Enchanted in the Moonlight: Kiryu

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I am excited to say I have finished playing the very last character’s main route for Voltage Inc’s game Enchanted in the Moonlight. I hope you have enjoyed my review on each of the characters and how I felt about their main stories. It has been a wild ride!



The basic plot of the story is that our MC has been born with a special blood that can give power to ayakashi. Somebody like the MC is only born once every 1,000 years so it’s a big deal. On top of that any child born between her and an ayakashi would be insanely powerful.

Making an agreement with the MC is important to all of the ayakashi clan heads because the power they gain from her can guarantee protection for their village. The child that they would have would also guarantee a future head of the clan that would be a powerful leader.

Lower level ayakashi can also become powerful by the MC but they rarely have the self-control to try to create a child. Instead they usually gain power by eating the MC. So the heads of the clans decide to give the MC a choice. She can choose one of them and agree to have their child and they will protect her or she can try to protect herself and surely be eaten by an ayakashi by the end of the day.


Kiryu’s Main Story


Okay so the usual deal is for the MC to choose someone but that’s not the case with our headstrong and tyrannical Kiryu! In fact when she’s given the choice to choose he simple swoops down and makes the choice for her! Marking her neck and declaring to the rest of the clan heads that she’s his now.

Of all the storylines I think this one was the most interesting! I really enjoyed the story for this character and honestly I didn’t want this story to end. I will be playing the rest of his routes as soon as I can. I have to see how everything ends!

Kiryu is the head of the Ryu clan but he has been living in the human world for the last 99 years. The rumor is that he killed one of his clansmen and that’s why he’s taken refuge in the human world. Head of clan or not killing one of your members is a huge taboo.

The Ryu clan is also the strongest out of all the clans because 1,000 years ago Kiryu’s father found the human with the special blood and entered an agreement with her. The power that his father has been able to gain has made him greatly respected and feared. Instead of using his power to be benevolent he lords it over everyone. It’s also interesting to point out that it is because of a human that he is so powerful and yet the prejudice against humans amongst his people is strong.

Kiryu was named clanshead in name only. It turns out his father gave him the title simple because his power was making other clans nervous. While Kiryu has the name of clanshead it is really just a name. His father still executes full control over the clan. Honestly prepare yourself now. Kiryu’s dad really is a dick.

Otome Games
His Dad may be a total jerk but at least he fathered this sexy ryu ❤

Kiryu is abrasive and rude for sure in the beginning but as the story continues you are able to see that his personality is clearly needed for survival. Everyone around him is constantly trying to use him for some form of gain. To his face they flatter and praise him but behind his back they taunt him and spread vicious rumors.

He has to be mistrustful and severe because if he lets his guard down for even a second he will be swallowed up. Kiryu honestly has nobody in the world to trust. His dad is a total douche canoe, has clan likes nothing better than to talk trash, and he doesn’t have a single friend.

In the human world though he has been able to build a life for himself as an author. While I’m not saying it is acceptable for Kiryu to be a jerk I am saying I completely understand why he is the way he is. Honestly with the upbringing he had I would expect him to be a lot worse.

When he is given the opportunity to join forces with another ayakashi in order to overturn the way things are within their world he refuses. That’s saying something about Kiryu because if anyone would want to wage a war against they ayakashi Kiryu probably has the most right too.

This picture gives me life

At the end of the day though I think Kiryu wants to believe that the things he writes in his stories are possible though. That maybe he can find someone in the world that he can trust. I think Kiryu is a lot like many people in the sense that he is feels lost in his loneliness and does want someone to share his life with.

Both endings are great for this character (although I prefer the Happy Ending of course) and as an added bonus I feel like the MC in this route is a lot feistier. Have you ever been playing a character route and thought to yourself Man, I wish I could just slap this guy? Well have no fear because in this route the MC’s got you covered!

Also Yukinojo makes an appearance showing once again he’s the total jerk face. I mean yeah Kiryu can be completely rude but at least he never pretends to be nice. He is always 100% straightforward in his actions. I love that!

I don’t want to give too much more away about this route so I will simply say that this route is GrimmGirl Approved! Check it out the moment you can, trust me it will be money well spent.


Final Thoughts on Enchanted in the Moonlight

Having played through each character’s main routes I feel like I can say with confidence that this was worth the download and money! I basically judge this by how many characters I found enjoyable to play and if I would want to continue their stories.

Characters I Love (In order I played them)






Were all gold I had a lot of fun playing their routes and I am curious to see how Voltage Inc continues their stories.


Characters That Were Okay


I didn’t hate his route but it wasn’t an all out page-turner either. I could see myself pursuing more of his story on a rainy day if I was bored or something.


Characters I Loathed


Ugh! I’m still upset about the time I spent get through his stupid route! I mean I’m glad I did because I was able to provide you all with a worthwhile review but I’m also bummed that it was such shit. I have no desire whatsoever to play anything more with this character!

So out of seven possible characters there are five that I’m dying to play more of, one that’s a possibility, and only one that I truly hated. I would say that that’s pretty damn good!

If you’re looking for an otome game that will give you some good gameplay with more than one playable character route and you dig the supernatural side of life than this is the game for you!

Also you can click on any of the above names for full reviews on any of the characters for this game. Enjoy ❤


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