PUR 4 in 1 Liquid Foundation Review

Its makeup time everyone!

Goodness Grimmpeeps I swear only my Snapchat fam truly gets how long it takes me to put out a makeup review! I’ve purchased this foundation some time ago and I’m finally getting around to writing my review post. I really am a terrible procrastinator sometimes!

So to the Snapchat Grimms who have been waiting on my review all I can say is please forgive my procrastinating ways! I wish I could say that I will change but let’s be honest. Procrastinating is in my DNA… You can’t fight genetics.

This foundation is actually the first product I have ever tried from PUR so I am very happy to report my results! I was also excited to try out something new foundation wise. I have been obsessing over my Too Faced foundation for ages and haven’t wanted to check anything else out. Speaking of Too Faced I don’t think I have ever written a review on their foundation! See… Procrastination wins again.

PUR really goes all out with their hype for their 4 in 1 Liquid Foundation and with all that talk I had to see if it lived up to their marketing. PUR describes their wonder foundation as:

“Uniterrupted Complexion Perfection. How long can you go without a touchup? A few hours? Midday? With PUR’s liquid foundation with SPF 15, you get hours of uninterrupted complexion perfection. Lightweight and oil-free, this dermatologist-tested formula offers all-day true colour that won’t smudge, rub or fade. Enriched with age-defying Ceretin Complex, this foundation revelation draws vital moisture to the skin for a look so flawlessly fresh you might forget you’re wearing makeup.” –PUR 

After reading all that I feel like you have to agree with me. Those are some pretty bold claims. With this foundation coming in at $36 dollars I just had to see if it was worth the money for myself.




Okay, I mentioned this during my Snapchat first impressions when I originally purchased it but while it says on the front it is a 14 hour wear foundation if you read the back it says to reapply every two hours.

Talk about shady.

In it’s marketing it claims that the benefit of this product is that you can go a long time without touchups. So why are they recommending reapplication every two hours in the directions?

This foundation is also oil-free which is a good thing except it seems to make my skin oily looking! It defies logic I know but when I first applied this product I was initially very worried about how shiny I looked everywhere.

I got this product in Golden Dark, which is their third darkest shade… I’m not that dark people! Makeup should be for everyone regardless of skintone so it really bothers me when companies don’t make foundation products for all skintones.

How can I recommend this to black friends and family members when it doesn’t come in their shade? Not to mention anyone else with dark skin. The answer is I can’t and that’s annoying.



It does last! I’m not sure what is going on between the directions and the marketing but I can honestly tell you I have never reapplied this product once I’ve put it on. Full disclosure I always use primer, setting powder, and setting spray so obviously that is going to impact the staying power of any foundation.

That being said using those products with a foundation is just good makeup practice. Also I would like to point out that I have used other foundations in conjunction with all of that staying power and still had my foundation looking like a hot streaky mess by the end of the day so I think it is important to give credit where credit is due.

It does feel lightweight once it dries down. I was actually surprised at that. I really dislike when my makeup feels heavy and most of the time that is caused by a heavy feeling foundation. This foundation felt really nice on my skin.

Great coverage. This is a full coverage foundation and I’m very pleased with the results. I also didn’t not have to empty the bottle in order to get my results, nope a little went a long way. I mean for $36 I don’t want to be replacing it every two weeks. The fact that you’re not packing it on also helps with the whole lightweight factor. No product is going to feel lightweight if you have to put on seven layers to get the job done.

While I am disappointed with the variety of colors they have available I will admit that Golden Dark was the perfect match for my skintone. It’s not often that a foundation matches me so perfectly without mixing two together so I will admit I was very excited about that.

I was able to tone down the shine with my setting powder. I realize that not everyone uses setting powder, which is why I listed the fact that my skin looked oily on the cons. That way if you don’t use setting powder you are aware of the pitfalls ahead of time.

I do use setting powder though, whether it’s with this foundation or any other one so the fact that after I used my setting powder my foundation looked amazing puts this in the pros section. It’s good to know that a little setting powder can erase that con!


Final Thoughts

If you use setting powder and fall into their limited skintone choices I would give this foundation a go. I really like it now that I am able to eliminate the shiny factor and it looks flawless from the start of the day to the very end. I had such a good experience with this product I decided to try some of their other products! So you can look forward to some PUR themed reviews in the near future.

If you’re interested in checking out this product for yourself click the link below.

4 in 1 Liquid Foundation from PUR


What did you think of this review?

Would you consider trying out this product?

What is your go to foundation?

Let me know your thoughts in the comment section below.


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