Winky Lux Bronze Bombshell Review

Well if it isn’t my wonderful GrimmGirls and Guys back for some makeup themed blogging!

I hope you all got to read about my Winky Lux Unboxing because today I will be reviewing one of their products. Like I mentioned in my previous post if you’re unaware of Winky Lux don’t be surprised. Their products are sold exclusively online so will not find this brand in stores.

All the more reason to review this product, am I right? Now you can all get a fair idea on whether or not this product is right for you! Today I will be discussing their Bronze Bombshell Lightbox Cream Illuminator. They describe their product through their website as:

“Bring the spotlight with you with this high impact strobing balm. The ultra smooth cream melts onto the skin, leaving you radiantly glowing.”

 Time to see if Winky Lux delivers on their promises!

By the way I adore the packaging for this product



As I mentioned before this product can only be found online. I’m listing this as a con because if it was available in stores you would be able to test it out with a tester product before hand to see if you liked its’ color on your skin tone. Since it is only available online you basically have to just take the gamble that you will like it.

While they do provide swatch pictures on their site you really can’t put all your faith in those. A color can look different based on what computer screen you’re looking on. So in the end you’re just hoping you like it.



It’s $16 for 7 grams which doesn’t seem like a lot but actually I’m quite satisfied about it. Which is saying something. You all know what a cheapskate I can be! I think the reason I’m fine with it is that after trying it out I realized how little product I had to use to get amazing results. I know this highlighter is going to last me.

It’s a give in that this product is cruelty-free but did I mention it is also paraben, talc, and gluten free? It’s also made in the USA so we have the added bonus of knowing that the employees were paid at least minimum wage to produce this product. No sweatshop supporting with this purchase!

I know above I mentioned that you are basically just taking a gamble on whether or not the color will suit you but I have to say my gamble paid off. I love the way this highlighter looks on my skin tone.

To top it all off I found this product very easy to use. I have never used a cream based highlighter like this before so I was really impressed by this. It’s very blendable and gives off a great affect when applied.

Look at that shine ❤ Really making those cheekbones look high ❤



I will totally be buying more Winky Lux products in the future. I’m sincerely hoping the rest of their products live up to the standard they hit with their Bronzed Bombshell Illuminator Box. I like this product so much I’m actually debating on trying out their other two shades!

If you want to check out their product for yourself I’m providing the link below.

Winky Lux Bronze Bomshell Illuminator Box

What’s your current go to highlighter?

Have you ever used a highlighter before?

Let us know what you’re thinking in the comment section below.

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