posts are fun because they give you all a look at products that are sure to be written up soon on GrimmGirl and it think is cool to see what items are available in the cruelty-free world. If you’re new to cruelty-free beauty you may think you’ll have to order of your products online. Not true! Just go to your local makeup store.

Some of the products I purchased are replacements for things I have run out of but a lot of them are items I just decided to give a shot! You can expect a lot of reviews coming your way based off this mini haul.

Enough chitchat it’s time to talk a look at all of these fab products!


Brush Bath from It Ulta: This is a replacement product and a must have for me. I detest washing my makeup brushes (who doesn’t) and this product helps things to go much quicker. If I’m even close to running out I have to get a new bottle. Who else has used this?

Beauty Blender from Real Techniques: Another replacement product and another necessity. I use my beauty blender everyday! I like to use if for my foundation and of course if I feel like contouring. What’s your beauty blender go to?

Crease Brush and Smudge Brush from IT Ulta Airbrush: I was in the need for new brushes and decided to give Ulta’s exclusive brush line a try. I’ve used their brow brush with great success so I’m hopeful the rest of their brushes live up to my standards.

PUR products: I’m trying out three new products from PUR cosmetics after experiencing their foundation game. I will be testing out their Miracle Mist since I was in desperate need of a setting spray. I originally went in for some NYX Matte Setting Spray because I adore that product but they were out of stock! I’m obviously not the only one who recognizes NYX has setting spray game. All’s not lost though. I realized it was the perfect opportunity to try something new.

I also picked up PUR’s Melt Away makeup remover. I’ve heard some good things about this product so I wanted to see for myself. I also realized I have yet to really talk about makeup removers on GrimmGirl and I want to do some recon on different brands before doing a post. I usually use a makeup remover from Urban Decay but I have trying to filter out companies whose parent companies test on animals.

Mascara was on my list of things to expand on as well. I have been rocking my Too Faced Better Than Sex mascara for ages so I thought I would switch it up. When my eyes fell on Pur’s Big Look Waterproof mascara I had to give it a shot.

Lipstick Queen: This is the product I’m most excited about! Glosses are not generally my thing but when I saw the bronze and shine of this gloss SWOON I needed to try it out! I’m very pumped about this gloss so I can’t wait to review it for you all!

Question Time! What are some of the last products you’ve picked up? Any hits or misses?

4 thoughts on “Get Ready Makeup Lovers: Ulta Mini Haul

    1. I tried it all and I’m really pumped with results:) I’m really glad I decided to give it a shot! I’m actually fairly pleased with all the new posts so I’ll have to get on writing the reviews!


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